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2 Step 2: an accident

The same day I write something on Ines de la Fressange, someone called Ines, pretending to know her, somehow, writes a comment on another article of the same page. (I keep notes). The coincidence seems suspicious to me, but I don’t know why or how. A little after I change subjects and orientation, even pages. Why? Some e-mail have arrived with the internet scam that will be bothering me for months. It’s December. At the same time, something happens in the internet café I use to work in when I’m not using the computer at work. (Chapter 19) In my mind there is some relationship between one and the other in the logic, in the way of functioning. It seems to remind me of something. Something I had been working at before leaving Greece. I’m using two pages at that moment: and As I usually do whenever I study a logic, I get into it and leave things happen around. What do I see? Who do I meet? What am I interested by? I want to get the logical pattern of the logic. Having been extremely useful in the precedent investigation, I introduce again Ines de la Fressange as logical device, which somehow stays between Dashtag and Wingsurf (The Russian Prince and the hooligan). The coordinates to both sides are different, but that’s because the phenomenon is different. The pattern is though the same. Here, my American family in common mf patterns, shifts swiftly to some to repressed homosexual resembling mm patterns. I’m in France now. I’m not studying a healthy logic, it is some ill logic which is not easily seizable.




Panama Hat and international terrorism 

It may be strange to become aware of how difficult it is for people to integrate new tools of communication and transmission of image into more classical pattern defining esthetics, image and slogans.At the beginning I did not even realize. Finally, my concepts were submitted to no school and thus obliged to take into consideration the matter itself, the environment, the effect as such. Although I have never felt any kind of inclination for the world of fashion, publicity or esthetical arrangement in general, as if, yes, my very abstract, austere understanding of reality thought it negligible to have to deal with flashy colorful vanishing impressions, I have always know how to appreciate beauty, were in the presentation of a commercial object, and felt a certain sadness when popularizing currents did lower extremely the level of esthetical criteria, in general and in particular.Very late, when I was about 37, I started thinking about the possibility of transmission of thought through image, as I started to become aware of the fact, that the intellectual level had become so low that it was impossible to pretend to any kind of serious exchange of ideas anymore. I developed a whole world of associations, where an impression, a feeling, was linked to a color, a line, a form, and slowly, whole blocks of thought appeared behind the slight lines of pictures and images, of letters and shadows. Almost unconsciously I found myself quarreling with main currents of thought as transmitted through image and publicity, meaning that my attention started to criticize general social, political and even psychological currents through the lines of image as transmitted by mass media. In fact, my general attitude could be resumed the following way: “mind leaving people try being happy their own way?”As said before, Hannah had given me deep lessons on economy and I had already defined a general pattern of economical organization which fitted extremely well specially third world countries, as I thought the existing patterns were not too fixed in definition and could absorb easier a certain number of fundamental changes. That I was right on that point is proofed by the fact that my very interesting project as defined in France in 2003/4 is not understood at all, although it contained in lines already a bridging structure allowing the integration of marginal populations inside of very rigid structures of economical interaction. In fact, resuming the financial situation in France at that time, it would be contained in the words: “hit wherever you can, you’ll sell image of strength”, which I wouldn’t think as the most appropriate financial environment allowing a personal development.I chose internet because of two reasons: the first was that it dealt with light. Light as concept has always fascinated my mind and I had studied it for other reasons (psychic illness): the impact of secondary languages (light, color, forms) on people who can’t deal with word anymore. My main object of study had though been the logical error inherent to computers (, whose impact on the common reason had fascinated and worried me for many years. To say in little words or two images what the distortion of reality can be while considering a heal logic or an ill computer logic, I may show these two images as they were made yesterday, and which imply the extent in knowledge of the effect of distortion and reveal my almost ill understanding of what I finished by calling the computer language.   These two images are made with Paint, while I’m trying to define a commercial image line for aurum jewelry.) As reference I have a ring, which had pleased my eye and which I exchanged as usual for one or another creation, thinking that a ring is at least nobler than Modigliani’s bottles of absinth.It is visible, that the images take already into consideration a possible distortion effect as I had studied it before. I thus take the first and transfer it to Illustrator. One of the functions should recreate my ring without many interventions and with a touch of magic. It is enough to try out two. The transformation in 3 d and … the shadowing.The first picture  appears deformed inside of the structure resulting of an electronic function. It is enough to use the eraser of Photoshop in order to have the exact image of the ring in purest lines of design.There, the result of so many studies. In fact, after having spent many years quite furious about the logical mistake in question, I finished by becoming friends with it and speak its language so well, so as to make prop out rational lines of sheer madness.In fact, nobody has spent time nor money in order to analyze the side effects of this deformation effect on image, social organization etc which finishes by imposing changes as a result of general unawareness. My studies of pages aim exactly at that: I know Guerlain from Paris, from their shops and products, and thus know the ‘effect’ of their esthetics on a customer, which does attract a certain type of clients. Is this effect maintained through internet? Not at all. Desperating hours spent in Google researches show that most of the supposedly high class brands of whatever kind, get lost in internet. The same happens for most official organisms (see the SVR site in Russia, the Ministry of Defense in Israel, etc.), being a slight exception most Ministries in Spain. Strangely, other sites of nothing to do with anything (Chinese music sites) show an extreme attachment to a presentation that is not only adequate to the product, but also attractive to a customer.In fact, internet destroys apparently most of the highly sophisticated commercial strategies that rule high class image management. To forbid the reproduction of name, of picture, of logo, in order to recreate an ambiance of exclusivity and rarity, of the different and the special, hiding each behind his strategy extremely sophisticated techniques in processes of creation (perfumes, dresses, etc) which the common mortal can’t understand but are caught by the eye and the intelligence through an adequate presentation of image.Yves St Laurent strategy in internet (he must be the most maniac of all and controls the slightest appearance of his name even … in internet) does though show extreme weaknesses. His black absolutely secured site is neither different nor exclusive: it is enigmatic and hermetic and doesn’t fit his image at all. Strangely, his site resembles more a Microsoft or Sony site (image of strict and almost ill strategy of patents) than an exclusive, soft, fashion site.Pushed by outer circumstances (I always call it incompatibility of character) to find a living by getting back to my initial project in France, although I had sworn I’d never do it again, I integrate all these observations into my pages, whose character will be marked for ever by the following interaction:”Neima, I don’t have money enough to pay the restaurant, mind if I make a page for you?” As she agrees, a whole series of pages is born like that, keeping a slight reminder of the somewhat chaotic circumstances they are born in.Strangely, the web world fascinates Ecuador. Developing a commercial strategy while things are happening, I discover that from 3 people asked, 1 is a client. Working on pages does though confront you to thousands of little questions that finish by becoming an enormous lot when the day is over. I discover extreme weaknesses in legal organization, unadapted law to international rules, lacking structures of control and am appalled by the fact that even if they were there, nobody would understand them. To my surprise I have to state that people do just try to win an earning without having a glimpse of what means commercial strategy, marketing, reinvestment, fidelization of clients, etc. Pages become slowly some kind of excuse in order to try defining a concept by integrating questions of the kind: what is the legal status? etcI know that a concept that is too radical, has no meaning. Most of the people do not know what ‘rights reserved’ mean. If Mr. Torres takes designs from internet for his shirts, he is not doing anything wrong, to his understanding. The problem is that he can’t define a proper line, something that marks an individuality, a character, and helps thus to create a more general national image which can be representative for international commerce. Consequently, I observe sharp, almost aggressive nationalistic behaviors resulting from the lack of definition of common identity in the purpose of general well being through the backing of representative brands.As I just care about my business, I continue my questioning through my pages without giving too much importance to what the world is doing. Crashes with clients do though oblige me to define my position clearer. First, I refuse to put logos in internet. I develop thus a strategy where the logo becomes a ‘work of art’, representing but not showing. Second, I take distances from clear, pure lines (saying they are proper for paper, but not for light) and introduce movement, shadowy, dizzy lines that seem to me more attractive (hitting lower parts of the unconscious that is obliged to reconstruct the lines and thus is marked heavier by the implicit message).In a certain way, crashes with environing know-how finish by obliging me to situate me even politically and socially. It is as if I heard rumors saying: “what, now the little merchant of the corner has a web page and we don’t and if we have, we’re the same, because we both have a web page”, and as if my somewhat unconscious struggle for survival was causing more turmoil than was actually intended.The whole asks for further positioning when I run into two high leveled businesses: aurum and El Barranco. The first is a jewelry and the second exports Panama hats. The crash is more poisoned than real: ways of seeing run into one another causing a strange fusion. If I want it or not, I’m quite snob. For me, a Panama hat exporter must have an image or publicity department, or works with well dressed even snobber people than myself. Thus for a jewel exporter. The fact that my gipsy proposition is accepted has thus implications for me: I can’t situate the business correctly in my own patterns of social organization. It allows a presentation that is less responsible, less hold in universal considerations, a game, a possibility, a future in development.With greatest happiness I plunge thus into the fascinating world of Mr. Paredes, whose open, voluble nature I take enormous pleasure in retranscribing in image, thinking deep inside of myself how much matter may condition people’s behavior seeing the difference between his expansive character and Mr. Galarza’s almost fluid metallic being.I start worrying a little bit about the whole when Mr. Paredes starts saying the business has been awarded by the Queen of England, but am still unable to situate the whole into an organized social structure. As he tells me he has been very jealous about a logo of someone else, I tell him not to worry, I’ll make a better one for him. When he tells me he had accepted a proposition of musicians to play futuristic music in his cultural space, I think of a publicity integrating futuristic elements into it. The whole took a sharp end on Saturday.


