Posted by: Sk | February 21, 2009

13 Research results //

Vain promisses

It’s true that the Russian Prince searched and searched around internet in order to get a more proper idea of his beloved, and although he managed to get a glimpse of her name in a site that must be certainly of good reputation in France, nobody cares about anyhow, it was impossible to get a more private insight of the one he was interested in. Certainly if anyhow protested about the fact that there are promises without anything behind, they’ll claim, ‘it’s the freedom of expression.’ In any case he reported to the police a case of deceptive publicity

(Around juin 2007)


Answering to the claim put by Prince Vladimir, certain obscur channels were finally obliged to give a more concrete inner insight and perspective that may satisfy his curiosity. Which insight, he won’t of course share with others, although proof there is that he finally managed to get one.


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