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4 Step 4: Incongruencies


Even if my first collection wasn’t that broad, as the pictures demultiply themselves in time as interest seem to grow on the subject or the ‘subject’ in Baruwth’s language, there is something strange about it all. My texts inspired by the somewhat careless random study of this new real ‘logic’, which I try putting into some relationship with my ‘device’ do often talk about doubling, fakes, crossed with reality imagination. After a short while I learn about some quite dubious judicial affair that shocks my mind. Qué es eso? The presentation does not fit anything. How strange. And now, what is she doing? Vague references to some job at Roger Vivier. I look around. What’s that again. Inspired by what I see in different pictures I make some ‘fashion’ myself. Not because I may have wanted to discover some unknown talents but because I want to know what ‘spirit’ what ‘psychic disposition’ may be behind such esthetical expression. It’s stubborn, like fixed in something and passive. A stubborn maintainance of something inside of the submission to general patterns as given. Dangerous, I think. Must be in quite a shit. Now what is she maintaining so stubbornly? And what is she submitting to? I go on to study interviews and from interviews, related likings that may build up some general idea on some psychic behaviour. From a genealogy I learn the family goes down to the twelth century (like mine, I think, which incresases the sympathy along with the suspicion some ‘peculiar’ language may be expressed in those fuchsia colours) and there are recurrent Jews from the same family in the whereabouts (like in mine, I think, which makes things even worse.) Structural crash in patterns of understanding, I think, is possible. Which does not explain the judicial affair. Which does not explain some ‘double’ in Morocco who insists in appearing. Which does not explain anything at all, finally.

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Love stories and esthetics 

Sometimes somewhere we get lost. We finish up in a reality that has little to do with common reality and the deeper reasons for that can not be only explained by the refusal to share general destinies. Although it has something to do with it.It is true that I was one of the happiest people in the world in Greece after having discovered many extremely agreeable worlds which sometimes resumed themselves to be invited by a Turk to bread and a piece of cheese. As circumstances had closed all paths for a social realization I adapted myself to the very ‘freiherrische’ politics and social life of northern Greece. Northern Greece is actually ruled since thousands of years by small ‘caciques’ or ‘ruling entities’ in a very diffuse hierarchic order that passes power over to the one who may stand the difficult moment so that it is always difficult to discern who actually takes decisions. My somewhat gipsy nature adapted itself very well to the circumstances and used of the general strategy in order to mass whole tons of power discreetly hidden away behind apparent personalities of great diversity.With great happiness I solved thus thousands of little questions while building up a reality whose foundations and roots laid in Herodotus, Old testament, Bizanze’s interpretation of history and many fairy tales told by the environments. Corresponding to deepest identity Greek structures, veiled by strategies taken from the resistance to the ottoman empire, a heavy and dense psychic mass developed itself where the need of talking disappeared slowly as it seemed as if everyone knew already what it was about and slight signs and deliberate misunderstandings enough in order to warrant peace, order and financial interactions.It is not that I was not aware of the fact that some other world was ruled by other laws and intentions. It is that around 1999 I loose immediate awareness of the ‘other’ world that disappears in the mists of mythology and intentional misunderstanding.About 2002 I start though understanding that my deliberate negligence of a world that had refused my wisdoms is starting to create a cut between two different understandings and that it is possible that consequence be irreversible as it seems, to my greatest astonishment, that nobody else seems to hold the keys of the cause of the problem.I thus oblige myself to study back the ‘civilized’ world. Something though has happened. The extreme high pressure coming from the channeling of different currents (were they political, intellectual, etc.) seems to break something in the orders of reason, without it being possible to determine exactly what.From that point of view and without other possible considerations I leave Greece with the ‘implicit mission’ to translate our marvelous system into coordinates of understanding and try this way to lower outer pressure through the winning of parts of populations ruling their existence in understanding and not in psychic masses. Greek do always ‘mission’ some one as expression of a general national will, the same way Michail Strogoff is ‘missioned’ in Russia to transfer information to upper structures of society while the tartars are ravaging Russia.I accept the impossible offer in a cloud of complete misunderstanding coming from completely wrong interpretations regarding different events that though are basically attacking our marvelous system. On top, my understanding is hit by some unknown illness which I can’t determine at all.I thus start the most incongruous slitter through existence anyone may imagine. I transfer the psychic world into a computer language whose logic I master very well after thousands and thousands of hours playing pinball with the computer ( My mind is registering and mastering the difference between the ‘natural’ movement and the ‘electronic’ movement, and the understanding of that allows immediate understanding of the computer language and its general logic after a while.I just allow things to happen, taking care not to conclude too quickly anything as I know that the ability of synthesis is struck by some strange deviation. I thus jump from Greece to Israel, than to Spain, France, Spain again, Germany, Greece, Spain and finally Ecuador encountering the strangest adventures I run into as a consequence of the effort of translating the psychic movements into outer realities. Appear the shadows of Salif and other mafia related obscure characters that are undermining universal order personalized in types who seem to carry the same psychic structure.I still don’t dare drawing conclusions. I remark by the way that the recurrence of appearance of psychic structures seems to allow thinking that there were more things happening than I wanted to get aware of. Masking my researches behind novels and spy stories I launch a whole attack aiming at clarifying what was actually happening, or, how things had been actually understood. I thus go on ordering reality as it comes, without plans nor concrete proposals, until I clear up what has caused that damage to my devoted principle of identity in my mind, and getting back to it, be able to draw conclusions on whatever has happened during the last 4 years.My very platonic mind understands the social as well as the psychic organization in three levels: upper level (understanding or upper classes) middle level (feeling or middle class) lower levels (impulses or lower classes). Reason is the organization of reality through the ordering of impulses in structures of understanding that do not deviate from a fundamental feeling warranting the common belonging. On this fundamental concept are built whole lots of others deriving economy, knowledge, love and even spy work.This fundamental concept is though hit by something that alters seriously the perception of reality and has as fundamental effect actually one: I’m incapable of reacting immediately to aggressions although I know them coming logically with almost months of advance, and my only defense is a general logic that gives back a blow from an environment that can’t be directly related to me.Running into the Fressange hypothesis almost accidentally (I conclude that it is the unconscious effect resulting from in France living Cesar linked to fashion encounter that wakes up some memories or seems to remind me of something) I’m obliged to conclude a certain number of things. I observe that my attention ‘falls in love’ with things, were it a Panama Hat, a cascade in a hotel, a leave, lines that I associate in my mind to thoughts and deep wisdoms immediately. That’s it, immediately. I’ve broken middle lines.I understand by broken middle the incapacity of understanding one self inside of a given context, which makes as move as a whole considering established interrelationships. A thing is made by some one, and the some one is the vehicle of the knowledge that allows the appearance of the object in question. In my mind something is beautiful as it says something that is understandable in a certain context as conveying some kind of teaching of whatever kind. The person though who has produced the object is not analyzed in the context he has produced the object in, which means that my greatest enthusiasm concerning the possible interpretation concerning the object in question translated thus in loving projections said in web pages may fall on people who have strictly no social corresponding situation. For me: the legal status allowing to justify reason in middle lines as this should, to my understanding, lean on a more fundamental concept said love or home.Why though does a leave materialize itself in a possible other who has nothing to do with reality, probably, and allows the thought there could be another self for the other, wisely integrated in homes and loves and reason? Awareness becomes sharpest when landing into the Panama hats as if this peculiar straw was reminding me of something else constantly, as much as aurum’s silver 9.75. What I don’t care about excessively before, the corresponding legal situation, becomes all of a sudden an obsession, as much as to consider the non appropriate expression of a legal situation or corresponding marketing strategy into image as a personal failure. (The Galliano fall.)In fact, I seem to be destroying myself my own philosophy as I seem to be incapable of assuming the reality of love or a home for myself so that the translation of the feeling into image as affirmative sentence does make unreality of the basis of reason even deeper and more dangerous. Say: It’s there and you’ll never get it because it is there and can’t be here.I thus try to determine the principle of my identity in the Fressange hypothesis and arrive to the following conclusion: Hannah’s ghost appears in front of the Hotel de Ville in Paris as if resuming in a possible though imaginary relationship to an esthetical line as given in a perfume bottle the impossibility to get in nearer touch to reality.In fact I know that my way of thinking is based on an interrelative structure: I do never think the other as a spatial block but as a determination through the eyes of some one who loves him/her. Thus, while approaching some one or something I determine it first as female or male and than take the contrary position in order to crack his/her logic of love. As I do that even while buying coffee downstairs with all sorts of things, objects, structures and logics, I go on almost unconsciously with my common strategy while plunging unwillingly into Fressange’s esthetics. I conclude: this woman is conquered only by truth, without the appearance of truth. Answer: Rends toi. (Give in.) Turned into humor through: ”N’oublie pas le chapeau.”(Hat or hat like accent on some French vowels), ‘on the ‘e’?And there it is. Such subtle erotic determination deserves a whole mythological environment with a princess in a tower surrounded by dragons in the person of Galliano or Lagerfeld who do attack this subtlety by all sorts of basse classe instincts and pretensions. Missing is the Russian prince arriving to save the princess from suicide or other disasters and after having strolled around hooligan’s pretensions to such finesse, the Russian prince arrives finally yesterday in his fairy tale airs with Bogart touches.But what. This is almost an intellectual rape. Mind, I would get very angry if anyone dared inventing such a story around my existence. Exactly. But wasn’t it the truth? There we are. The truth has become a story necessarily in order to mask such obvious misbehavior. The whole takes its perfect image in the representation of someone who is driving full speed at the edge of void as if that were the natural, common and normal.But why? And what for? Am I just running into everything in order to get a definite answer to a question no one answers to without minding who it makes disappear on the path of clarification? In fact, if Fressange had not said to a Spanish journalist that whether glory nor riches had made her happy, I’d never had the question roaming in my unconscious trying to find out how then she’d have been or could be happy. In fact, perhaps the very statement, the recognition of an evidence that does not give in to the obligation of appearing happy against all reality, awakes some kind of sympathy that does determine a path of solution to a heavy battle opposing my injured pride to a whole nation. Now how the devil do you want me to appear in front of some one who may love me if your are destroying obsessively all possibility of appearing in a proper social light through gossip, destructing of image and refusal of evidences?There you are. The impossibility of realization through outer circumstances tending to destroy appearance as such of middle lines do have as a result not only a happy destruction of whatever seems to stay in the middle of my way but goes so far so as to push the possibility of realization for anyone else to the realms of absolute unreality causing heavy disturbances in general orders. Mind having the same destiny because three idiots pretend to absolute truths.

