Posted by: Sk | February 21, 2009

8 Fiction, business and self-determination

Perhaps you may consider a general problem only from a personal perspective, even more so if the location of the problem is undetermined or rather the result of a certain number of coincidences and accidents. Thus is the solution.Thus, even if my usual shyness which hides away behind a boasting I which has little to do with myself, does put limits to the consideration of myself, I’ll have to do as if it were myself the one determining the perspective I treat my new arising problem of.Where does the problem come from? From the frontal crash of two realities and two ways of dealing with reality which was the result of the sheer attempt of surviving in not very easy contexts. The struggle for survival is not only the consequence of an aggressive environment, it is that personally I choose a survival that is the maintenance of my own identity in spite of everything and this crashes against whole states, universal politics and world’s economical organizations. After a while, unwillingly.Thus, I seem to find my own path after many years of serving foreign interests in Greece while discovering the Word Press program. As I’m far away from circles of influence and states of power, it may seem I can do as if the rest did not exist. An unexisting town with a double in Spain, local businesses and hidden in the millions of pages attempts of having fun for while, as long as it lasts. Of course I’ve run into thousands of troubles already and have to deal at the same time with menacing shadows and constant aggressions. It doesn’t matter. It’s amusing.I just wanted to say myself somehow, as possibilities to get rid of my deepest wisdoms and ancestral knowledge has been coldly cut in Europe and nobody knows me here. With a new born intellectual interest I translate my deep observations and cracked logics into a perfect system (I have to boast) that deals with Google boy as a little hooligan serving my personal interests. While making use of the knowledge deriving from studies of logics and categories in computer systems (it was Jerome who told me how Google worked in 1990 and I listened carefully and said, that can be cracked, meaning that you could change the inherent values deriving from the categorization for yourself, and he answered, that’s impossible) I study the affectivity of those contemporary methods of transmission of information and am appalled by one evidence: Google does not take into consideration the generally admitted vectors of values as such, as Universities, etc. but just the number of appearances, and as Universities and other do snob these second class vehicles of knowledge, the possibility to found a serious reference allowing the understanding of a reality in proper way is so low, that I can’t but laugh when making researches e.g. on Mossad I found first page articles tending to prove international complots and involvement of Israel in … the Twin Tower attacks.I know I can take that as referential for currents that are being born inside of a general indifference and will not take it as determining. But I perfectly know others will. In a common mind, a first page in Google is sign of ‘importance’ and importance of ‘truth’ as people do order their thoughts through parameters of importance, most being unable to evaluate properly a saying as it not being their task. If many say x (and the many is signified by the appearance in Google) I will say x, too. Whatever it is. I observe under the belt hits to acquire importance that way, which means that unconsciously whole parts of society are ordering themselves already in a Google logic.As I know that national politics and economies are transmitted by the strictest control of tones and images and messages and appearances on TV, news papers and radios, in their different understandings, ordering people’s behavior inside of determined blocks of thoughts that condition their likings and movements, I know on the other hand about the deformation effect of internet and computers and that thousands and thousands of people do not watch TV anymore nor read newspapers but spend hours and hours surfing through the infinite number of internet pages, I’m aware of the fact that internet and Google is all alone by itself provoking socials trends that are escaping administrative and governmental control. This seems to be possibly at the origin of gravest frictions between both means of communication as the second is not embedded in a rational frame, were this one primitive or dictatorial, which will probably provoke disturbances arising from the fact that two completely different languages have built up two contradictory realities. The second, the internet Google language, looks very much like a gang I’m the strongest organization than rather structured through organization prevailing structures, as states, etc. On the other hand, reason transmitting structures are weakened through the lack of solution given to fundamental problems, which diminishes substantially the possibility of the exercise of power and thus of making prevail a point of view on another.As structured entities have never given any importance to my existence and I have always had to neglect attempts of prevailing on reason through sales of image (kind, I wear a tie, thus I’m right, which stupidly does have success for a while) by turning my back on people thus reacting, I do tend to find a more agreeable place among hooligans, gypsies and kung fu fighters, even yes, even bloggers because they do not prevail without a quarrel and determine strict rules of determination of who the winner through most wicked logics and understandings. (Except bloggers, who haven’t arrived there yet.) The blogger though does maintain a self through the freedom to say himself in his restricted area of the page against social, political or work impositions. He