El expositor Siriano Abdulhamid Abdalla inaugura galería en las instalaciones de
la Fábrica de Sombreros Rafael Paredes e Hijos Cia. Ltda. – 79k –
En caché – Páginas similares

Controlling as usual appearance in Google, I fall on the precedent and see the earth open in front of my feet. Who has done this? I ask. The confrontation with a dark reality that I had to try to keep away from my Panama hat concepts recreating a realm where sorrows don’t exist for a while, wake up all the reminders of social organization I had kept somewhere in the back of my head, and say: “This destroys a business.”Perhaps we evaluate reality taking into consideration thousands and thousands of little elements that fall under our attention and we reorder almost unwillingly. For me, the very fact that a Syrian is exposed in a space that limits a commerce, wakes up the clouds of the Twin Towers, America’s fright and panicked refusal of dialogue, which is to say, the possibility that the name Paredes be associated to a pro Arabic movement, which is in America ‘a possible terrorist’ and consequently produce a definite damage on the international image.On top of that, there is a mistake: Spanish ‘Syrian’ is ’sirio’ and not ’siriano’, and the possibility that a product which reaches as high as the Queen of England, people who on the other hand do give extreme importance to such negligible things as orthographic mistakes, be in an environment where even the most elemental rules of grammar and tongue are not respected anymore, finishes by shocking me deeply.I discover that Mr. Paredes has nothing to do with the whole, but a second hand commercial strategy wanted to please him by announcing something graciously without his explicit permission. “Slash them,” I say, in my fury, hoping that his Ecuadorian politeness would transform my anger into a more proper social expression.After, I had to reconsider everything. Behaving like a hooligan, I think, I have the mentality of an extreme conservativism. While I leave Mr. Paredes solve his problem by himself as it is none of my business in the depth (although I may claim that the strategy inherent to my page causing a possible friction with other’s strategy may have negative effects on my work, as someone reading my page may want to know more about Paredes, fall on the above mentioned, and associate my work to all sorts of absurd, stupid, irresponsibly attitudes which I do prefer avoiding).And go to define myself either as a hooligan either as a conservative, or somewhere both, but how?In fact, the definition of myself is underlying the image I’m selling and consequently may affect a business as such. It’s not that I have to situate myself socially or politically, I need an immediate marketing analysis that defines the share of people who may be positively (to their benefit) associated to my apparently extravagant esthetics.I build thus the Inés de la Fressange hypothesis in a desperate and ultimate attempt of definition of myself.What does this mean? It is the product of a coincidence. It was Sunday and deep questions and interrogatives were roaming in my unconscious. I go to my labeled internet café with 7 or 8 tasks in my mind, among which, how to repair the possible damage caused by the other hooligan. I open all my pages to revise visits and contents and discover that one of them has been linked through the msn image searcher, exactly to Inés de la Fressange. Lately it has already happened two or three times, and I always take the time to see what I’m surrounded of (the last time someone fell on a rabbit of mine through a research of ‘lapin gif’, so that I appeared surrounded by hundreds and hundreds of little rabbits). I remember that I had picked a Fressange picture from a Spanish site (search in under Inés de la Fressange), stolen, I thought at that moment, that woman is very grip what social image is concerned. Quite surprised, I discover a whole lot of them, along with the logo. Psst, I think, Fressange is loosing control. (It is, by the way, a good memory. She was friends with Betty Catroux, who was the mother of a university mate, and whose presence I adored at that time. Not that I knew Fressange personally, but the ‘allure’ that was transmitted by those who knew her had something fascinating and almost irreal, to the point that I’d prefer not to know her in order not to bother the magnificent conceptual construction that emanated from the pronunciation of her name, so that, having being tempted to visit the shop she had somewhere in Paris, I finally decided to leave my concept in its absolutely immaterial reality and not to confront it to any reality whatsoever.)I carried the Fressange pronunciation all along my difficult paths through existence, attaching to it always the possibility of beauty even in concept, so that the very presence of the name or reference made me very happy, to the point of building up the ‘Inés de la Fressange character’, a ‘burle’ (French for ‘burla’ or fun made on something) on French fashion, see the type: only French seeing very snob out of the world who accepts my proposition of making of fashion a t-shirt with a badly translated slogan as if not aware of the gravest socio political implications resulting from it, who constantly appears in the before mentioned site.She, my character or my concept, appeared thus that difficult day through a link in one of my pages and my distracted mind started of course picking images as if trying to find a solution for an extremely complicated problem. As I usually work like that, leaving a certain non chalance make movements that keep the non chalance independently of other considerations, I make fun in my mind with the malish representation of hers appearing on one of the pictures. Buuf, I say, that’s Betty Catroux in our contemporary world. Mind, I think, that’s no man.In fact, I always get very nervous with the confusion of genders and precisely with characterizations that are not adequate. If an Ecuadorian sees that picture, I go on thinking, he’ll think ‘he’s homosexual’. Obvious. Well, let’s make a real man out of that, I say. My real man would look homosexual for a French though, and I start laughing. Well, that makes good publicity, in any case. Say: I don’t care about your private life.Very happy I see the glimpse of a solution for the Panama Hats. “Look, some bastards are wanting to destroy my international image through the absurd divulgation of news tending to link me to suspicious groupments.”At the same time, it finishes by defining my strategy. Look, Madame de la Fressange, you’re really really very beautiful, but … I’d never take a picture of yours for publicity. On the other hand I have to admit that the defined lines of esthetics do fit the high class standards of my own evaluation table and I do absolutely need NOW to associate Mr. Paredes to something of reputation, name, wealth, vanishing glory, etc. and I don’t have the time to ask the Queen of England whether she’d agree with my strategy, thus, please consider the extraordinary publicity I will make of your ambiguous lines among wealthy third world countries populations, submit to the law allowing the free transformation of an object in order to produce a work of art and … make a scandal to deviate attention.Thank you. Do you want a Panama hat? You may buy a series, they’re very beautiful.To consider. That internet is to be taken into consideration as a different tool obliging to revision even of commercial strategies. Wanna page, Fressange?From “Inés de la Fressange and the Russian Prince” page 122images not available 