This is a proper determination of myself. Hope Madame de la Fressange may excuse the misuse of her name in the attempt of clarifying underlying principles and take the proper commercial benefit out of it. After all, it’s not such a bad story. Where we find the Russian prince now, dear, you’ll ask.

On judgements and distortion of law

Comments on Comments 

Unluckily not very visible, but obtainable now even in jpeg. the report of the last judgment concerning the Affaire Fressange, from which you may understand (although it is not very clear) that:the company Inés de la Fressange has not the right of use, neither of the name, the surname nor the logo of Inés de la Fressange due to misuse of image and name, as said: pictures of hers used to the occasion of some event without hers having been there and her perfectly recognizable silhouette on one picture. On top of that a law of 1992 saying that a company can’t use the name of someone who being known by himself induced thus into error people who may confuse the person with the company, was applied in order to obtain a favorable judgment for Inés de la Fressange, without though the right be given back to her to make use of these for the constitution of a company of her own. (Cassation of 2006: ‘Cassation’ is a ‘revision’ of a judgment.)The company ‘Inés de la Fressange’, referred to as ‘employers’ of the latter, considered the whole as positive and it is said that Inés de la Fressange had ‘céder’ (give away) name, surname and logo.Personal comments:1. a person who is a share holder of a company, is not an employee, consequently the fact of being ‘fired’ can’t imply the loss of her rights as share holder2. contrary to a ‘mannequin’ (model) a share holder does not give away anything but makes an ‘apport en nature or un apport en labeur’ (both considered by French law as contribution in material goods or in work). The contract seems to be twisted apparently through the following:she is shareholder but gets the post of (probably) gerent (general manager) in a SA (which means with a salary). The SA is not constituted like the SARL, where the shareholders as general managers may apport in work or goods. The transaction is financial, implying possible contributions in work and goods, but as shareholder not as general manager (1) and then the general manager does only manage, reason for which he gets a fixed salary (2) (the sarl allows a payment in percentage of net benefit on turn over).3. The name, the surname and the logo concern the ’statuts’, which is to say the shareholders and never the general manager. The general manager can’t ‘give away’ something from the position of general manager, but the shareholder can contribute to the company with a certain number of goods, whose use are though limited by law (in the case of the name and the logo, as personal goods and warranted in use by Constitution) they can’t remain in the hands of the company after the owner having left the same.(Principle determines use of law in application)The problem seems though to be deeper:a) the shareholders can decide to make a change of manager. They’ can’t though fire a shareholder. If Inés de la Fressange had claimed at that moment an ‘abus the clause de contrat’ based on irregularity in the understanding of the relationship to the Company, she may have been in disposition to claim for values making of her main share holder (a priori given because of the use of name for the company, which means that success was supposed to be warranted by the name alone) in thus regain control of her own company.This is though not done.b) Strategy seems to be a passive waiting for the contrary’s mistake. When Inés de la Fressange (com) makes misuse of the image and person, it is attacked for that, without this allowing though to regain the control of the company.c) Personally I would think that a proper consideration of the affaire, should result in the following:1. restoration of the legal situation and thus the regaining of control of at least 51% of shares for Inés de la Fressange2. the consequent compensation for the loss of position, name, surname, logo and image3. the consequent compensation for the damage made to her professional career due to the fact of not being allowed to continue a progressive development of her creations and sales4. the consequent compensation for the misuse of her name and image associated to products of lower quality that may affect the general image as transmitted by herself5. the restoration of all her creations as being of her property and thus the due compensation for the losses in sales provoked by undue appropriationTotal: 60.000.000 Usd without considering the moral damage. (Subjective and approximative evaluation)Appeared in*********************************************************What would you think of such a ‘radical’ positioning? Even if considering the obvious hypothetical nature of the same, as not based on facts but on derived conclusions upon facts as published in the French newspaper.Actually it does reveal a quite innovating way to translate political or social ideology into the pretension to justice. But it reveals also that the person in question does have quite a knowledge on Sarl and little on SA. Personally I would just keep one argument of the whole: it is said that she has ‘cédé’ (given away) name and logo. A ‘césion’ is a legal term that does not imply selling (the same for the ’droit the signature’: you may allow someone to use your signature on one occasion specifically or inside of a certain field, which does not imply that you’re selling your signature nor that you can’t use it for yourself otherwise). Consequently the leaving of the Inès de la Fressange of the company annihilates by itself the right of use of her name, surname and logo (implies dissolution of the company and thus, she regains the power to make use of these for herself.)The use of a law of 1992 causes high problems in jurisprudence (retroactive value of the same, as the company has been formed before) and though not, in principle. There is violation of constitutional rights and constitutional rights are warranted ‘de par soi’ (by themselves), without necessarily applying a specific law.To say: Many contracts in the 50’s and 60’s, mainly linked to assurances, had tons of little clauses in very very little letters on the bottom, that were mainly abusive clauses. The fact that these contracts were signed, did not imply that they were legal, as main constitutional rights were violated by them. Consequently they were resiliated and compensations due (partly). You don’t need a specific law determining how to deal with abusive clauses, it is given by itself.Consequently it is of no interest to play with retroactive laws (a legal monstrosity), but just with Constitution, or even with the meaning of the contract as given (césion) in order to obtain a favorable judgment.In what the difference of SA and Sarl is concerned, it is in fact that SA does not allow the ‘apport en nature ou labeur’ (contribution in work or goods), as the before mentioned says, it is just a ‘financial transaction’. The problem appears in that case, because one of the share holders is contributing with goods and work that are not considered as value. (Actually, in that case, a sarl would have been a more appropriate legal structure for the type of interaction to be established.) If it is though true that SA does not consider those contributions, it is perfectly thinkable that these goods and works can possibly be ‘evaluated’. Thus, it is not a good or work that is given away but a value ‘x’ that should be considered as contribution. This is though legally not possible.Thus, the share holder Inés de la Fressange gets (to say) a 30 % of shares in money. And the private person (personne naturelle – contrary to personne morale, who is the one who has a determined function inside of a legal structure) may sell to the company (or give away) a name, logo, designs, etc. The money thus obtained may be exchanged for another amount of shares, so that she gets at least 51% of shares. Why can you say that there is abuse in any other case? Precisely because the company is hold by a name, and if the name holder does not obtain at least 51% of shares,  legal wickedness may make appear as if someone may be taken away his/her name. It is obvious that Constitution warrants, even in the case it is not written inside of the contract, that the dissolution of the company implies the giving back of personal good, which has been put to the disposition of the company for its benefit, but can never be considered as property as such of the company.It is no need: the voice of a singer may be evaluated. It may be evaluated, specifically in the case where the same is insured (frequent in the US) in 2.000.000, 10.000.000 Usd etc, and the company who thus ‘assures’ does never buy the voice in question. It does just consider that: in case that the singer looses his voice, the company will loose so much benefit from cd’s, discs, concerts, promotion and publicity and evaluates thus the given voice in so much.Consequently you may say that benefit can be linked to a certain number of other elements: a name linked to a universally known model, the signature that has fascinated half the world, the presence of someone who symbolizes a certain number of things and thus has support of great parts of population, etc. It is consequently possible to evaluate the possible benefit deriving from that, and this is a value that can be transformed in ciphers.The same happens with the designs. Apparently Fressange designs her own fashion (prêt a porter, jewelry, accessories). As what? As share holder? As manager? Is she paid for the giving away of her creations or is it considered as part of her work? If it is thus, shall then all managers start making the designs of their products. On top of that, she seems to keep the shop herself. Probably as part of her job, too.She’s thus: manager, designer, shop holder, probably takes care of communication (image), too, publicity department and some others (forgets to take over the department of legal advice, though.)Which is to say, she’s everything. And this is worth more than 50% of shares, without there being a legal way of inserting such evidence in an SA (although it is possible in a sarl), except if: Inès de la Fressange (as said) as natural person gives away of hers for the benefit of the company (new shares), she’s paid as manager, as designer, as shop holder, as communication department, as publicity agency separately, as these occupations do not derive from the management. If she’s paid that much for each, she soon buys up the whole company, thing which may easily be proved.Seen like that, the appreciation of the emotive hooligan above may be more or less adequate, and I may even say benevolent. But what are the implications?1. The rights of the natural personIf national and international laws have problems to solve a great number of irregularities appearing concerning the rights of intellectual property, it is precisely because the clear difference between the moral and the natural person is not made.A priori (deriving from definition) you may say that the creator or producer of a good of whatever kind (arts, technology, etc.) is the legal owner of his creation or production ‘de par soi’ (by itself), as it can still be found in some legislations, for example in Ecuador. The legal mention accorded to this right is the ‘rights reserved’ (belonging to creator: Spain and other). Which means that the person disposes (has not given away) of the rights to sell, give away, etc. of his creations or products. As such he has no obligation to register his creations or products. If he sings a song, if she paints a picture, if he writes a book, nobody has as such neither the right to copy, nor to steal, nor to take for his. This exposure of his talents and creations, may attract someone who wants to sell these things, as thinking that he may get a benefit out of it. This person (a legal or moral entity) is in the obligation of registering the whole (copyright or other) if he wants to assure for himself the possibility of claiming in case of ‘litige’ (legal claim). Usually (Spanish law) this interaction is evaluated at a 50 to 50 ( in a 1 to 1 relationship), with variations depending on cases.A natural person is thus in the disposition of selling without being a company (classical) and nowadays is in the obligation of being at least registered as something (single person company, autónomo in Spain, or other legal structures) in order to be allowed to sell, although it is not absolutely necessary (depending on legislation and custom).What is systematically violated from 1945 and after is the value of something as such. The fact of cooking, of keeping a house, of organizing social activity is a value in itself. It is no need to be a company to be a house wife, and this does not imply you’re not doing anything or your activity should not be respected. Consequently, all activity which is not inserted into a legal frame is considered as ‘valueless’, and this has deepest implications on all fields of professional activity. If I’m no painter and draw a picture which is a master piece, does it not have any value anymore because it’s not my registered activity? If I build up a program as a hobby because I’ve fun with it and it finishes up being a marvel, does it have no value because I’m no programmer?At last instance, as there are no evaluation possibilities anymore that allow a rational organization of parameters in value of creation, the last and definite parameter allowing evaluation of something is that … it sells. What sells though is not the company (legal structure allowing the distribution, etc.) but the product as created by a single person. The product is thus never the company, but the x for the company. Inès de la Fressange (natural person) for Inès de la Fressange (moral person) does make of the natural person the owner of her own products and creations if not specified otherwise.In cases for example a designer takes over a House like Chanel or Dior, he may be even forbidden to sign ‘Lagerfeld for Chanel’, because he’s not hired in order to promote his own creations but to keep a line of design that has been the warrant of the success of the House in question. The weight of tradition as such, which is to say, the know how warranting success and benefit are evaluated so high so as to eliminate the proper expression of the individual taking over.Is it such, what is eliminated through the complete distortion of law as resulting from the first judgment concerning Inés de la Fressange in her own cause is not a designer, it is a … Fashion House, reason for which to my understanding compensation due is indefinitely higher.2. A jurisprudence giving in to these arguments establishes exactly that value belongs to the natural person, and may be transferred to or put into interaction with a moral person. Determining in value becomes thus the ‘potential of benefit’ deriving of someone’s activity, knowledge, etc. in a fair interrelationship with a legal structure warranting distribution, property, etc. and not just exploiting all, as value of the former none. A moral person may be evaluated in his ‘potential of benefit’, too. Which is to say the plus in benefit deriving of the insertion of a know how in a general frame, which may thus determine the exact place (relation in shares) of each.

