Posted by: Sk | February 21, 2009

14 Last acquisitions

Yesterday I was in a peculiar mood. I woke up missing my adventurous campaigns in the internet jungle, and, at the same time, a newly compiled cd of my traditional songs, which I used to listen to when I was in Greece, seemed to wake up oldest memories and situations roaming in the unconscious. Somehow I remembered the day the Rothschild seal had fallen into my hand in February 2003.Heavily, the very repressed memory of Hannah got up again, somewhere.I remarked happily that whole lots of articles in internet did warn against possible financial transactions with the Hassel group, thought back of the little Palestinian who had lost 200 USD in one of these scams and seemed somehow relieved, as if, yes, as if things could possibly get a better turn. (Http:// : splitters)I thus seemed to go on the research of moving icons, while I knew that I was actually trying to solve a problem linked to the security of flash 9. For the one who does know as little as I knew a few weeks ago, (and taking into consideration the obvious limits of my non exhaustive knowledge), there are three main ways web pages are made with (without considering the short protocol, as word press, and recently servers as Walla, yahoo, etc.) The oldest, losing ground every day is Microsoft’s FrontPage. After 2002 Dreamweaver becomes quite strong and after small failures in flash 1, 2 etc, extremely powerful (at least, seeming) programs are developed through Flash 8 and 9. There are ways to differentiate one of the other if you just know the general frame of each. FrontPage does present the most simple pages with recognizable skins and has as moving effect just two functions: the one allowing having words traveling from one side to the other of the screen, and one allowing to build some kind of moving gif or even jpeg icon through the presentation of different images in a determinable sequence of time. It is though horribly secured, normally. Dream weaver builds pages which allow the insertion of flash functions (all those small or big headers or inserted moving images are made with a program called flash), is usually recognizable because the structure is very similar (all sorts of little cases with tons of small texts and little images everywhere), where only the inserted flash functions are secure. And the apparently extremely secure Flash 9, whose images can simply not be stolen, which doesn’t though allow masses of texts and seems to be more adequate for presentation of images and pictures (see: the Yves Saint Laurent site).I had remarked though heavy weaknesses in Flash 9: site ‘deportivo cuenca’ of Ecuador, Ministry of Culture in France, and my surprise went as far as to discover that a moving icon of a flash was kept moving after having landed into my nets. I deduced at that moment that contrary to FrontPage, as well Flash as Dream weaver do keep the data of the program on the same site, so that the interaction with one single open page may cause general damage to the whole site. I communicate the results of my discoveries to a web page client, but don’t give it a second thought, as I’m not very sure about my observations.I remark on the other hand, that Chinese and in general Asian pages do seem to interact differently with current operating systems, although seeming to use the same programs (mostly FrontPage and Dream weaver.) Use of web programs does change from nation to nation (France seems to favor Dream weaver, Spain, Flash, Asia, FrontPage and Dream weaver, etc).On the other hand I observe that what is of my interest, Word Press, seems to suffer of highest pressure (of unknown origin) that do make the opening of pages sometimes difficult, and not extremely secure, which doesn’t bother me excessively, as I tend to live more in a Linux mood than in a Microsoft mood, seems to suffer recurrently too of violent spam attacks destroying partly functioning of particular pages.As it’s of my interest to have well functioning pages and know already that pages seem to interrelate, I study the use of moving icons as what I call electronic compensators, avoiding as much as possible the bad side effects arising from the before mentioned. The use of Chinese moving icons seems to be extremely effective in many cases, and allows even the arising from local annihilation of through a support made in Word Press. (To say that this page had annihilated itself through the insertion of a secured moving icon that blocks the electronic functioning of ordering and payment!!)Chinese icons seem to have limited and even contradictory effects in some types of operating systems (I continue maintaining that the original OP is still acting when the produced object has been separated from it), so that I go on investigating effects of French, Russian and even German or American icons.All these premises were somewhere in the back of my head when I stepped into my internet café yesterday in the morning, while Hannah’s ironical perspective seemed to take upper hands concerning the obvious negligence of official seals and stamps, whose misuse could hardly be stopped to my understanding. (Example: the Klimt picture – just open an account with a fake name, open a Word Press account with it and put whatever into it. While you search for the criminal, he has already sold thousands of dollars just because a flag or other symbol does seem reassuring enough to him so as to move him to buy …)Fall thus into my hands, main seals of principal social activity: Universities, Press, Fashion, Banks, etc. as you may state: (Sorbonne, Paris IV, a probable Flash in Dream weaver)(Cambridge, very secured probably Dream weaver site, which shows weakness in function ‘copy’)University of Oxford, reconstruction of Flash elements.University of Salamanca, Spain, probable Dream weaverAristotelis University of Thessaloniki, Greece, probable FlashUniversity of Sankt Petersburg, Russia, reconstruction of Flash elements National Bank of France, Flash National Bank of Paris, BNP, from the Argentinian site, flash Crédit Agricole, France, FlashRothschild Bank, Edmond de Rothschild, Switzerland, Dream weaverGroupe Rothschild, Switzerland, Dreamweaver Rothschild Bank, Switzerland, Dream weaver Frankfurter Allgemeine, Germany, Dream weaver Le Figaro, France, Dream weaver Le Monde, France, Dream weaverBendick, England, Flash, appointed to the Queen Gucci Group, Italy (France), in Wikipedia Rosenthal, Germany, Flash Yves Saint Laurent, in EbayValvona & Crolla, England, appointed to the Queen, Dream weaverThe royal warrant holders, England, Dream weaver The royal warrant colour, England, Dream weaver Rothschild Chateau Mouton Rothschild, branch Philippe de Rothschild, owner Philippine de Rothschild, probably Hannah’s mother.All these stamps and seals allow the getting back of Hannah’s handmade ‘R’ for Rothschild, in one of the most secure sites of the world: Benjamin Rothschild’s, son Edmond de Rothschild. (It’s not enough he put the stamp 4 years ago on a site, had to double the risk with a beautiful letter …)Here, thus, the whole security system of the famous R, taken from a flash site, and stupidly reconstructed in … Paint. (It’s not all Illustrator and Photoshop, Benji …)Be happy, Word Press, it should secure the whole program, and … it’s not that easy to have again half the world half sleeping on Easter eve in order to organize such an international alliance in order to get it. Even Thailand and Japan contributed to the exploit, to say … it’s not that … easy!For the rest: WARNING! Not moving images in Flash are easily to be picked. Inserted, moving Flash in Dream weaver is untakable! Inserted gif images in Dream weaver and Flash destroy the security systems.


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