Design, image and general strategies

That day Inès de la Fressange felt the earth open in front of her feet. A phone call from the publicity department alerted her of the fact that: “a hooligan had destroyed her image campaign.”What? Now, it’s over. She simply sat down and thought that it would be difficult to change her life’s path, as she didn’t know anything but really anything else but putting raw matters into elegant environments. I don’t even know how to cook, she observed, while looking into the emptiness of the huge walls surrounding the enormous space. She didn’t even feel tempted to light a cigarette and the windows were very far away.That’s the problem of being too exclusive, I thought, as nobody knows who you are, you have no means of protecting yourself properly. Now, would you really leave such a nice lady in the kitchens of a French Burger King?Having saved Mr. Paredes of 10 years in Guantanamo, Panama Hats of the definite association to international terrorism and Miss Universe of their future hatless appearance around the world, some kind of deep bad consciousness invaded my mind, thinking of the sure damage I’d have caused with my aggressive politics.Immediately thus I decided to push things to the extremes of extravagancy. There were of course chances she wouldn’t accept my kind proposal, but I knew on the other hand, that independently of that, whole lots of people would agree with my generous offer and would consequently repair my jump into void by compensating the virtual loss through generous acquisitions. Already the sultan of Bahrain had shown some slight and distant interest and even the Rockefeller Centre in the US seemed to want to recognize certain lines of communication among the sweet flow of silks and merino wools. A Russian very highly ranked observer of the international situation, remarked that ‘a Panama Hat wouldn’t be that bad either in the context’ and even proposed to get a whole series of them for a good price.A cute jeweler whose commercial strategy consisting in searching friends in Hi5 by selling top design in silver of 9.75 had revolved the jewelry world, even proposed to repair the damage by offering an exclusive bracelet design called ‘hooligan on leather’

and even an Australian surfer contributed to the whole by presenting the sunrise silver design,

both meaning that even chaos had its charm and thus hoping to contribute effectively to the restoration of the international image of the before mentioned.In fact, the real problem revealed by the whole affair was the inefficacy of the publicity departments to deal with propping out of extreme urgency situations.Not only is it very easy to make up a story that gives the whole an exquisite aura that fascinates half the world, it’ll make prices get up very quickly as people who know about related situations won’t mind to pay thousands in order to get dressed by such a story.Thus, here the definite truth: a young pretentious photographer in Fressange’s surroundings captured for a while the attention of the lady by excessively abusing of her lack of technological photographic knowledge. Selling thus a simple ‘invert’ function in Paint (he didn’t even have Adobe Photoshop) for a technological miracle, he convinced her of giving her brand a golden metallic aura out of second class models fished from the surroundings of les Halles. It is true that she paid 6.000 usd for the series not aware of the fact that little pretentious like that wouldn’t mind profit of exclusivity in order to destroy a name. In the mean time, pretending ‘je ne sais quoi’ he even had access to the personal computer of the designer and stole the brand’s logo among other personal pictures.    He wanted to push things so far so as to think his brilliant idea merited more … affective and effective attention, which, refused, woke up the vilest thoughts in the man, who started selling exclusive picture everywhere for thousands and thousands, he finally lost one day in the Monaco Casino he had been dreaming of his whole life.One day, my personal guard, who doesn’t guard bodies but names and logos, and is exclusively charged with researches in internet putting ‘pictures …’ in order to know how many again had escaped affective life’s disorders, came up with dozens and dozens of Fressange pictures, and it being of my responsibility to drive attention immediately on such a ‘fuite’ I profited of the catastrophic surrounding situation in order to … warn.‘That’s all lies,’ Natasha said, ‘Fressange has a commercial agreement with all these people and is testing a new strategy. And the whole rest is just a blunt and cheap publicity effect.’ And after a while: “well, to think to involve Mr. Paredes to international terrorism was perhaps not an accident nor intended, but … sure! It was a good excuse for the rest to profit in order to denounce the critical situation.”Not bad as strategy, Inès de la Fressange thought, and fired the former publicity responsible for ‘divulgating lies causing general damage to her image by associating an international Panama hat seller to a hooligan branch newly born in Cuenca, Ecuador’.Happily, the whole situation took a better turn. An Argentinean spy who was ravaging the before mentioned town dressed in cloths of art called Susana Foscarini, trying to find out who the damn had stolen Munch’s ‘le cri’ and had alerted the CIA as suspecting she had fallen accidentally into an extreme right movement with communist’s cover, managed to get the phone number of Inès de la Fressange in order to tell her, that her new ‘publicity was really extraordinary’, which saved Inès de la Fressange from a definite fall into the pit.