Is it like this, it regulates de par soi (by itself) the tense relationship between men and women, creating a separation of spheres having in common the proper value of each. It allows on top of that to think a proper relationship for intuitive creators or producers to the common hierarchic and legal structures. Beware, who’s not in knowledge of law, may end up badly exactly because economy and social activity is based on law, although in some cases, circumstances may give light on obvious and deliberate abuse.

Compte rendu

While you are doing things, you may not be able to evaluate exactly what kind of impact your inspirations may have on the general financial world, but this is partly due to the fact that the amount of information available is  sometimes so small that you can’t judge of a situation properly.I swear three days ago there was no information in internet about the possible linking of Inés de la Fressange to Roger Vivier, and it is but today that such a fundamental information is provided by the fumbling around of her fans with Google boy.To say to Roger Vivier, who has not understood yet the changes arising from the internet revolution: Google (or any search engine) is some kind of environment. Imagine you don’t care about internet and some one in Argentina writes a long horrible article on Vivier saying that his shoes are horrible and disgusting and all this on a page linked to some obscure prostitution mafia with implications in drug dealing. You put into Google Vivier + drug and you will have something appear. As there is nothing else, the recurrences in search do associate the name Vivier to all sorts of obscure surroundings.If you then start searching Vivier + shoes, or Vivier + elegance, the very fact of searching makes Google go on search of articles of the 18th century which could provide the proper information. Thus, a new environment is defined, where Vivier is associated to another context. If you take the environment thus defined, you discover the image or aura that has been transmitted by someone or a product all along the years. If you then write articles or texts or create links to contemporary environments having more or less the same semantic context, the researches in Google of the kind Vivier + drugs do simply disappear by the hierarchic structure inherent to Google.Logically, the marketing and publicity strategies resuming themselves to mystery and silence (elegance of the last 80 years until it disappeared around 1975), to allusions and slight references is improper for internet. It is not enough to have a reference in Vogue, it is necessary that a profusion of contexts create a positive environment allowing the disappearance of eventual attacks or bad image vehicles.If Vogue has 8 pages and is linked to 300 relative pages, it gets an impressive positive environment that does sell by itself.Test, myself. I start researching the context by using a double to triple versant. One: allusion through French Edition House Le Manuscrit, Two: appearance through Spanish literary works publishers, Three: reference through to homosexual populations related page vayabollo and with that, a referential personal page and net both in Spanish and French.The interesting thing is exactly that: the lack of backing in Google allows misuse of personal information through vayabollo, who publishes an e-mail address without anyone’s permission. The name itself does appear only through yoescribo. Consequently the possible misinterpretation of the appearance two or three is very high. Researches of the web pages ideabstracta + anything does give no result.Word Press helps. The multiplication of English texts associated to Sonja Kasten allows breaking of the name in 4 months, until it fills 5 entire pages in Google. The environment though is not positive. Although already it becomes clear that use of a second or third language, reference to historical figures, literature etc. and great brands does help, it continues creating a diffuse hooligan who wants to be aura where there is no concrete principle unifying the whole information. I start using the self referential method: I’ve already used the distinguished word ‘elegance’ once. Now I repeat it 10 times in different contexts along with such as metaphysics, publicity and other. Strangely the searches hitting on the different pages (which are absolutely determining for the appearance in Google results) do start being determined by a more defined context. The fact that searches through the Washington Post’s search engines fall on the pages creates thus the most appropriate environment I could desire: some detached intellectual aura with inherent dispositions to amuse myself with hooligan tactics.It’s true that I’m quite proud of my progress concerning the transmission of image through internet and in a certain way I make use of my strategies while creating Word Press pages for whoever asks for one. At the same time I define a whole commercial environment whose final objective is actually to attract some tycoon’s interest. This strategy, consisting mainly in considering the following: a common internet cafe hooligan is certainly not someone who will buy Roger Vivier. No. But if he sees colors and combinations and lines that fascinate him, he creates the fascination around x, were it at last, because he starts transferring esthetical lines into his own context and creates a backing for the first.Contrary thus to a vulgarization strategy, my strategy does construct a double line, where the expensive becomes some distant fairy tale with princesses and kings imposing through esthetical lines all sorts of wisdoms (the realization through work, the attachment to a home, the pride in defense of the name, etc). This implies that the expensive create lines to the other worlds through the somewhat humorous allowance of even counterfeit. Strategy is not, I’ll put you all into prison for copying, but ’see, what a success, I’ve been counterfeited already 7 times’, which warrants the backing of people with smaller power of acquisition. Thus, some lines are transmitted (name, esthetical presentation) that do finish by attracting these people: “I do belong to  a certain standing and I can’t simply buy a perfume for 12 USD. Is there not a similar one for 70?” These are the only people of interest for Houses as Dior, Chanel or Vivier, and even yes, even Inés de la Fressange.It’s true that my horror arising from the fact of seeing my immaterial concept ‘Inés de la Fressange’ in very bad surroundings in Google as well as my fashion idol ‘Betty Catroux’ is at the origin of some kind of anger that moves me almost unconsciously to make use of all my knowledge in order to get them out of there. As information available is very little and I’m not going to write to Fressange an e-mail saying: “Sorry, dear, you won’t mind but I’m starting to get very angry with all that bull shit. Mind providing some information?” I use the fishing information through Google strategy, by entering possible combinations that do further the appearance of articles even of … 1990 (!)Which means that I’m confronted constantly to emerging information that I’ve to integrate into the context by taking the measures that will create an atmosphere that satisfies … me. As she hasn’t cared before about herself (I learn: she couldn’t) why should she care now about it? Thus, I spend many hours figuring out a character that symbolizes whole tons of things and has even slight lines of communication to marginal populations without though getting mixed with them. The kind: “Well, it’s really not that I don’t want, but I need my body guard in order to understand your language.” The Fressange character becomes thus a double character: “Seen by the body guard who is a Russian Prince who is playing the hooligan”. In this context, the whole shocking affaire of 2004 allows the integration of the 3 mousquetaires fantasy ’sauve la reine’ or Michails Strogoffs devotion to his mother and the Tsar and other fantastic elements furthering duels, acid battles, sharp irony and many elegant ‘feintes’.The problem is that the confrontation with another way of seeing, marketing, publicity, etc. becomes more and more real every day. I know that Lagerfeld is reacting to my restoration of name of Fressange simply because he knows very well that that may have as consequence a ‘retournement de l’affair’ (as already appearing in Google through: rebondissement de l’affaire Fressange + hooligan) that may make him pay with his post his slaughtering of the lady and many thousands of compensation for Chanel.The thing is that I don’t care. Why should Lagerfeld prevail on me if Lagerfeld’s esthetics does nothing but imply the possibility of those things to happen? All of sudden my defined environment jumps over to a universal strategy of the restoration of name and honor and logically searches help in concerned populations: the English Monarchy has been brutally attacked through that kind of strategy, and Spanish dukes and counts, though not, have some attaching aura putting principles on that kind of context. On the other hand I know that the British populations assimilated to hooligans do fundamentally base their philosophy on national honor as very well described in Henry V. All story allowing them to obtain a more favorable context of interpretation, must thus have very positive feedback.At the same time I search for allies in most distants grounds, where exactly there is no political context available. Russia and China. I know Chinese very well, although I speak no Chinese. Playing on oldest tao traditions and assimilation of cultures does allow translating the problem into another context. The backing of Khodorkovskij through slight allusions to the Empire explaining in Russian that you can’t punish someone for something you haven’t cared very much about before, allows backing from an enormous lot of people half swimming at the edges of mafia without involvement though. (The Kakarantzas type) This helps to gather mainly male figures around the idea that even someone who is very ugly may deeply fall in love with a princess and consequently satisfies male vanity who all of a sudden launches an aggressive attack on those homosexuals who are bothering ideal creatures through vilest traps.If I’m lucky, the whole international pressure thus created (it is enough to count on Russian or Chinese gossip as internet not available for everyone and even less in English) may cut the Houses Dior and Chanel from Lagerfeld and Galliano through the categorical intervention of the Femmes Business Angels whose psychology I have studied before. If this happens, up to 80% of French population which has been maintained in silence through the reminder of the national interest linked to the Houses in question may change sides.That this is possible becomes obvious yesterday. Lagerfeld attacks Galliano accusing the latter of using Fressange in order to ruin him, and … vice versa. Because Fressange has no means, Lagerfeld thinks. They eat up each other, whose electronic image is given by the possibility of picking the images of both sides in that logic.But what, Fressange is still not in knowledge of the whole. A comment posted yesterday on seems to be posted by her, ambiguity which I exploit letting it appear. I don’t think at all it is her, though. The message is electronically altered. Some one has used her name in order to further some backing. But who? I guess the surroundings of the Lazard Bank who can’t but profit of the affair, and they are the only ones.That means that Fressange can be eating some croissant with a peaceful and detached air, while Roger Vivier congratulates her for her international business management, with a hint of irony and some reminders of jealousy.What does that mean? I’ve run accidentally into battles and wars concerning positioning that determine the financial world and my backing of something is used as backing for something else and this pushes things into a direction that is more convenient to x. Who actually doesn’t care a bit about me but knows very very well that a slight alteration in image of z may change many fortunes of hands and create new poles of financial organization.This new character, I call the cousin Lazard. Someone who spends his times seeing the up and down of the markets and coming to many silent conclusions. The cousin Lazard is a deep fan and admirer of Fressange and not absolutely because of her fashion style, he doesn’t understand, but because she has managed to become very famous, something the Lazard have never been able of. On the site where her genealogy can be found you can find a remark: “and there are two famous people in the family …” It is certainly a family member and the pride shines through as falling to all the family members.It’s an evidence on the hand that the banking environment is very tense. Main lines differentiating structures that impose a non involvement of banks in political affairs and those determining politics through the pretension of having money (Lazard versus Rothschild) are confused through the imposition of one boring distant cruel banker image. “There are differences still” is no slogan in France. How then mark differences in another way in order to assure a convenient image that may further business in a better environment?Inés de la Fressange seems to be the clue. Some distant association to under the table quarrels with allure of Robin Hood and international spy work. The appearance of a non calculated anarchic element making hypothesis all alone by herself at the other edge of the world does create alterations nobody has considered before. Seeming LVMH, Lazard does actually not mind about the fall neither of Dior, neither of LVMH. Vuiton sells by itself and only Vuiton is theirs. What they can’t do by themselves is accidentally obtained through the surreptitious backing of the hooligan supporting Inés de la Fressange: the support of the people, every day more suspicious about banks and bankers.It’s a fact. To care about someone else’s image does have deepest socio political implications and does immediately affect the financial world. The problem is that you have to consider the changes that happen through such enthusiastic defense of the right to the private life and the rejection of the exploitation of certain legal understandings mainly what women are concerned, as they do not have the use of law in the transmission of custom as much as men may. (If we want it or not.)Consequently, I will have to write an e-mail to Fressange in order to tell her that the international situation is proper for the launching of a new prêt a porter collection (without accents) financed by the Russian tycoon and that she please take care not to invade other people’s fantasy with allusive pronunciations of her name that may end up in international financial catastrophes.

