Posted by: Sk | February 22, 2009

2 A pingback

These are embedded inside of situations. Questions, reactions, imaginary events.

I have the image: a pingback.

Congratulations, Sask

If you allow two or three remarks, after, but in the meantime at least you may enjoy a good … Sauterne! Say, now, what gives it an overall and global view in the understanding of psychopathetic behaviour and general functioning of the unconscious? If even Google and WordPress become tools for scientific research, we are done!  

The day Sask trapped herself 


wines to go with foie gras


Famous People of Madrid




sonja kasten


lou andreas salome


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Which means, after having confronted some information to a social reality (things are read, people react, like, don’t like, etc) some event occurs that seem to synthesize in computer image the logic of Sask. I say: I’ve found you, which is of importance. I have the exact image of some logic in a computer function, which is a same refering to a same in logical coordinates. (Looks horribly man homosexual, I think, but it’s structural, the realization is impossible – entirely, at least.) It doesn’t matter, this is your new identity, you are x and its pingback. An x and its pingback makes a very beautiful love story. Thus, I immediately go over to where this peculiar identity is given a pattern of relationship, because fundamental identity is coded in ‘love’.  As it is a very intelligent pingback it says exactly the same than the original, but, it is an different context. The same to the same is not the same if in different contexts. Obvious: say, for example: “And it was written on the wall, that day, I went down the street: “Kill all Jews and put an end to it all.” Or: in some neonazi page “Kill all the Jews and put an end to it all.” Pingback. It’s the same, it’s not the same. In the first appearance you may deduce some preocupation of the writer, some sorrow, some questioning. In the second, you deduce someone wants to kill all Jews.

The love story does put a pingback into a relationship of complementarity. It’s the same, but the contexts are different. They are not opposite, nor aggressive to each other, they’re complementary.

November 25, 2006

Time passes. I get submerged by the study of the virus that has eaten up ‘Sask’. A year passes. The story is there. Manual of a soldier is there. The request, is there. Logics are being ordered in some way, I meet some people, other people. In one extraordinary circumstance I will find one picture. In another extraordinary circumstance, I’ll find a second one. It’s not the Sask I’ve seen in 2003, but looks very much like her. This distortion in its variables does determine the spirit of the story I will attach to the finding of the pictures.


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