French critical journalists linked to ‘Libération’ couldn’t help remarking: “Elle américanise, maintenant.” (She Americanizes, now) Attack though that attracted the protective wings of ‘Le Figaro’ who dedicated a whole page to … a wholly invented story!

From “Ines de la Fressange and the Russian Prince” page 134

Publicity as vector of values 

Why quarreling with the ambiguous? She finally asked, and started laughing considering my appearance. Well, sorry, dear, but heavy athletics do determine even appearance and it finishes by looking ridiculous in smart silk dresses. Well, honestly, I’d never hire Kurnikova as model, really.It’s not that. An American, who is still fighting for the determination of general concepts that fit their own identity, can’t understand how you can make a woman of a man or vice versa, and will always, but really always prefer a Camel hat wearing smoker to a Parisian thick lipped model. Strangely I do fundamentally agree with this position for simple esthetical reasons. Many people have always been surprised by the fact that I prefer Schwarzenegger or Stallone to Redford or even worse French softies I can’t simply deal with. Those are no men, I always say, and this is very much misunderstood.Actually it’s not that a man should look like Schwarzenegger (don’t touch, I always say), it is that the image, as image, should transmit inherent logics, as there is neither word nor a story attached to it. The presence, the lines are thus vectors of behavior as immediately perceived by consciousness. Now if you resume in an image a moral behavior as it should be transmitted by image, to my understanding, for a man, I’d say: the kind keeps his word, knows to keep his territory (field of action), balances differences or equality, etc. Which means in image: hard, strong defined lines and not thiny vanished no ones.It’s an evidence, that my personal values do get seduced much more by the Greek singer who made the song: “Skila, m’ekanes resil” (dog (chienne), you made me ridiculous), when his girl friend ran away with another, than the ‘c’est la vie’ attitude of metropathetics, and many other little things attached to a man, that make Bogart or Brando much more attractive than Depardieu or other, to my mind.The problem of malish women is exactly that: not only they rather seem not to know what a man is, but on top of that, they convey an image of him that is aggressive to her own interests, I’d say. If you look at the Fressange picture, you’d say no man, but the representation of an ideal man as seen by a woman. She represents a fantasy. Now, the problem is: what’s the man behind? (Must be a really silly one, I think, in fact the little flashy appearance copying female movements trying always to please without depth nor understanding and horribly pretentious.) That man will never love you, Madame de la Fressange, he’ll just get your money and your time, your name and a second’s attention. Conclusion, you’ll get furious with him after ten days, the kind David’s son in his hot love to his half sister. It’s a way of revealing weaknesses in system, after all, I say, but it is no education.Well, you like that man? Ok. Take the same with a splitter of laughter, just with one sentence more than your wicked above mentioned: ‘you won’t make fun with me, dear.’ He’ll take your money anyhow, it’s your pleasure, your time and will make you horribly nervous for a while, and when finally you will have learned that a man’s no toy he’ll run away with a signed by you check of thousands saying with a frozen smile: the teaching was worth much more, but what … ils sont comme cela!When you can’t have a husband for a life, at least take a lesson, is an implicit publicity message, when it doesn’t go farer and finishes by saying: without exactly that, there is fashion none.You see why I needed you so badly? You cost me 10.000 Usd if I buy the picture and you’ll never sell. On the other hand, you buy here for 200 what you sell for 2000 in Paris. There are ways to get for cheap, Madame de la Fressange? I give you a hat, and we are quit. Make it publicity!