Could say thank you, the lady, after all.

Impact in China

The Chinese Public Relations of Inés de la Fressange reassured the public concerning a most hideous complot against the fashion star, a woman, she specified, by saying that it was part of a new marketing campaign trying to hint at general problems and making use of a public image in order to avoid concerned people further be bothered by attacks against image and reputation.The public responded very positively to the new general image transmitted and accepted the excuses of the former regarding the confusion with Kenzo models, which had been thought most appropriate without specifically considering proper characteristics of the country.

Chinese officials decided though to open an investigation concerning the happening as it seemed that ‘human rights had been fundamentally violated in the country of France’, without though taking determined steps as to forbid sales of certain companies in China. Which though did not avoid the popular negative reaction.

Inès de la Fressange and the falling leave

It’s nice to forget about the world for a while and to jump happily into investigations that keep your mind occupied. As I had run into the Inès de la Fressange hypothesis already, why not finishing by establishing the link between my ‘guessings’ and reality?Yesterday I already felt an unbearable satisfaction deriving from the results of my investigations. In fact, the good thing about not having to give an answer to anyone (newspaper, institution or market) is that you can continue your observations without having to consider anything. If my thoughts do have as result the LVMH group falls into the abyss as much as some branches like Lafitte, what do I care. Should have worried a little before. It’s not that you don’t have obvious preferences for some aspects or likings coming up, but that does rather help to define your perspective than to distort evidences. (Two very, very different things.)It’s true that yesterday I had a long consideration in my mind concerning German behavior in general derived from deepest observations and studies and analysis of the Nibelungenlied, literature, history and arts, as well as commercial structures. When I arrived though to my internet café, I simply thought, boring Germans, shall they care about themselves, and who may really be this mysterious Inès de la Fressange?I went on a search of pictures though internet ( and plunged into a mood that avoided that another plan of mine, to explain the virtual Fressange economical proposal as solution for the internet jungle, were put into realization. I do prefer my Russian Prince (one of my most beloved characters, with a variable of aspects. See:    under ‘origins’) and to Google around by guessing that the possibility my site be read in Russia through the association to a just trapped billionaire is very high and thus may augment views. Which are falsified anyhow, I observe, as there are links going from that page to others and the corresponding views are not marked. Better, I think, get known in China before French get aware of it.My investigations do soon land on the whole Fressange genealogy. Very interested (as my family has roots as old and nobody does ever understand the fascination emanating from boring names said in chronological order one after the other, saying thousands and thousands of whispers conveying history and logics and a stubborn attachment to a piece of earth, I’m always enchanted when I see one of these unbearably long exposures of things nobody understands anymore) and try to verify my guessings as exposed before and as thought of at home, to say: that the title of marquis was acquired through the attachment of fortune to the French State.I go from one generation to the other and remark that the original title ‘Seigneur de la Fressange’ (also Freiherren, I think, see they were luckier than the German who make Freiherren disappear through changes in the hierarchic structure of monarchy in … the 14th century), is not linked to blood, but to a territory. The line ‘Fressange’ is not attached to a family but to a piece of ground. The actual family seems to take over the property around the XVIth. But are still Seigneur (the attachment to the crown of a Seigneur is softer than for a common title holder as barons, etc.) until around 1790. To my greatest happiness, whole lots of banking Jews appear, as I guessed, and immediately the title Marquis is given to the family, of practically no use: Monarchy is disappearing.