has a virtual space where he chooses his music, his subjects of interest, where he develops his strategy of seduction, of conquering the world, where he interrelates his own way without having to take into consideration social impositions. One seems to go with the other. The program cracking hooligan discovers other secretly program cracking hooligans who will not reveal his secrets and who he can boast of his new exploits with, through marked lines of language and esthetics. Others do just say themselves in the mood ‘even if no one listens’ but following with interest the up and down of stats and finding a new subject of interest in the following of the origin of a hit (how some one found his page through a search engine). The great advantage of this tool of expression and communication is that it is active: I don’t just sit down and wait the TV programmer to spit his boring results on me, but I do myself actively search for my subjects, my communication partners and my esthetics. As it is not just a Hi5, (immediate communication without knowledge of background), the blogger has the time to build himself up through his articles and comments, so that he presents a complete himself before entering a more direct communication. Strangely that puts blogs at an extremely developed level of human interrelationship. I don’t care anymore if you’re white, blue eyed or strong, I get interested by your articles, your orientation, your view on reality. In an ambiance which is our internal home, questions arise, answers are found, behaviors slightly altered, evidences maintained without anyone becoming aware of the fact that it is causing radical frictions with common politics.Were we living in peaceful political environment, this wouldn’t cause problems. The tense international situation does though provoke the unbelievable: stressed managers with their eyes fixed on numbers and figures, politicians under the pressure of image and appearance, do simply not realize that things are changing. Consequently they will be unable to deal with the on coming changes and integrate them into a general whole. Consequently their will be crashes.As usual, I take a moderate position (even if seeming the contrary). Fascinated by the possibilities arising from this new communication system, I do not forget though my admiration for reasonably ordered wholes as nations, economical systems and attempts of universal orders. Half a hooligan I can’t forget treaties, agreements and international laws in contexts where these concepts do not even exist. In a strategy that sees itself as an arising possibility as knowing that their is no corresponding legislation, concepts are defined through the integration of esthetical marginal elements into strictest rational contexts. If I want it or not, I’m an admirer of general orders, and my esthetical lines are more enchanted by Russian soldiers guarding the Red Square in Moscow, flocks of well dressed people going to the Opera or silently working hundreds in ministries or other, as well as heavily structuring universities that are hundreds of years old or news papers having published Dostoyevsky. Thus, I force elements that seem to me chaotic and anarchic into a frame that reminds of the before mentioned although seeming to take radical distances from it.In my mind, one problem is solved after the other. Highly expensive TV spot are substituted by an enormous variety of singular blog publicities, marginal populations are integrated by lowering pressure on rights and allowing them to show their talents, imaginary stories touching mythology and leaning on Asterix and Superman do create the environment of fantasy and dream appropriate to vehicle even moral lessons and financial teachings without becoming too demonstrative, and direct personal relationship to the customer substitutes the impersonal abstract and boring strategy in use. Very happy with the development of my thought, I do suddenly become aware of a horrible evidence: this destroys TV, radio and newspapers, publicity and marketing, web page designers and other gurus of image and … all the national structures that do base influence and power on the maintenance of a certain number of lines as well in esthetics as in the distribution of wealth. It makes somehow of the world a home where I meet with who I like when I like and which tends to preserve this homish feeling as determining identity and freedom more than general interests I don’t understand anymore.Consequently, I will have to deal with many aggressions coming from people who see their interests under attack. Contrary though to what a reasonable being may do, I don’t see that as a reminder of a general order to be respected, but like a provocation awakening my hooligan and jiu jitsu instincts and demanding a proper answer to preserve my own territory. Used on the other hand to extremely aggressive contexts (at the edge of war Greece) in very shivery political contexts, I don’t seem to find any problem whatsoever in maintaining my lines, which on the other hand reassures hooligans and bloggers in their reason to be. Completely unaware of the shifts my strategy is provoking I continue my personal thought in its logical development. Almost accidentally I discover though that the Laffite site has disappeared and that that could be linked to one of my firy articles. All of a sudden I see whole France pushed back to the borders of existence through the free expression of my anger which I prefer no to convert into material bombs.But did think about me, I smash to my soul which seems to be submerged by bad consciousness for a while and simply go on. In a certain way though, something is bothering me, the same than in Israel in 2003. They give in without battle. It is true that I had studied Israel’s strategies for many years with great interest and as matter of intellectual game I had tried to counter