My gipsy business

Drawing conclusions out of yesterday’s expansive mood, which I couldn’t do at that moment as I was horribly tired and I had an appointment, it is possible to state:that I was very proud of my Sunday’s creations (first of all), which has perhaps nothing to do, and though … is it not true that the satisfaction of your work reflects itself in the image as sold, and consequently has extraordinary positive effects on the business related?This is one of my secrets, and don’t think it is that easy to be proud of oneself so often … Conveyed: I don’t need of the public’s appreciation, I know what I’m worth by myself, sells much more than an aggressive ‘I’m the best tactics’ in a world where referential parameters of value are getting lost.But, what is value, Mme de La Fressange? (Luckily, my immaterial concept does never answer to direct questions.) When I was in Madrid in 2004/5, trying to understand how the world did function and completely lost after so many years in Asterix and Obelix village in Greece, I was looking for a job, without knowing how to orientate myself in the world. I wanted to do something I liked, and first, I had to study the environment. What I liked. I passed from one thing to the other, asked Anne Hélène for a CV in order to get a proper referential model (she has always been quite helpful, or I know her weak points: la vanité nous perd! She had just finished a two years Insead course and wouldn’t be able to avoid boasting … psst.) I get attracted by the way people are hired at different levels and not knowing what to do I fill in all sorts of forms and answer to thousands of questions. One seems quite interesting: a luxury product company asks as main question ‘what is luxury? And how is the market national and international?’ Very interested, I answer: “I’ll get the answer.”My father is friends with former director of the British Institute of Madrid, now retired and though knight to the queen (and very proud of himself, too, but in an English way: can’t boast.) He invites us to a meeting to some occasion, and I meet his friend Cesar, a Brazilian who is working for jewelry design. The same day I have an interesting conversation with someone who has published an article on the history of the jewels of the Spanish royal family.As Cesar seems quite sympathetic, we decide to meet one other day and fix a date for lunch with the corresponding accompanying escort. During the trip to the restaurant, Cesar tells me everything about the jewelry world and design quarrels, luxury, wealth and value. Very happy with myself, I state that I’m able to keep my word, and even I don’t answer adequately to the luxury company in question I rather feel that I’m on the good way, while I decide that an Anne Hélène type, who is searching for a job abroad but speaks unluckily no Spanish, would rather fit the post better than myself.This logic is perhaps the principle of all my commercial strategy. Expert in what I called the gipsy communication in Greece, able to make information travel the most incongruous ways to the most forgotten points of the earth, I think it an extraordinary challenge to integrate this system into the extremely boring communication strategies of our fixed contemporary world. I spend many days of deep studies until my magnificent result is obtained. As it has worked once, it means that it is possible, and very happy with my quick and obvious results, I just have to laugh with the fact that it happened in a surrounding of high luxury: mind the gypsies, Loewe? (By the way one of my most admired luxury businesses in Spain, which is unluckily almost not known abroad, even, yes, even if they offered first class shoes to all the invited to the Prince’s marriage staying at the Palace Hotel. They make presents also, ma chère, without second thought …)It was a side effect of our trip walking to Jerusalem. “I adore that,” I said to Oriol one day, “not to know who you are going to see tomorrow, how you’re going to solve the day, whether you’ll have something to eat or not. I’d rather go on living like that for the rest of my life.” I integrated all the elements of such a way of life into a more ordered structure and though, I couldn’t translate it into functionalism.Luckily I had picked from Xristos Kakarantzas all functioning, wicked or not, of actual economy, even if rather limited to a determined field.Thus, having to give away a certain number of things in order to start my magnificent idea of the ‘gipsy webmaster’, as I finished by calling it, the walking into anywhere accidental encounter: “you wanna web page?”, constructing the whole image by relating it to a come and go to different internet cafés, where the people synthesize feeling and images, and where presences do never allow you to go far too far in abstract construction. On top of that it allows exactly that: the thing I can’t do without is adventure and fairy tale. If Asterix, Robin Hood, Jeanne d’Arc and Michail Strogoff start missing my field of fantasy, I become horribly sad. A web page is thus the reconstruction of a possible magnificent story linked to the place, a story I take greatest pleasure in contaminating my neighbors with, who, not being in touch with words, but only with my concentration absorbed deeply in illusions and possibilities, make the exact translation into Ecuadorian, without me saying absolutely anything. Electronic shocks producing magnificent side effects, stars lost in tears landing somewhere for a rest, commercial spy work and international terrorists, get thus their particular aura in the spatial representation of somewhere in some kind of construction.Of course, deepest metaphysical questions underlie the whole, but they are irrelevant for the image. I’ve always hated the pretentious heaviness of those who … want to say without saying anything and have thus to insist on heavy remarks in order to impose their message. My esthetical lines do simply consider widest ranges of understanding including many types of psychic illness, so that the only a little bit sophisticated arrangement of the image is the double esthetics (consciousness perceives brightness, proximity, forms in different ways, so that you should be obliged to respect the widest range of awareness possible, in order not to make aggressive for some what is relaxing for others).The principles of social, political and economical organization are the following:1. Identity is the vector of organization, were it in image or in economy2. What is in common prevails on the difference, although the difference should be made clear3. Quality is the result of experience, sometime of centuries and has to be protected from aggressive little boasters arriving from nowhere strategies4. There are thousands of different tastes, beauties, orders5. Everyone has a particular identity that is worth the while being said, explained and understood, except for the one of those who just tries copying me6. In general, I submit to the other’s concept, because the adequation of image to his own identity is the root of his success, and his benefit can only have as a result my own7. Sometimes I push things a little further8. The mystery of the whole should only be understood as ‘absolute erotic tension without realization’ in image (don’t think it is that difficult to fall in love with a Panama Hat, if you ever understand that it is nothing but the result of a logic, and a logic the thing you should fall in love to in a  human, to my understanding, and as no one understands it that way, it’s always better to fall in love with a Panama Hat.)Now, more or less it is perhaps that, of course I can’t say everything. Don’t copy, Madame de la Fressange, it is forbidden by law to let yourself be mislead bluntly by an intentional and wicked letting out of parts of laws and it is NO excuse to do the same…)I’ll have to make some comments on my publicity campaign. No. Well, yes. You take your picture Frau Inès, and keep a souvenir. But damn if you build yourself a new brand image without the corresponding legal backing. There are things you simply can’t do without!