40: Elie LAZARD, né le 7 brumaire an V (28 octobre 1796), Frauenberg, 57, Moselle, Lorraine, FRANCE, décédé le 12 août 1831 (à l’âge de 34 ans), Maraîcher lorrain de Phalsbourg, Marchand de bestiaux à Phalsbourg, en 1820, … marié le 22 mai 1820, Frauenberg, 57, Moselle, Lorraine, FRANCE, avec… 41: Esther ARON, née le 7 nivôse an VII (27 décembre 1798), Saverne, 67, Bas-Rhin, Alsace, FRANCE, décédée en 1875 (à l’âge de 77 ans), mariée (2) le 16 juillet 1835 avec Moïse CAHN, né le 14 nivôse an II (3 janvier 1794), décédé en 1872 (à l’âge de 78 ans). … dont: a.       Lazare, né le 18 avril 1821. b.       Alexandre, né le 18 mars 1823, Frauenberg, 57, Moselle, Lorraine, FRANCE. Il émigre à la Nouvelle-Orléans et y ouvre une quincaillerie. Transfère son activité à San Francisco où il fait fortune grâce aux chercheurs d’or. Fondateur de Lazard frères. c.       Maurice, né le 5 février 1825. d.       Lise, née le 10 juillet 1826, mariée avec N CAHN, fils de Moïse CAHN 1794-1872 et Esther ARON 1798-1875. e.       Simon, né le 8 avril 1828, décédé en 1898 (à l’âge de 70 ans). f.        Rosalie, née le 23 octobre 1829. g.       Elie, né le 3 novembre 1831, Frauenberg, 57, Moselle, Lorraine, FRANCE, décédé le 10 février 1897, Paris (8ème), 75, Seine, Ile-de-France, FRANCE (à l’âge de 65 ans), Banquier, cofondateur de la banque LAZARD, marié le 12 mai 1867, Paris (9ème), 75, Seine, Ile-de-France, FRANCE, avec Marie GOUDCHAUX, née le 6 mars 1847, Paris (2ème), 75, Seine, Ile-de-France, FRANCE, décédée le 7 mai 1931, Paris (16ème), 75, Seine, Ile-de-France, FRANCE (à l’âge de 84 ans). … dont 41-(X2): a.       Julie. Mariée avec Alexandre WEIL, fils de David WEIL 1800-1863 et Sophie ARON 1808-1881. b.       N. Marié avec Lise LAZARD, née le 10 juillet 1826, fille de Elie LAZARD 1796-1831 et Esther ARON 1798-1875.  44: Michel GOLDSCHMIDT, décédé avant 7 mars 1902, marié (2) avec Bella GOLDSCHMIDT, décédée avant 7 mars 1902,  … marié (1) avec… 45: Isabelle FALK, … dont: a.       Ferdinand, né le 11 août 1839, Cologne, Köln, Nordrhein-Westfalen, ALLEMAGNE, décédé le 27 août 1918, Paris (8ème), 75, Seine, Ile-de-France, FRANCE, dans son domicile, 31 avenue Hoche, inhumé le 29 août 1918, Paris, 75, Seine, Ile-de-France, FRANCE, Cimetière Montparnasse, 5°div., 3° ligne nord, n°31 ouest (à l’âge de 79 ans). … dont 44-(X2): a.       Johanna, née le 2 janvier 1842, Cologne, Köln, Nordrhein-Westfalen, ALLEMAGNE, décédée le 7 mars 1902, Paris (8ème), 75, Seine, Ile-de-France, FRANCE, en son domicile, 45 rue de Courcelles, inhumée le 9 mars 1902, Paris, 75, Seine, Ile-de-France, FRANCE, Cimetière Montparnasse, 5°div., 3° ligne nord, n°31 ouest (à l’âge de 60 ans), mariée vers 1864 avec Max LOEWENSTEIN, né le 23 octobre 1841, Altona, ALLEMAGNE, décédé le 30 novembre 1909, Neuilly-sur-Seine, 92, Hauts-de-Seine, Ile-de-France, FRANCE, 6 boulevard du Château, inhumé le 2 décembre 1909, Paris, 75, Seine, Ile-de-France, FRANCE, Cimetière Montparnasse, 5°div., 3° ligne nord, n°31 ouest (à l’âge de 68 ans), Rentier. On la retrouve prénommée Jeanne dans plusieurs actes. Si elle est bien la sœur à part entière de Ferdinand Goldschmidt, né à Cologne ALLEMAGNE, décédé le 27/08/1918 4h. du matin, 31 avenue Hoche, à l’age de 79 ans, sans profession, époux de Julie HERMANN (ce qui semble probable compte tenu qu’ils sont inhumés dans le même caveau, que Gisèle Bomier, relatant les dires de son époux aujourd’hui décédé, le confirme et qu’ils ont le même père -en attente de vérification-), alors sa mère est Isabelle FALK. Acte de décès de Jeanne Goldschmidt, Concession 33 PA 1980 Goldschmidt. (source :].

(In black, traditional jewish names, here, mostly of ashkenaze origin, mostly related to Germany or German speaking countries). The family gets some links to Germany but does mainly relate itself to the powerful banker family Lazard. Banker family Lazard, does approach the family twice: Inès de la Fressange’s grandmother is Lazard, too.

Quite curious about the whole I turn my eyes towards the banker family, whose bank does … still exist. And has a horribly interesting site: Why should this site be interesting? It’s very simple. It does boast, like me on *Ask 4 Te, of their last transactions in small letters to the right. At the same time though, the esthetical lines do heavily remind Microsoft (see aspida of Microsoft Spain) and even the Femmes Business Angels site in France. Strangely, a very low tone profile gets esthetical lines of attachment to extremely powerful poles of interest in the world. What was their last transaction? A fusion between Amro and Barclays. That is not the corner’s shop, I think. Amro has fused with ABN around starting summer last year, and Amro is linked in some other of my investigation to strange ‘black’ bank accounts resulting of ‘evasion de capitales’ (fuite de capitaux) of third world countries towards Germany, in this case of the Ecuadorian ’society’ German School of Guayaquil. The husband of my sister Ana, former vice president of the Deutsche Bank, has shifted to ABN a little before. I’ve never liked Barclays because of their obvious misregard of Spanish banking directives ever since they installed themselves somewhere in Paseo de Recoletos or surroundings. Ha, I think, seems the shit goes together with the shit and ask myself who may have been at the origin of such an original banking fusion.

These Lazards seem to have something quite sympathetic, an allure reminding Mallet and baguettes, and I study thus with greatest interest the composition of the company, some strange ltd co with English legal foundation inserted in French grounds.

Further investigations do though link the Lazard to the group Louis Vuitton, I’ve been slaughtering a few days before.

How strange. She has family members in the Vuiton group and can’t though avoid the disappearance of her ’shop’ nor the terrifying judgement.I jump thus into a short investigation of the Vuiton group. The appearance of the Vuiton group (leather goods), its ‘acquisition’ through Lazard, its constitution as a group with Hennessy (cognac) and Moët Chandon (champagne). After, whole tons of other companies do attach themselves to the then called LV (Louis Vuiton) M (Moët et Chandon) H (Hennessy) group and form one of the largest luxury good groups world wide, counting: Guerlain, Dior, and even Spanish Loewe and Japanese Kenzo, among many other.

A group? What does that mean? It is obvious that my little wikipedios are using an inadequate language, which is actually the language that is maintained in finances although not appropriate anymore to anything. They say: the LVHM group has had a turnover of 52 billion dollar, of which 2 billion benefit. Bull shit, I think. Loewe has had a turn over of x, Kenzo has had a turn over of  y, etc. and of that, a slightest part reverts in benefit to a ghosty groupment that has probably representants of all the companies in a luxury office in Paris, whose actual benefit is … none. The probable transaction looks probably as follows: in exchange of allowing you become member of our magnificent idea, you get some shares of this company which allows you the use of a logo and some etc and … the value of such an attachment is worth, let us say, 0,5 percent of the total neto benefit of your own company.

Two things strike my mind: Lazard is an expert in fusions, but here there is no fusion. A fusion has as result the transformation of two general structures (companies) into one, while here, the autonomy of the structures is maintained while creating some kind of ’supra’ sphere that builds up some kind of powerful image that represents the whole lot. May this two somwhat contradictory ways of dealing with financial realities not finish by causing some kind of trouble, reflecting itself in the pretension that LVMH has … 52 billion turnover, and other confusions? On the other hand, it looks as if such an entity would not have the proper right of investment, or does it? And if, in what and how? A quick view on the whole amount of many companies, some of which are as little known as myself (which says little about them but a whole lot about myself) shows that the ‘names’ related are ‘brands’. Not shops as such (although they’re attached to concrete shops in some cases such as Guerlain and Loewe), but ‘brands’, producers of goods inside of a certain field of action and with a determined line.

Was Inès de la Fressange just a … shop, or a brand? It seems it were a brand, actually (which seems to be confirmed by the fact that there is export of a line of prèt a porter to the US, at least, and probably Japan, too.) But a brand is not such a brand, if a prêt à porter collection is concerned, it is in France une ‘Maison de Haute Couture’ attached to a ‘griffe’ (you may understand under ‘griffe’ the use of the concept of ‘brand’ to fashion concretely, which though is not that easy: a ‘griffe’ defines as well an esthetical representation as … politics or marketing and publicity. It is in France, a social determinant, as it is obvious that the very fact of wearing silk implies links to China and the very fact of wearing Cashemire, to Pakistan or India, and many etc.) Actually the Maison de Haute Couture are all born as ’shops’ (see articles on Chanel, etc.) which does though not imply it is a shop meaning ‘the one who disposes a space to sell goods manufactured or produced by others and gets some part of benefit out of that’.

France’s state politics is mainly determined by absurd desires of copying Germany’s strategy in influencing politics through financial interaction (I send my tourists to Yougoslavia and have the right of political influence ending up in … three wars, and many etc.) It is pushed by Germany to a heavy anti American positioning which tends to destroy America as character. Fressange is out of politics, she has enormous success in the US and doesn’t care about state politics, highest privilege maintained in history accorded to the Maison de Haute Couture as it being obvious that the Haute Couture represents usually internationally France much better than the State itself. Pressures seem to want avoiding France gathering itself around a determined new identity which logically steps away from the former lines (Dior, Chanel) in order to adapt to the new times the French ‘esprit’. Brutally: would you like it, Mr Yves Saint Laurent, if your company shows a legal problem, to see yourself forbidden of the use of your name and logo and image? The lack of support of Inès de la Fressange in 2004 shows clearly that the situation is worse than can be figured out.

As usual, jewish bankers are heavily under attack, as if the fact of confiscating goods may give you back the ability of managing. Rothschild’s see their bank in France be confiscated by Miterrand. Lazard seem to be unable to resist to the general pressure. The LVHM, actually probably only one share holder I would situate around the Dior group, hasn’t anything to do but to construct a ‘complot’ in order to avoid competition for himself inside of the group, and this certainly with the enchanted help of … Lagerfeld.

Certainly accused ridiculously of belonging to the extreme right as having accepted the role of Marianne in 1990 (?), a heavy aggressive ambiance is built up that favours judgements against protestation in 2004.

That explains a whole lot of things. But others continue bothering, as if the implications were heavier, more complicated. Having thus clarified for myself the financial environment where the whole occured, in disposition to ask thousands of pardons to Loewe for the possible attachment of their name to ‘x’ at the origine of the whole disaster who cowardly hides himself away behind a whole group, I go back to the falling leave.