them my own way. A presence is always a factor to be taken into consideration and a nation does react to it using of all its strategies in order to determine its situation. What is negligible for the first three days starts becoming a worry 7 days later and a danger after 10 days. Israel is strictly unable to react to my constant provocations which mean: “dear, if there’s war, you’re fucked up.”I’m to myself with my curiosity in how to understand logics and ways of doing the biggest danger for myself. My sole presence does destroy orders wholes because no one, but really no one is able to give a proper answer to my Greek mangas with Madrid’s chulería. On the other hand I’m eaten up by contradiction. My almost ironical rejection of material goods, of physical appearance, of security in time or social hierarchies I do not consider as I know that most of the problems I deal with will necessarily be misunderstood and provoke crashes that will make me appear in the most ambiguous lights without that bothering my own identity, do find themselves under attack by the fascination deriving of goods and behaviors that to correspond to a certain standing and environment.It’s true that I feel horribly well in my monastic room with nothing else than the pleasure of seeing around me things obtained through the use of logics that make people’s inattention leave in my hands objects worth thousands in Paris or New York. Exchanged for other objects that are worth also thousands in Berlin or Madrid, I see in my naked room the representation of the truth: we’re going back to the value for value economical system which almost doesn’t need of money anymore.My strategy leads to impressive results. I profit of the occasion in order to walk out of my two main fantasy characters (Sask, for army and Natasha, for service of intelligence) in order to build up a more social creature, Inés de la Fressange, symbolizing fashion, publicity, image in general and thus a less martial ambiance. As that, she symbolizes the possibility of obtaining a certain order through accepted social patterns of organization that allows thinking army and intelligence services would be of not such a need anymore.As usual, I create my double structure. My army and my intelligence services are of course nothing but a conceptual construction inside of which I introduce a principle which takes it base in feeling and determines whatever harsh and dictatorial lines derive from eaches national character. This feeling is a construction of mine that determines the apprehension of reality and takes it base on some soft not very clear affective relationship which allows largest possibilities of realization. The aggression of this feeling reminds the officer immediately of I don’t know which rules and regulations and thus the offenser is consequently punished.Inés de la Fressange is a regulator that softens up my very radical lines of appearance which push not keeping appearance marginal populations as mainly homosexuals, prostitutes and other, to the limits of social existence, taking with them parents and business managers who don’t know to do their job either (Greek mangas philosophy: a whore is some one who sells his identity for money, and as there are many who do so for a job or a pleasure, whole tons of whores land in the realms of mafia and gangs to do servile work).In fact, she appears as the possibility of differentiating positions inside of determined whole, which is not possible for the army (for all …). It’s true that not every one knows about a mangas philosophy and that a mangas does not necessarily impose himself socially. Fressange is an ideal other who defends the possibility of other understandings while keeping though the same strict lines of defense of the ‘homish’ as described before. She thus saves even Yves Saint Laurent from my social despite by saying that ‘there are many ways to please determined populations depending on the national context’. As an ideal, she compensates my despair considering Sask’s immediate surrender. The other as a different one allows now the construction of lines of communication that avoid the fusion of identity in the complete giving up of one self to absolute needs. On top of that, she saves me from the fall into a Galliano strategy by the possibility of converting a complete failure in the adequation of structures ( to reality into a virtuality that leaves open the possibility of realization. My ironical consideration after a while of my desperate contemplation of ‘how low I had fallen’ as expressed in the ‘publicity’ for *Ask 4 Ten in the precedent article, is thus ‘compensated’ by a new consideration on Fressange (work on logo).And this is the moment were my own personal destiny is put in front of a fundamental dilemma: I know that I’ve done a great work. Something really extraordinary that may even save the world from a third world war by integrating two contradictory economical and social logics into a general common frame. I know it may even attract attention from one of those horrible people I adore to figure out as long as I don’t get too near to them. I know though that I have a tendency to escape to the possibility of excessive proximity by, … just changing subjects. Would I exchange tons and tons of dollars for my hooligan life? Would I work for foreign interests even against my own anarchic dispositions? Probably only if some one dared putting limits to my expansions, but this is exactly the question I can’t solve yet.On the one hand I know that my savoir faire is worth many thousands. On the other though, I adore making fun on people selling it for nothing as if taking a perverted pleasure seeing them struggle with the weight deriving of given image. As if it were that easy … Who would I work for though? Only for Inés de la Fressange… She’d never hire me, thus!


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