Perfumes and universal disasters

Posted on by *Ask 4 Ten

May Inés de la Fressange not agree with my extraordinary strategy, although she should, after all, there are really very little people who may profit of such huge and large gracious publicity (at the end she will think there’s certainly some kind of intentionality behind the whole, and as she is French, obviously a bad one, she will suspect.)In fact, it is true that I wouldn’t mind inquiring a little deeper into the personal world of such exquisite lines, but as I think it rather difficult, I will have to restrain my interest to my personal observations which are rather more defining an identity inside of a general marketing, image and publicity strategy.Internet changes many things, as observed formerly. And opens almost the possibility to open tests and inquiries in order to determine tastes as well as the fine possibility of exploitation of young designers and slogan makers who may develop their talents through the attempts (almost always failed) to reproduce high esthetical lines, corresponding to high line products. Of course the company in question, pretending the misuse of their brand name or one and the other picture would appropriate themselves the whole work as compensation with further rights of use, and thus avoiding paying thousands and thousands to boring publicity departments and companies. And these, horrified by the perspective of loosing jobs and social situation would of course jump first into the battle fields and fish the hooligans for themselves.Further it would allow to develop two strategies: one, consisting in pretending some usurpator is developing an anarchic and chaotic publicity strategy through esthetical lines more appropriate to other countries if this not possible from the country of origin and on the other hand, it would allow the distant following of one or the other subject of interest in order to determine exactly the ways he/she can be consequently exploited and integrated into foreign spheres of understanding in order to avoid many Gallianos do finally destroy national brand images condemning countries whole to poverty and shame.In fact all these are nothing but humorous consideration which do hide away the fact that suddenly appeared to my mind yesterday night while studying with detail the whole implications of the happenings and working at the visit card of the President of the Panama Hat Lovers Club, Juan Fernando Paredes Roldán, which happily appears now in Google in spite of the international pressures tending to avoid him enjoying his new glamorous title.Two worlds have crashed one with another, I thought, appalled by such a terrible evidence and without seeing any way out of the obvious confusion probably caused … by myself.The legal point which reached to an almost hysterical tension through the happenings was the misuse for publicity purposes of extremely expensive and protected pictures. It is true that it is nor forbidden me sitting down in the Prado and copying a Goya, even if I’m really copying and not even try to innovate or use it as source of inspiration. I’m allowed doing that even if I’m a very bad painter and even if my marvelous creation ends up in the Rastro. I can even sell it. And for a very high price if I convince anyone that my replica is much better than the original. What is forbidden by law is to pretend it is an original Goya, with falsification of signature or matter tending to reproduce original materials.The problem is that fashion is not art and rules quite different. As far as I’m informed, but luckily I’m not informed about everything and my source not exact, it is even forbidden to have in one’s possession a copy of one of those horrible pictures I wouldn’t buy in the Rastro, but which define values in upper classes circles. Reproduction of course is forbidden and the misuse for oneself may deserve almost three years prison. Logical. A model like Inés de la Fressange, as she was still young and innocent, may take thousands of dollars for a session, and consequently, putting the whole barabara of photographers, studio and the next payments into a bill, may make of a single publicity campaign an investments of many many thousands. On top of that, most of the most exclusive brands do have exclusive models, who are forbidden in exchange of many other thousands to make publicity for anyone else but them in order to warrant the definition of lines of image. Logically, they don’t like it very much if someone destroys the whole environment by the proliferation of pictures and images in second class businesses as not only it may imply that x has the acquisitive power to pay 10.000 usd for a publicity, but may have a very negative impact on their own original product.By the way, you don’t need pictures in order to destroy someone’s image. Yesterday, by trying to put an order into my ideas as the whole was worsened by the observation that some of the designs given to me by one Cesar for a web site called (fashion) seemed to correspond to haute couture which I identify as Chanel I try to get an idea of her designs through a research in internet as my memories may be slightly confused (yes, Madame de la Fressange, my grand mother was designer for Madrid’s upper classes and … adored Chanel, although I don’t think she ever copied a design), and not finding anything I read a whole article on her in Spanish in wikipedia which I kindly request from anyone who may want to laugh for a while to read to see how easy it is to just use words in order to destroy … Karl Lagerfeld, for lack of attention.It is true that I had asked the guy whether the design were his and he had said yes, and that the whole was so well embedded in a ‘La Redoute’ publicity configuration that I simply thought they were very beautiful and waited for a while in order to get the second payment and continue my work. The guy though disappeared, leaving a series of very beautiful Panama Hats in Paseo el Barranco without payment either.How strange. I always get involved into the most bizarre stories by simply trying to make my way through material existence.Let’s think back: the man said he had studied business management in Paris and that he had a shop in the XVIII. XVIII? If I remember well, that’s Barbés Rochechouart and other very black surroundings. What the hell is Chanel reminding fashion as a design from an Ecuadorian business manager doing in Barbés? Worse, he’s selling Ecuadorian Merino. Now, shout, I say, if you say anywhere you’ve merino in your shop coming from Ecuador you’ll be hanged for telling lies, as everybody but really everybody knows that merino comes from Australia. I know that there are merino sheep in Ecuador as I have seen them myself. And it is the sheep that are called merino (I’m an expert in sheep, won’t mind, Madame de la Fressange) and strangely as usual, one morning I was smoking my cigarette with my coffee in the balcony when a car stopped just in front with a … merino sheep! Very surprised I asked the director of the school I was working at before whether there were merino sheep in Ecuador, and she says, yes. Tiens donc, I say, they are full of surprises, these Ecuadorians. But how did merino sheep arrive to Ecuador, I ask myself, very surprised, and remember a book I had read in Pakistan (my cousin’s) telling a very sad story on sheep whose wool is taken in November in order to get the best quality and freeze themselves all along the winter. And if the merino sheep are originally from Ecuador and arrive through a mysterious accident to Australia as it is not impossible to think that best quality which doesn’t freeze sheep to death may be obtained in November in the altiplanos just before the rain season starts? Hmm.Well, Frau de la Fressange, you can get here a merino jacket for 12 usd although the wool is thick. You can also buy high design in jewelry at the price of the weight of silver 9.75 and further ask for your personally designed Panama hat. The world is upside down in this country and this explains many things. Have you ever heard of marmored cups and jugs you may buy for 6 usd? Well, just have a look at and you’ll get the surprise of your life. An eldorado story is strangely linked to pottery and although you can’t see the very beautifully hand painted designs it gives it the same colorful environment.It’s very difficult to evaluate things and of course I don’t want to think I’ve run again into a commercial spy story. No, I say, that’s more than enough, were the world so bad, I simply don’t want to think it being like that. If you have any kind of problem with your designs, Cesar, I don’t care a shit, you’re the only legal responsible as I informed you while reading your rights and obligations opening the page.As the guy disappears for weeks, I started though to get worried and think perhaps some deriving Garfield mafia man has cut his throat some where in the peaceful Ecuadorian landscapes. Working always with the worse hypothesis or possibility I try out a provocation: I put many Obelixes and Asterixes into my page along with Tintins and Snoopies, hoping it will catch someone’s attention and know what there’s behind if he/she recognizes the lines of design. No one answered to my configuration, not even Cesar, so that I have now about a dozen of very fine designs in my cds, while Mr Paredes has still his 6 or 7 hats in his shop. Which are for sale and which I recommend to some one who may have a shop in the cinquiéme or the septiéme at a reasonable price.Bathing in such waters is very tiring and at the end, not knowing anymore whether Mr Paredes is president, general manager and of which of the multiple sections he has built up in his compilation of financial structures inside of one sole building, I think: but what do I care about the rest of the world, at the end, may I care about myself for a while, or may I really say anyone has cared ever about me anywhere? Again, Madame Monique Lassegue’s last words when I last saw her in 2004, saying: “Vous devez pensez á vous.” (You have to think about yourself) come back to my mind, along with my silent answer meaning, were it that easy.

Very egoistically I decide to profit of the whole situation. I’m not very sure whether my strategy will work, as I’m not used to them. Thus, I name myself international manager of a Club’s Customer’s service and obtain the agreement for it through many black magic and Macedonian wisdoms. I make myself a card which looks impressive enough to be allowed to do as if and make the president so jealous that he obliges me to make one for himself, to which I kindly agree. Thus, here my egoistical card, which I was very proud of, of course, may it last as long as it wants.