I’ve attached it to a family weapon, a colour, a crest (weapon on helmet), eventually. But it is not exactly the kind of things aristocracy uses as representing symbols. This custom, probably introduced in Europe through the arabs that has made Spanish medieval times shine in lions, towers and yellow/red stripes, spreads itself all over Europe by maintaining some general common something: eagles, lions, towers, usually impressive symbols of force, strength and power. Spanish kings adore getting rid of claimants to rights and privileges and assure knighthood by allowing a family to wear a weapon, so that the northern parts of Spain (Navarre, Aragon, Castille) show almost on each older house a brilliant weapon with many impressive structures on it.

But a leave is not common. Say still a tree. A leave? Hannah had told me that the original Rothschild ‘weapon’ was a three branched lens plant (reminder of the battle of lenses, somewhere lost in the AT). Ducs of Alba in Spain (or isn’t it them? In any case named ‘Duque de Alba’ brandy has an alcornoque (quercus suber) leave on their label.)

A jewish custom? If it were like that, the leave in question would belong to grandmother Lazard. It is obviously an acorn (quercus fagaceae), more the kind of a bush (regions of Spain, Greece, Italy, southern France) than the kind of a tree, that has a larger leave. Although I’m not very sure, some apparent coincidences seem to hint into the same direction. (tree acorn in Scotland, wikipedia)

This poor person has nothing but 5 names: Inès Marie Laetitia Eglantine Isabelle. Her two daughters have though composed names with Marie, which means that Inès Marie is one sole name. Four thus. As she has two daughters whose name ends up with Marie, she’s apparently following some tradition. The first name is given by the mother. The second (Laetitia), probably by the father. The third by the grandmother (Eglantine) and the fourth by the grandfather.

Now see. What means this very old fashioned name Eglantine? It seems to attach itself to the word ‘gland’, nothing else but an acorn … in French. Tiens, tiens, tiens… An acorn. Nothing else but the symbol of the little German Pfennig. Lazards and Fressanges are linked to a German jewish branch with many Goldschmidts and the kind in the surroundings.

Is it possible the Lazards be family with national treasure managers in Germany, who may have even been at the origin of some rationalization of the anarchic German financial system? If yes, how?

I do not speak Chinese, unluckily, but I think it is not difficult to establish a link between pfen and yen, both coins (ic, or ick, or ig always for ’small or little of …’) I don’t know if an acorn leave is used in China in any symbolic context. I just know one thing: the Fressange and Lazard were related to the silk business, and silk means China. I do heavily suspect that commercial interactions with China do introduce in time a whole lot of little ‘chinoiseries’ (Chinese customs of control of quality, recognition of social level, organization, etc.) Among which probably that business partners are recognized through a symbol which has to have a certain number of characteristics in order not to allow copying (Greek: Symbolos, from syn and baleein, meaning to put together two cut pieces having been given each to one of the partners). And this seems to be exactly that, an old sign of recognition in commercial transactions with China.

If Lazard or related Goldschmidt etc. did finally ‘translate’ such a system into German in order to try to organize the somehat dizzy ‘hit inside’ traditional German commercial strategy, is difficult to prove, although the Pfennig may be a hint.

In that case, it can be suspected that aggressions on Fressange hide away deeper and darker intentionalities, such as making disappear all reference to people linked to the same in order to write on History leaves that they were the ones who mad up what finished up, in such perspctive, to be nothing but a slight mask hiding away their … original strategy.

Is that so, circumstances determining the whole become clearer. What still remains without answer is why there was not even an echo or answer from nearest Spain, England or other. To stay without name for an 8 century old family member seems to be … an accident? in Europe. And this obliges to general considerations, to my understanding.

