Posted by: Sk | February 21, 2009

6 And men’s perfume bottle

This is a universal perfume bottle. The bottle can be refilled and its form is the one of the alcohol pocket bottles that were in use at the beguinning of the 20th and maintained themselvs all through second world war and a little after. It’s thus relatively small. See the kind: never mind the jeans, don’t forget the midnight scent!Around this quite original object the idea conceived while creating the female perfume bottle of producing very singular pieces at a quite high price was developped with almost perverted pleasure. A silver bottle with incrustated nacre and black coral (?). Eventually personalized through other semi precious stones as turquoise, lapislazuli, etc. Whatever you wear … it’s worth 400 Usd and … singular or unique!I considered after that what was thought of at the beguinning as slight sarcasm, could not but be qualified as wicked cynism if well considered. In fact, its idea was to reflect the jealousy of men towards some kind of tough women (it all started with Jeanne d’Arc), and in order to do so I introduced very wickedly the ‘lila’ turn, a colour which is a main touch in radical feminism or female homosexual environments. The common rejection of female production (it slightly continued with Lempicka, whose works were in Beaubourg but … hidden away in caves for them … not to be seen, among many others, as Camille Claudel, etc.) precisely not through any kind of rational criteria but just because … it’s female.This was the metaphysical frame. Irony started with the somewhat archaic allusion to sexual attributes (right) as only justification for such kind of behaviour (It’s how we are), to say: brains none, some kind of very sharp reprisal of a somehow vulgar Greek expression: “To mialo sta arxidia to exoun” (they’ve their brains in their eggs).It could have staid there. But some kind of horrible very, very wicked turn, was given to the whole by developping the marketing strategy. See, guy, you’re like all the others and your character (perfume inside) varies depending on the weather’s aspect, which is to say, you’ve absolutely no personality at all.Of course, I couldn’t but laugh at the turn things had taken all alone by themselves and thought: sure, women will buy. Just to show it to a … friend, whenever too fed up


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