Continuation on desperation and fashion 

Continuing the precedent exposure which was cut off by a virus which may involve again Mr Paredes to an international spy affaire as it seems to come from his personal computer I was working with yesterday night, I just may state that the whole resumes itself in 3 words: I’m fed up.It’s true that I have developed many many strategies in order to teach some people in the surroundings that first: you can’t accuse people without proofs and think it an exposure of malehood to put people into prison like that and second, that if you require a service you have to pay for it. And that the strategy ‘but I don’t like it’ to lower prices  or not to pay at all is old fashioned, vulgar and stupid. In fact, to make pages to 120 usd which would be paid 5000 usd some where else in order to configure an image to some who may help to structure an international economy in a country that has had a bankruptcy 8 years ago and is in worse shape than it was before, may be considered extremely generous if I had not been obliged to introduce into the whole surreptitious remarks of the kind: don’t trust excessively, you’ll need a translator, they don’t even understand each other.The whole reached limits of extravagancy by making the page, which wasn’t paid and as I thought the whole thus of my property and too beautiful to destroy, I used it as morally paradigmatic. Page is on the same way. Worse are things with . The page is paid, it’s true, but it has been linked to a commercial agreement that warrants me a 33% on supplementary benefit of sales through the web page itself. As I know these people very well, I know that the very moment something everyone has laughed at seems to have any chances of success, they’ll start saying why not an Ecuadorian or a south American at least, and the kind, and use of the vilest means to rob me of my work and property again (they have already 120.000 usd stolen by wicked means, 1.200 usd of furniture among other things they wouldn’t mind keeping as my put under warrant computer of 3000 euro and at least 6.000 legal compensation from a broken contract from the German School of Guayaquil which is still … on the judge’s table, without there being any legal chance to repair the whole even … being personal friends with a minister judge to the court.)Of course I’d answer, they don’t speak even English. It’s not that. You get easily fed up with surroundings of ‘that’s mine, I’ll do it better, get into the bed with someone in order to get a profit, etc.’ which is so common that you just ask yourself how you can still recognize a sheep in such an environment as you start suspecting it could be an elephant or a llama through the distortion of reality deriving of the whole. Consequently, you act inside of your own logic and if you see it’ll not be recognized you just take the best out of it. Thus, I’d never give the codes of the page to Mr Paredes, until he keeps his word and if he doesn’t, I just take it as a souvenir. On the other hand, I may break it myself. Why should I share 77% with someone who doesn’t speak English or French? Wanna hat for 70 usd, Madame de la Fressange? I buy it from the shop and keep the 100%. Mind the joke? I don’t.As I think of these things in the depth of my unconscious while preparing strategies of defense, I distract my mind with beautiful lines in order to plunge too deeply into the dirt of human’s imbecility. Thus was born my new publicity for Fressange’s perfume.In fact I had discovered that Fessange’s esthetics and mine had some strange common lines. I call that a fourth refracted in psychology, a high sophistication of the mind that does reflect itself in esthetics, or movements or different behaviors. As said before, Fressange was just a notion in my head which I used as a literary character without even knowing what she was actually doing. When I saw her pictures in internet I distractedly worked on some concept without further second thought, but it awoke an interest on other products or images. When I see her tee shirts and perfumes in different sites I’m shocked by one simple observation: the lines are very similar to my own. How strange, I think. But not only: immediately I consider that I’m putting at the same esthetical level two third world business, which are certainly of regional importance even as exporters but not much more, to a world wide known name as Chanel, Fressange has been working for. It’s true that if I take a Dior model, it wouldn’t mind. Galliano is third world anyhow and would fit the context, as no one would see the difference. But Chanel in Fressange? Wouldn’t it convey an image which not having any kind of legal, financial, social structure corresponding would build an unreal fata morgana trapping people into unexisting realities? It’s what Galliano does, I think ironically, and see all of sudden my highly moral world submerged in second class marketing strategies of the ‘faire semblant’.Quickly, I develop the possibility of a market strategy that may be equivalent to the sold image, which crashes against Mr Paredes conservativism. Brr, that’s it, I say, ‘nous voilá chez Galliano’ and go to sleep.I wake up in the morning having taken the decision to describe in image how low I’ve fallen and have the firm determination of translating Fressange’s carefully hidden logo on a tee shirt (mind dear, but I can take a picture of my bought tee shirt without hiding the logo at all)into some frozen metallic aura symbolizing my definite alliance with Dior and the refusal to contribute with inspirations to the relief of dreamers and hooligans.The above mentioned thought does though stop me from my vile intentions. I see something like the reminders of oldest traditions freezed in the tenderness of a gesture that disappears in the wind of the possibility of taking personal pictures, as if symbolizing the complete inadaptation of the past inside of our present world.Thus, disturbed in my original intentions, I think of my fundamental hypothesis that had marked my personal relationship to Chanel. Fashion sells an image and thus a concept of both man and woman, alone or interrelated. My own concept of esthetics has of course a defined notion underlying which resumes itself in ‘the ironical possibility of thinking a woman as interrelative entity in her desperate attempt of attracting an in itself plunged creature as a man is’. Chanel does not really fit my way of thinking. She takes of the man what a woman can’t defend, to my understanding: the self affirming I. The sharp lines that cut the air seem to me one of the most provocative usurpations of someone else’s identity, esthetics has ever made. Strangely, Fressange appears in the same structure of thought, as if influenced by a dress in a way of thinking.Of course, I see that the only way to find a communication to such pretentious people is the somewhat rude reminder of other concept’s possibility and this may define a personal line that allows fishing me out of Galliano. I know that Chanel has no defense to a male attitude saying: “Do what I say.” It’s the consequence of usurpation. Having been thus disturbed from my former decision to commit a Galliano esthetical suicide, I decide to be even worse: I don’t usurpate but figure out male lines saying to Chanel in Fressange: “Do what I say.” A hypothesis, a virtuality, a fantasy.With that in my mind, I create the picture in the precedent article. Ha! I say, that’s fun. And what is the strategy resulting of this further innovation? Socially, economically, politically? I start shouting at Mr Paredes as he tries to accuse me of having involved him in international terrorism while it was me who had been trying to get him out of the general disaster announced already publicly. Mind, Mr Paredes? You’ll never find the legal justification for your pretension to show a 10 000 usd model in your page, but I may. Submit to conditions or I jump you into the airs.

Now, what has poor Fressange to do with all that again? Perhaps she may agree.