Final conclusions of the fusion of realities in b-mol

Yesterday I had some problem with my blood pressure. In my deep happiness after having managed to take away not only Lagerfeld’s name but even his signature, I had not only forgotten something but understood I may have even caused some damage on my sprung out of fairy tale character Inés de la Fressange.The whole explains itself the following way: ‘my’ Inés de la Fressange has still a shop in Paris. I do thus attribute the loss of pictures and logos to a lack  of care of the same, and although I’ve already jumped very happily into the hypothesis nobody may claim as these things are not registered in all countries, it is not sure the international legislation may accept my honest claims. The fact of alerting thus a hypothetical Fressange through an e-mail to the Femmes Business Angels of the distribution of pictures and logos reposes on older jurisprudence: the preservation of name and logo as warrant of financial security environment. The slightly peppered mail refers itself to a personal interaction with the same in 2003/4, hoping that independently of their obvious incapability to evaluate projects they may have the links to Fressange in order to tell her what goes on.It isn’t but after that I learn about the confrontation Fressange/Lagerfeld/Vuitton. (Through wikipedia.) My superb French construction with distract airs and wrapped in silky imaginations, already described in principle as heavily under attack by Lagerfeld’s and Galliano’s has been … already eaten up by the monsters. No! I say, how may I now save my character from such a nightmarish environment? I launch thus a horrible attack on Lagerfeld, just integrating reality into my construction and seeing what my character may have done if actually preserved through imagination from the boring reality. I if I were her or her if she were my character destroys Lagerfeld by the simple use of psychology: that Lagerfeld is reacting to appearance of his name linked to this page is obvious as no combination whatsoever of Lagerfeld + related shows any result in Google, although others do (Even Bendick + robios gives a result). Renewed attempts to link the page to obscure parts of reality show up their nose through a research ? +, which actually has no mention at all in the page. Lagerfeld is thus behind a computer system controlling his appearance of name. Nice. German? Minds the signature. Accidentally a research on Lagerfeld+pictures reveals a ridiculous image of his claiming diets, with …. his hand written signature on it. Marvelous. A little Photoshop magic and the signature falls into my hands, which allows a full confession of the same regarding the precedent stories. If he sees that, he’ll jump into the pit all alone by himself without the need of further divulgations and mass media.Extremely happy, I count my dollars in my pocket and listening to the Bavarian anthem some counter spy has put among my belongings as if it were some Oktoberfest song and many Piaf songs, I say: “ah, such a pleasure for 3 dollars.” And go to sleep while avoiding with laughter some very obscure shadows don’t make the pleasure disappear too quickly.I can’t sleep though, something is tormenting the background of my brains and my pride revenge in other’s name of my own destiny seems to have some obscure points left somewhere which I don’t manage to clarify.La Marianne? Vuitton? No name nor image? That is, no shop? Slowly I gather all my observations around another principle, she has no shop, no name, no logo. But it is obvious that the tee-shirts are hers, as well as the perfume (one of them, as their seem to be two different kinds). You see, that then I say, for God’s sake. ‘My’ t-shirt symbolizing the inadequacy of ancient customs to modern technology is a … vindication of name! I start staring at the pictures once and again. Oula, that’s worse, I think.She is forbidden of image, name and logo in 2004. The t-shirt appears as an extremely fine and intelligent counter attack in 2005. The logo has become an ‘artistic motive’ of her own creation (I guess), probably, I suppose, nothing but the family color, as Fressange being of family of marquis (lowest in aristocratic hierarchy) title presumably resulting of support to Crown or State as coming from a banker family. That it is such seems to be confirmed by the appearance of the motive on some huge walls where my airy princess is trapped in. I don’t think it is a shop, the walls are at least 4 meters high (usual 18th and 17th French construction) and the motive at least 3 meters height. Well, if she lives there, I think, will have some problems to clean the windows, I think.But what, she has been using the family color as … logo? As far as I know, that is forbidden, as the color is a good of inheritance and the logo a symbol associated to a temporary company. Even if monarchy does not exist in France, I know that the goods resulting from a monarchic organization are warranted as property in France, and as such, which is to say, as inheritance (as if you get a jewel from your grand mother you can’t transmit but through inheritance), consequently it is impossible to sell (as good, you can’t do but selling it if you associate it to a company). Or you associate it to a company as ‘bien en nature’ with a certain value, regarding the fact that if the company is dissolved the good in question falls back to the owner.It’s obvious that Fressange, daughter of Marquis and probably inheritor of the valueless title, has no idea of law. But she knows well who she is and what her name is. Probably as terrified as myself by the obvious deformation of law, she simply staid without word that day in 2004 or said: “Mais mon nom est á moi.”(but my name is mine.) And maintained her identity in her name and inheritance by smashing the said ‘logo’ on a t-shirt. T-shirt is no haute-couture and without shop, she starts selling through internet.Inés de la Fressange sells well in Spain, it’s obvious. These ’señoritingas’ (fine ladies) produce always deep impression on Spaniards when they decide to walk down the Parisian temple as they recognize their natural answer to terrible situations transformed into moving lines, silks and elegant movements and are always so appalled by themselves that they can’t even recognize such an evidence. This mysterious t-shirt with such a blunt affirmation without name, logo or words, such a clear provocation in silent and distinguished manners, such revolution to the established wrapped in tender gestures of haute couture, hiding away behind a horrible non chalance the obvious disgrace that has never been translated into Spanish, by simply pointing at facts: Maison de Chanel, etc. must necessarily conquer Spanish grounds without too much of an effort. It’s obvious, Fressange becomes immediately some kind of guru of a new born feminism and many want to be psychologists hide their deep observations of nature, diets and fashion behind an anarchic red/black combination of colors on Fressange’s picture.It seems that it works. Fressange opens a bank account in Spain (I guess) in order to put her fortune in a secure place as she doesn’t trust anything but anything anymore in France, not even sure whether she may open a bank account with her own name or whether she has to ask for permission to Vuitton for doing so and launches a second attack in order to recover her pride and name. This time, she drives provocation to the extremes of extravagance: the name of the perfume is her own name. It’s neither the name of a company, nor the name of a brand, it’s the name of a ‘character’ as much as my fantastic incarnation of the French in her name.At night, in my dreams, I try to understand what the legal situation may be. There is apparently no company behind. Something like a ‘empresa unipersonal -personal company – of personal creations out of different matters and distributed through internet’.The perfume conquers again territory, and this time, jumps to Russia, China and the US among other. People related through internet to the business start asking pictures from Fressange as the ‘character’ seems to attract attention. What, Fressange thinks, am I going to say, I’ve none in right? Her silent revolt is though somewhere aware of the fact that too say too much may have implications in the commercial interactions. Negligently she leaves two or three pictures on a table, a gipsy Spaniard can’t resist temptation taking. The picture are wisely distributed all around the internet and arrive to China.The perfume, which I call the ‘last song of the swan’ with its mysterious leaves falling on a golden autumn, a metallic mask wrapping almost indifferently the slank lines of crystal fascinates Chinese imagination as if seeing in such a forced silent full of possible interpretations some links to their own psychology and esthetics, even if, I guess again, the perfume itself has certainly some bitter touch that horrifies Galliano. “Mais c’est amer,” he cries out (It’s bitter), and gets as answer “la déroute”, from … the bottle.Here we are. Instead of helping my imaginary character through my alerts and cruel revenges, I’m pushing all her strategy into void. If some one is alerted it will certainly be Vuitton, and if Vuitton becomes aware they will certainly now ask for compensation for I don’t know what. Not that it is legally impossible. They’ve forbidden her of the use of images and logo, but can’t do for the rest of the world, as they’re not registered anywhere else but in France. I found some pictures on the street one day, some snobbish photographer threw away as thinking them without importance. What do I know about clauses and contracts behind, and many etc.The thing is that law is not respected anymore in principle in France, as it would be impossible to think the judgment of 2004 otherwise. How can you leave a person without name, surname, image and logo? The constitution in France says: ”le droit á l’image … and many other things related … est inaliénable” (the right to image can’t be taken away from a subject). The judgment is … infringing Constitution, not only law. If you put to the disposition of a company (Chanel or Vuitton) your name and image, you get them back the moment the contract is broken. You can’t keep a name or image for yourself, as little as you can keep the voice of a singer nor forbid him of singing anywhere else if a contract is broken.I do understand that probably Fressange has been induced into signing ‘abusive clauses’ through contract. Yes, but abusive clauses are punished by law and can’t be used in order to make prevail the abuse. On top of that, she seems to get into a completely wrong financial interaction by simply not making prevail that it is her name and logo that sells, which, if she’d done would have made of her ‘actionnaire majoritaire’ (main share holder) in spite of the lack of ‘apport en espéce’ (share holding through investment in money). That she keeps business by herself is not only proved by the immediate success of my Inés de la Fressange Fan Club ( but by the very high response in sales through internet in Russia, China, Us and Spain (probably among other). The name, the image, the subtly hidden away provocation that maintains identity whatever happens is warrant of financial success wherever she goes. In a world that wants to maintain itself ‘globalizing’, naturally deriving nationalistic currents identify themselves much easier and better with the affirmation of ‘I’m, whatever happens’ as the ‘I’m’ does not seem to imply ‘and only me’ but just ‘I simply don’t know anything else’.This is inherent to her character even before loosing her shop. Her opposition to Lagerfeld regarding her nomination to the ‘Marianne’ shows already that she a.) doesn’t give up what she believes into, b.) she doesn’t give into pressures tending to make prevail political or other interests on personal preferences and c.) she may resist to the shock resulting from the consequent crashNow, it is obvious that Lagerfeld doesn’t sell by himself and that he won’t sell even if covered by Chanel. It is obvious that Chanel sells only thanks to Fressange and that this makes Lagerfeld very nervous. He shows obvious German nervosity when Fressange is associated to a national symbol which provokes a final crash that may though have deeper political implication, Fressange is not aware of.Now, ask yourself, what the damn is a German doing in Chanel? French are very reserved what national products are concerned, and even more so if representative brands are concerned (Cognac, Foie Gras, Champagne, Haute Couture, etc.) I’ve been myself in Ay (village near Reims), one of the main producers of Champagne. You’d be sure there’s no weird foreigner showing his nose up there even during the inauguration of the Champagne season. So?A little after an English with Italian name, takes over Dior. Many question marks arise in my troubled mind. Do German or English or Italian have information that may involve Chanel or Dior into some kind of dirty interaction during the war, and have they made pressure in order to take places they’ve never deserved? The very elegant atmosphere that was the result of many many years of working on image and matter, provocation and seduction that knows to stop coldly and indifferently any attempt to go a little bit far too … far, is substituted by a vile heavy pollution where prostitution is covered by Cashmere and the quality by plastics in ghostly models.I simply wouldn’t have thought much further. I see my little wikipedios (as I call them, as I don’t know why, I build up an image of youngsters of 20-25 with American almost shy hooliganesque allure as representing those who make the investigation for wikipedia) be fascinated by some air surrounding Betty Catroux and Inés de la Fressange and obtaining through the fact that nobody gives importance (ah, it’s internet) the most accurate information everywhere.One of them gets very angry (in my representation) because Lagerfeld refuses to contribute with any picture of Chanel to his article on the same, and writes an to the limits of hilarity reaching article whose general lines resume themselves perhaps in the following: ”El abandono de su padre, la muerte de su madre y la soledad espiritual que contrajo Gabrielle Coco Chanel marcaría de por vida su actitud hacia la vida …” (The leaving of her father, her mother’s death and the spiritual lonelyness contracted by Gabrielle Coco Chanel would mark her attitude towards life for the rest of her life. = errors in structure give back the text as it is.) After, she’s attached to 235 lovers, but wait, there’s something else: (second world war)“La caída de París en manos alemanas, la obligaron a cerrar sus tiendas en 1939, pero se relacionó obligadamente o voluntariamente a pesar de su supuesto antisemitismo con la dirigencia nazi, en especial, miembros SS. Sus amoríos con miembros de la Gestapo tales como Walter Schellenberg y (Hans Gunther von Dincklage), este último es quien la llevó a vivir al hotel Ritz y de ahí, un exilio, en Suiza, durante 15 años. Fue tachada de colaboracionista y se libró de ser rapada y humillada. Pasada la segunda guerra, Coco tuvo que cargar con las consecuencia de su relaciones con los nazis. ” She’s said to collaborate with the German, have even some as lovers and to escape to Switzerland in order to avoid humiliation.Yes? She’s said to be lodged at the Ritz by German officers, although she has got 1000000 Usd from dressing some actors in Hollywood (a Jew). German officers are lodged in the Lutetia Hotel and not in the Ritz and she doesn’t need money to be lodged anywhere. Then? It’s obvious that Chanel is very famous in 1939 and will certainly not make a ‘resistance’ all alone by herself. That some officers do visit her without her shooting at them, is, to my understanding to be considered as … normal. Without that implying anything at all, to my understanding.Here we are. Where does my little hilarious wikipedios get this information from? Probably from Lagerfeld himself. The distortion of perspective, the lack of humanity of the whole is naturally German, I know that very well. They adore: the truth, what they call, the facts, facts that are usually nothing but the result of their dirty imagination in their interpretation of reality. Sir, mind, but I can sit down to have coffee with someone without necessarily making love with that person. And if I do, there’s still a difference between ‘une amourette’ (little love affaire) and … a whore.Of course I do always exaggerate things and tend to see more than there actually is, but I know German very well, unluckily. This is pure Gestapo language, and my little wikipedios does seem to know little about the implications of such a language. May I then conclude that German are destroying national economy in France and other countries through the wicked use of supposed absolute truths that say nothing but their own bastardize? I know it is the case, as my father has already done the same. In that case, the imposition of misinterpretation of law in order to violate internally structuring rules in interaction with the foreign in Spain. I don’t know how far it is possible to link people to agencies or official institutions. Perhaps they do simply have it in blood, I finish by thinking. But it is obvious that there is deliberate use of strategy in order to destroy national entities even world wide. In one case or the other, my dear Fressange is put into the kind of danger I’ve been running away from my whole life by simply saying stop to the kind. The strategy is the same, no name, no symbol, no reference, no image, linking to dirt and basse classe environments, and worse: she doesn’t know that Lagerfeld will certainly think she’d behind my third world inspirations. Well, I can say it. But I don’t know if it will reach her. Take a body guard, dear, or simply run away, and quite far away, to China or China Town at least, Spain wasn’t enough for me. May ask for a room somewhere here in Ecuador, at the end, it was all my fault. And there are many Panama hats and silver jewels, I’ve a friend who’s photographer and even a model in the surroundings, there is merino wool and some people who know about knitting. What about a gipsy haute couture house looking at Paris from the Cuenca altiplanos while leaving the French spit at themselves for not having known to protect theirs and thus save your incomes from a certain slaughter coming from judges pushed against the wall through information coming from Did’s (Deutscher Information Dienst) they don’t know how to answer to?Well, if she refuses my polite offer, I will at least have enough elements to solve one of my main questions. The fusion of realities resulting from a wrong concept of reality that finishes by landing in … Fressange’s arms, is the clue to the somewhat distorted version of things I’ve had for the last few years. If I manage to put it in words, I’ll find even Sask and Natasha. It’s enough for me to assure my desire to go on living.

And if she wants me to stop the misuse of her name, well, she’s got no name in order to do so, and Vuitton no rights on me. Consequently: you should make a commercial agreement with *Ask 4 Ten, Madame de la Fressange, it’ll make Lagerfeld disappear in 3 months. If you buy *Ask 4 Ten, you buy your page for the same price. With a page of yours, you get a name back, and with your name, you get so much compensation for the legal brutalization that you won’t have to worry but for a prêt a porter collection Americans are waiting for with greatest expectation. Go for it?

