Posted by: Sk | February 21, 2009

3 Tony Blair, Inès de la Fressange and literary fiction

The interesting thing about being a writer is that you’re allowed to jump to the fields of fantasy without being specially obliged to take into consideration logics and facts that bother the construction of a plot.Thus, for example, the following scheme for a novel, partly based on facts, condensing facts from a subjective point of view and gathering them around a logic that assures tension, emotion and obvious exaggeration, may be figured out.As said before, first mention of Inès de la Fressange appears November 2006. Two things happen at that moment: a ‘Inès’ appears November 8th, writing a comment under (my origins), who will be at the origin of a long conversation taking 4 months. This ‘Inès’ speaks French, Spanish and English and is a somewhat critical admirer of all my inspirations. She lives in Paris and is somehow linked to a literary salon in an expensive quarter near to the Champs Elysées, if I remember well. It is impossible to get more specific information about her, even if KGB methods are used in order to do so (false information to get true as feedback). Her e-mail address appearing on the dashboard ( is obviously a fake one and makes reference to more random customs transforming the Spanish q into k.A little after (December 2006) my several e-mail addresses start to be invaded by all sorts of spam, mainly linked to pretended inheritances, lotto winning and the kind, somehow pretending to get addresses, phone numbers and bank accounts if not considered with greatest care. Interested by the affaire, I start bombing back the spam. I thus discover that most of them are linked to prostitution mafia (England, Holland, Australia) and seem to have the cover of a certain number of banks (Regio, Hassell, etc.). The Bank ‘Imperial Trust’ seems to be nothing but the social emergence of a luxury prostitution mafia called ‘Imperial’ in Australia.Poisoned e-mails are sent to England and Holland without getting any feedback whatsoever. I thus decide to launch an attack through, where all sorts of details and results of investigation are published, by pretending to a fake address … in Israel. The feedback of this page involve people who have been the object of the same fraud (or intentionality of fraud), coming from Palestina or US.This (for a writer) does create some kind of ‘cloud’ or psychic impression, some general logic resulting from it. Who are the social ‘cover’ of these oblique mafias? For a writer, it is easy to establish an immediate link between the Inés de la Fressange affaire and these by the way and accidental happenings. In this case, Inés de la Fressange becomes a character who very innocently believes in what she’s doing, in different frames, and is under constant attack of those who are using legal activity in order to hide away all sorts of illegal doings. That fashion has become some kind of exposition excuse for highly expensive nuts, becomes more or less obvious after 1980. Without that involving anyone it is visible that models are pushed into the arms of the one or the other, probably in exchange of thousands for the one … who makes the transaction.Thus, the spam attacks can be easily linked to surrounding prostitution mafias, and if they are not: a.) attack on spam attackers will certainly affect those directly or indirectly b.) attack on fashion gurus will certainly move fingers and links related to the most obscure parts of society.My path, taking sure distances from Inès de la Fressange after November 11th does thus take the direction of moving and shadowy realms. After the spam attackers, it’s porno and drug mafia that is put under attack through ironical observations under cultural cover in this same blog. Strangely, it isn’t but after having solved all sorts of questions of the kind that I get back to Inès de la Fressange.6 months of evaluation of the situation allows (for someone having a little fantasy) the association of some ways of acting, proceeding, moving to characters taking high social positions. Thus, Lagerfeld and Fürstenberg are shot down by vile insinuations which are nothing but the response (true or false) to obvious aggressions taking place in the nearest environment.A little after, Blair, who is always promising to leave but never does, declares he’s leaving soon. Probably expecting a popular claiming for his to stay, which though does never come. If you see things from the perspective of the facts you’re in knowledge of, what you see is that several mafias have been hardly put under attack for 6 months, with help from Palestina, US and other countries, thus moving authorities in general. When mafias are pushed to edges, they start usually talking too much and this may involve people who think they can solve a certain number of affairs by just using some bizarre red code phone number. In these cases, those latter people do cut all bridges to the dark side of the moon and will make prevail that there are no proofs. Yes, but they stay without defense in case of attack and the loss of power, as not in knowledge of other more convincing strategies, pushes them to a silent, absent position, that does nothing but reveal some kind of guilt.People who have obtained power through the direct link to the first, through the promise they wouldn’t be bothered or simply through their doing as if they were not concerned, are consequently left without main support that is neither support nor anything else but direct or indirect complicity with organized crime. If you’re building up a plot, Blair’s fall is nothing but the evidence of that. He’s progressively left without what he thought being popular support and is actually nothing but tolerance to crime.If you drive things further, you may build up your plot such as to involve historical evidence. Thus, after second world war hurt by defeat German, make alliance with Italy in order to destroy national identities world wide, provoke nazisms all over in order not to be the only one’s and prevail through the last truth of their first thought. Of course, in that plot, even Ratzinger has infiltered the Vatican and is a German agent using black magic in order to submit the people to interests of the German State, and an effective destruction of the plan only possible thanks to a 22 years old Palestinian who still believes in justice and undermines all politics through his pretension to get his money back.Once the ‘under the table’ situation has been cleared up, it becomes possible to see the Inés de la Fressange affaire with other eyes. And the funny thing is, that presented that way, and even pushing things as far as to claim victory before there is one, or against negative results in a possible revision, it is obvious that the story will necessarily prevail on reality as most of the people will finish by saying, that the one who said the contrary on television, was nothing but … a paid German agent, which may have horrible consequences for his career.To say that sometimes literature helps in order to restore justice there where there is obviously none anymore. And this is unluckily no literary fact but an evidence. To say: may you claim I lie when you take lies as proofs for justice in order to defend those who are destroying your own state? You’re not worth yourselves or just good to become literary characters of a new trend novel.


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