Inés de la Fressange, the Russian spy and Michail Strogoff

Finally things were not that tragical and apparently nobody had taken notice of my discovery of new strategies of communication through internet so that I could continue without too many considerations my test through Fressange of the impact of such a strategy on sales in general. Of course I should ask for figures to verify, but I don’t really need them. Intuitively I may evaluate the positive effect in 800.000 usd, a little shock due to the multiplication of the logo a little bit everywhere, strange malabars in order to find communication ways to America quite fed up with the French after the Crédit Lyonnais affaire and the surprised discovery of such a support coming even from English hooligans trying to help out the distinguished lady from a final destiny in a French Burger King.Of course I couldn’t help falling in love with such a beautiful creature which explains itself with the pressure coming from realms such as China, Russia, Turkey, and other Muslim countries, whole lots of African countries and some parts of populations in America and Europe who insist in believing I were a man, pressure to which it is difficult to resist, although it is true, on the other hand, that playing the role of a convincing woman for other countries and parts of population in order to put an order in definitions becomes rather difficult when it is to consider my real nature, which as such, remains undetermined for reasons of marketing. (How difficult it is to keep international balances becomes this way obvious and impact on our psychic system should be considered before launching an international campaign.)Thus, I made up a real story in order to give Inés de la Fressange an aura that may assure the momentary success through time and it be certain that she would resist all sorts of economical break downs and disasters and thus may help her to spend more time in creation than giving back aggressive blows coming from the surroundings.In spite of my humorous distortion of the model making her finally appear as a handsome guy even in France, she was actually categorized among the very female creatures in my personal evaluation table and thus could not play the role of Sherlock Holmes or Arséne Lupin in a story where she would define the character of her nature that would attract corresponding clients even, yes even in Pakistan. (I’ve many friends in Pakistan, too.)The story I made up, and which I will try to develop the following days should just be taken as an almost mythological configuration defining Fressange and thus creating a proper environment to sell a product. People mentioned do exist, perhaps, but are taken as figures or characters and should not be referred to real people.The main lines of the story are the following. Born of a wealthy family, which could be some distant Rothschild branch, Hannah is accused of uncommitted crimes and banned from the family. She leaves France for Israel when she is 19 years old and stays there for about 4 years. In the meantime her name has been swished even from official registers, and several attempts of murder finish by a final attack while she is ill at the age of 23. After she disappears. She arrives in Greece in 1999 and tells many unbelievable stories. She dies in 2002. Or at least perhaps again, if she didn’t leave for other countries. A Russian prince inspiring himself in Michail Strogoff starts making investigations and after many adventures discovers the evidence: registers have been altered and she has been declared dead even perhaps before she left France. He starts an oblique strategy trying to get information from the nearest environment using strange methods such as involving the SVR by calling its attention through a Lithuanian called Jura and stories mostly invented that may be of interest for such people, such as diamonds, drugs and serial killers. At the same time putting together all pieces of his memory he substitutes the main lines of her identity in writing, design and painting. The pressure thus created and transmitted as usual through Anne Hélène Nicolas to all spheres of society lands up on Fressange’s office desk. “Hannah,” she says, not knowing that Natasha has invaded her private spheres with hundreds and hundreds of little microphones while selling fashion in airy model dresses. Natasha, who, as usual and very Russian, has an enormous talent to compile information but does not know what to do with it, suspects hidden love affairs and tries to get further information, which Fressange refuses to give. The absent eyes do attract Natasha’s attention who may not have given any importance whatsoever to the confession of a by the way flirt, even, yes, even if not corresponding to her general moral patterns. She thus pushes things further. A long list of environing people is established with martial and hierarchic order determining the importance of the x in question through the number of phone calls registered and arrives to one final conclusion: this person is very important. As usual she forgets the original goal of her researches and informs the SVR that ‘it is impossible to link momentarily Fressange to any prostitution mafia, drug dealers or far too far obscure love stories such as orgies and related, so that she would recommend the sales of such fine lines even in Russia as she suspects that the benefit deriving may be of importance.’Her questions have though woken up old memories. People in the surroundings start looking shadowier and shadowier and Natasha perceives highly aggressive movements tending to trap her in dark corners. She asks for help from Russia and is saved finally from a definite murder attempt through a helicopter landing illegally on the square of Les Halles.Inés de la Fressange, a little bit surprised by the disappearance of her model stays alone with two or three pictures and some old memories. Thinking how the hell she’d now going to launch her new prêt a porter collection as she thought a Russian model was really but really fashion and quite difficult to find another one.Natasha tells the chaotic story to psychiatrist Yurevna, the link to the Kremlin and admits that ’she is really very very seducing and may cause trouble of identity even to the most fervent observer of natural rules’. Against her very positive inform, Inés de la Fressange’s products are thus forbidden in Russia. Yurevna is though in knowledge of other stories seeming to be related to this one and quite curious visits the hidden caves of the SVR were all sorts of incongruous stories are kept carefully hidden even from … Natascha. Her long experience seems to tell her that there may be more behind this apparently insignificant story than you may suspect at first glance.Among the many Russian Jews immigrated to Israel there are always 12 or 14 belonging to the most trustful agents of Yurevna’s ranges. Two of them do actually work for Israeli Intelligence Services, among which a very young girl of about 20, named Irma. She is asked to get supplementary information if ever there concerning some one belonging to a wealthy family in France who may possibly have been killed some years ago.Very diffuse information obtained from an officer who is a little tipsy that night talks about the possibility a member of the Rothschild family may have been killed twenty years ago, for unknown reasons. Yurevna looks back and thinks of Napoleon’s campaign financed by Rothschild’s against Russia. All attack on the family through evidences that may show that France has been using of methods attributed to the KGB for many years, may result in a restoration of honor that would help to regather the very dissolute Russian soul around a new concept of the Russian character.She pushes investigation further. The Russian prince who in the meantime has taken the cover of a hooligan in order to get information about a horrible prostitution mafia using blackmail in order to assure their income, is contacted by Yurevna, with who he is friends, in order to verify information, using the usual messages in a bottle. Ah, dear, he says, there finally the information I was asking for. Well right, if all this is true, Hannah’s son may become inheritor of the whole rest of the fortune and this would save Europe from the further misuse of money in funny electronic games. Who’s the one who may know about the existence of Hannah?Thus, the Russian prince became in knowledge of Fressange’s existence and could not avoid laughing when informed of the fact that his very well constructed reconstruction of Hannah’s esthetics were already on Fressange’s table and at the origin of the whole coming and going of agents and spies.

Ah, he thought, wouldn’t mind a love affair now. But what, won’t she suspect I’m a Russian spy?


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