Posted by: Sk | February 21, 2009

7 Continuation on desperation and fashion

Continuing the precedent exposure which was cut off by a virus which may involve again Mr Paredes to an international spy affaire as it seems to come from his personal computer I was working with yesterday night, I just may state that the whole resumes itself in 3 words: I’m fed up.It’s true that I have developed many many strategies in order to teach some people in the surroundings that first: you can’t accuse people without proofs and think it an exposure of malehood to put people into prison like that and second, that if you require a service you have to pay for it. And that the strategy ‘but I don’t like it’ to lower prices  or not to pay at all is old fashioned, vulgar and stupid. In fact, to make pages to 120 usd which would be paid 5000 usd some where else in order to configure an image to some who may help to structure an international economy in a country that has had a bankruptcy 8 years ago and is in worse shape than it was before, may be considered extremely generous if I had not been obliged to introduce into the whole surreptitious remarks of the kind: don’t trust excessively, you’ll need a translator, they don’t even understand each other.The whole reached limits of extravagancy by making the page, which wasn’t paid and as I thought the whole thus of my property and too beautiful to destroy, I used it as morally paradigmatic. Page is on the same way. Worse are things with . The page is paid, it’s true, but it has been linked to a commercial agreement that warrants me a 33% on supplementary benefit of sales through the web page itself. As I know these people very well, I know that the very moment something everyone has laughed at seems to have any chances of success, they’ll start saying why not an Ecuadorian or a south American at least, and the kind, and use of the vilest means to rob me of my work and property again (they have already 120.000 usd stolen by wicked means, 1.200 usd of furniture among other things they wouldn’t mind keeping as my put under warrant computer of 3000 euro and at least 6.000 legal compensation from a broken contract from the German School of Guayaquil which is still … on the judge’s table, without there being any legal chance to repair the whole even … being personal friends with a minister judge to the court.)Of course I’d answer, they don’t speak even English. It’s not that. You get easily fed up with surroundings of ‘that’s mine, I’ll do it better, get into the bed with someone in order to get a profit, etc.’ which is so common that you just ask yourself how you can still recognize a sheep in such an environment as you start suspecting it could be an elephant or a llama through the distortion of reality deriving of the whole. Consequently, you act inside of your own logic and if you see it’ll not be recognized you just take the best out of it. Thus, I’d never give the codes of the page to Mr Paredes, until he keeps his word and if he doesn’t, I just take it as a souvenir. On the other hand, I may break it myself. Why should I share 77% with someone who doesn’t speak English or French? Wanna hat for 70 usd, Madame de la Fressange? I buy it from the shop and keep the 100%. Mind the joke? I don’t.As I think of these things in the depth of my unconscious while preparing strategies of defense, I distract my mind with beautiful lines in order to plunge too deeply into the dirt of human’s imbecility. Thus was born my new publicity for Fressange’s perfume.In fact I had discovered that Fessange’s esthetics and mine had some strange common lines. I call that a fourth refracted in psychology, a high sophistication of the mind that does reflect itself in esthetics, or movements or different behaviors. As said before, Fressange was just a notion in my head which I used as a literary character without even knowing what she was actually doing. When I saw her pictures in internet I distractedly worked on some concept without further second thought, but it awoke an interest on other products or images. When I see her tee shirts and perfumes in different sites I’m shocked by one simple observation: the lines are very similar to my own. How strange, I think. But not only: immediately I consider that I’m putting at the same esthetical level two third world business, which are certainly of regional importance even as exporters but not much more, to a world wide known name as Chanel, Fressange has been working for. It’s true that if I take a Dior model, it wouldn’t mind. Galliano is third world anyhow and would fit the context, as no one would see the difference. But Chanel in Fressange? Wouldn’t it convey an image which not having any kind of legal, financial, social structure corresponding would build an unreal fata morgana trapping people into unexisting realities? It’s what Galliano does, I think ironically, and see all of sudden my highly moral world submerged in second class marketing strategies of the ‘faire semblant’.Quickly, I develop the possibility of a market strategy that may be equivalent to the sold image, which crashes against Mr Paredes conservativism. Brr, that’s it, I say, ‘nous voilá chez Galliano’ and go to sleep.I wake up in the morning having taken the decision to describe in image how low I’ve fallen and have the firm determination of translating Fressange’s carefully hidden logo on a tee shirt (mind dear, but I can take a picture of my bought tee shirt without hiding the logo at all) into some frozen metallic aura symbolizing my definite alliance with Dior and the refusal to contribute with inspirations to the relief of dreamers and hooligans.The above mentioned thought does though stop me from my vile intentions. I see something like the reminders of oldest traditions freezed in the tenderness of a gesture that disappears in the wind of the possibility of taking personal pictures, as if symbolizing the complete inadaptation of the past inside of our present world.Thus, disturbed in my original intentions, I think of my fundamental hypothesis that had marked my personal relationship to Chanel. Fashion sells an image and thus a concept of both man and woman, alone or interrelated. My own concept of esthetics has of course a defined notion underlying which resumes itself in ‘the ironical possibility of thinking a woman as interrelative entity in her desperate attempt of attracting an in itself plunged creature as a man is’. Chanel does not really fit my way of thinking. She takes of the man what a woman can’t defend, to my understanding: the self affirming I. The sharp lines that cut the air seem to me one of the most provocative usurpations of someone else’s identity, esthetics has ever made. Strangely, Fressange appears in the same structure of thought, as if influenced by a dress in a way of thinking.Of course, I see that the only way to find a communication to such pretentious people is the somewhat rude reminder of other concept’s possibility and this may define a personal line that allows fishing me out of Galliano. I know that Chanel has no defense to a male attitude saying: “Do what I say.” It’s the consequence of usurpation. Having been thus disturbed from my former decision to commit a Galliano esthetical suicide, I decide to be even worse: I don’t usurpate but figure out male lines saying to Chanel in Fressange: “Do what I say.” A hypothesis, a virtuality, a fantasy.With that in my mind, I create the picture in the precedent article. Ha! I say, that’s fun. And what is the strategy resulting of this further innovation? Socially, economically, politically? I start shouting at Mr Paredes as he tries to accuse me of having involved him in international terrorism while it was me who had been trying to get him out of the general disaster announced already publicly. Mind, Mr Paredes? You’ll never find the legal justification for your pretension to show a 10 000 usd model in your page, but I may. Submit to conditions or I jump you into the airs.Now, what has poor Fressange to do with all that again? Perhaps she may agree.


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