Inès de la Fressange and the Russian prince 

“Fais comme si, mon amour, on s’aimait, et un jour, rien qu’un jour, l’amour était vrai.” Edith PiafThe Russian prince profited of the general positive atmosphere and wrote the following e-mail to the Femmes (Women) Business Angels, in France:Bonjour,profitant d’ne accidentelle trouvaille sur internet et vu que vous memes semblez laisser faire echo de la regrettable présentation de votre site:» Le Journal des Femmes a aimé… la liste des autres organisations susceptibles d’aider les porteurs de projets s’ils ne sont pas retenus par FBA» Le Journal des Femmes a regretté… que le design du site soit aussi basique(,

que par ailleurs, j’ai pu mener á bonnne fin le projet presenté chez vous en 2003, seule et sans investissements ni des idiots informatiques sur la tete, et que cela se porte fort bien, comme vous pouvez constater de par vous memes en, meme si certaines lignes du projet durent s’adapter aux circonstances environamentales, je vous propose une collaboration moins teintée de contre espionnage international, pour adapter votre site aux exigences du marketing contemporain.

Je profite de l’occasion pour vous faire remarquer que la sécurité des logos sur les sites est pitoyable et comme preuve, en annexe, les trouvailles du hooligan spécialiste en ce genre de preuve faramineuse. Veuillez aussi, si dans vos mains, transmettre mes salutations aux concernés par la fuite (un peu dangereuse, je dirais) du logo Fressange un peu partout de par le monde, tel que constatable soi, soi (search: ines de la fressange), oú le hooligan en question se fait echo sans apparemment pouvoir réussir á percer les lignes francaises.

Bien sur que je reste á votre entiére disposition concernant une impossible interaction commerciale m’étant entre temps fort bien renseignée sur le contenu des bulletin de l’APCE.

Sonja Kasten

Le hooligan en question d’ailleurs menace lourdement avec l’usage des dits logos (trés beaux dans son appréciation générale), vu qu’ils ne sont pas registrés en Equateur

Saying in short that they should be careful with logos in internet as it may have as consequence the loss of name and brand as they were not registered everywhere and in spite of tendencies coming mainly from France and Germany wanting to impose on international law national warrants, great companies like Mercedes, Coca Cola and Burger King refused to support that politics as they had spent millions and millions in order to register their names universally. Madame de Jeauffrineau looked at the text and shouted: “C’est évident.” (It’s obvious), which had as result the secretary looking at her with eyes meaning what there could be so obvious about which stayed without answer. Madame de Jeauffrineau had a quick glance at the hooligan’s pages and made her best to alert Fressange of the happening, forgetting for seconds that Fressange had stayed without shop, name, image and brand due to a vile campaign launched by Lagerfeld as contract with Chanel broken due to the fact that she had dared … doing as if she symbolized French Marianne, as is honestly reported in wikipedia (France)En 1991, elle crée sa propre griffe, “Inès de La Fressange” et sa propre boutique de prêt-à-porter de luxe et divers articles et parfums de luxe au 14 de l’avenue Montaigne dans le 8e arrondissement de Paris, en association financière avec le groupe de luxe Louis Vuitton. Son succès est immédiat en particulier en France, aux États Unis et au Japon.En décembre 1999, elle se trouve licenciée de sa propre société dont elle n’est pas actionnaire majoritaire. Elle tente de retrouver les droits d’usage de ses nom, prénom et image après cinq ans de long combat judiciaire, la Cour de cassation, censurant un arrêt de la cour d’appel de Paris du 15 décembre 2004, la déclare irrecevable en son action.[1Phoning thus a friend whose cousin obtained Fressange’s e-mail in a cocktail, she finishes by transmitting the message after many hours of efforts of concentration and French savoir faire and wrote: “Ah, and even if it is a hooligan, obviously, there is really nice guy if you look back three pages on the site.” Fressange received the message, asked herself whether she should understand the whole as a joke, a provocation or something serious. Had a look at the page distractedly, found the guy really very nice, asked herself where he could be found  and went to sleep.She woke up after 3 hours sleep. That’s it, she said, and profiting of the night and the mist and the cold she phoned immediately to some friends in the USA, Australia and Israel and said to ‘immediately register her name and logo as brand of prêt à porter, perfumes and other luxury articles, along with a fashion review’. Which was done. The one’s who had orchestred the campaign that had marked the loss of her own name, behind who was certainly Lagerfeld, rotten of jealousy because of her success and savoir faire, and who on top of that had launched a vile strategy  the prince knew very well as such, consisting in involving who ever tries to resist to some whop believe to be the masters of the world into pornographic affairs (you may not believe it, but the Russian Prince had to deal with irony and sarcastic laughter with the attempt of doing such as it was tried to involve to some obscure pornographic mafia through pictures appearing under ‘critical’ (hits 7 today for ‘could be Assyrian, too’, he said, smiling, mind the upper cut)), were trapped by international law.Inès de la Fressange would further be allowed to make use of her own name and surname, creations and image everywhere except of course in France, where the shop had anyhow closed doors three years after hers leaving the same. She decided to make use in France of the brand name Marianne de la Fressange (mind Garfield) and solved all sorts of legal questions in the space of a few hours, while the vile monster Lagerfeld was yes, look at that!; associating his name now to model Fressange while observing how this was obtaining more and more success in Google (research Fressange + Lagerfeld). Thus, thanks to the Russian Prince, Inès de la Fressange obtained back her name, while, taking coffee in the morning considering how little she had slept, she thought, “I wouldn’t really mind meeting that guy, after all.” And went to see the picture again in internet.She asked from Madame de Jeauffrineau if she could not establish the origin of the same, and the latter started making three or four researches and arrived to the following conclusion: “It is possible to discern that this picture is the result of transformations through Adobe Photoshop on a blue one appearing mainly in, which seems to be the result of transformations on the other hand of an … original picture of … yourself.” “Merde,” she said (Shit), “pour une fois”. (Once I get interested for someone.)American observers remarked that Fressange’s lines could thus be associated to a new narcissistic current whose intellectual foundations were to be found in … ADOBE Photoshop, to which Adobe Photoshop agreed.

Inès de la Fressange promised she’d launch her new American prêt à porter collection in short, thanked the French for the lack of support and finally agreed deeply with the support Lagerfeld had obtained as she remarked: “It’s obvious that the German should always prevail on French national products because … le français se vend ailleurs, lorsque c’est français.” (French can be sold everywhere else, if it is … French.) And fell deeply in love with the Russian Prince.

From “Ines de la Fressange and the Russian Prince” page 198

Vain promisses

It’s true that the Russian Prince searched and searched around internet in order to get a more proper idea of his beloved, and although he managed to get a glimpse of her name in a site that must be certainly of good reputation in France, nobody cares about anyhow, it was impossible to get a more private insight of the one he was interested in. Certainly if anyhow protested about the fact that there are promises without anything behind, they’ll claim, ‘it’s the freedom of expression.’ In any case he reported to the police a case of deceptive publicity. actrices ou célébrités nues, seins nus :

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Nudity and pornography

It’s a fact that I’ve still not solved in all its extension the problem of prostitution (men or women) as I still can’t understand what may drive some one to exchange a sexual relationship for money or any other good.It’s true that my mother was quite tolerant about prostitutes, and this mainly, because she didn’t know anything about them. I remember some kind of New Testament aura bathing her considerations on the subject which had then hardly anything to do with reality.As I have always been very curious, I spent parts of my youth strolling around dark quarters, were there prostitutes, homosexuals, drug dealers or other (musicians, actors, gypsies, and the kind), which is to say, all sorts of people who didn’t fit into the very bourgeois understanding I had grown up in. Thus I got in touch with people who I had been taught to respect, but who, I discovered soon, did not respect anyone at all. (The first group, not the second.)My own positioning was extremely conservative to the whole, to the point of almost causing a family turn over when I was 5 and refused to change bathing clothes in frozen northern Lubeck because I didn’t want to stand naked in front of the people. Although many pushing arounds coming from different liberalizing currents when I was younger did some time break may frozen distance from those habits and customs, I regained full control of my convictions when I was about 20.Thus the following quite funny situation arised. Invited to home Betty Catroux, her daughter shows me one nude picture of hers in her room. My deep moral consideration did not very much like the whole, although quite a nice picture as such, but I don’t say anything. One day I went to visit Max while nobody except Pippa was at home so that I was said to wait. I remember walking up and down the corridor remembering the picture in question, weighing heavily weather the model aspect or the mother feature should prevail on my thoughts, and finally, having been horribly tempted to step into the room and simply taking it away I’m pushed back by the thought that my mother always said you’re not allowed to get into parent’s room without permission.Laughing after with my somewhat cruel pretension to rights which did not concerned me, I had though to make many subtle differentiations in my stubborn mind in order to maintain my idols there were they were.It’s true that I tend to make a certain number of differentiations whose last criteria I can’t though gather. Although I thought it shocking some pictures of Diana of Wales be published, I wouldn’t rather mind if the same happened to one or the other. Even if I finally accepted that Catroux’s picture had some artistic value I couldn’t though evaluate very well, I thought it rather disgusting when some Rothschild shew some pictures to her children taken in a boat in the Mediterranean. Where do you feel free, and when does the disgusting start?And what is disgusting after all? Or immoral?Personally I tend to consider that the naked shows too much of someone, not physically, but psychically. It’s a high exposure that I tend to think dangerous, among other because it is more difficult to stop people jumping into a certain number of fantasies I’d rather not like being associated to me or some others. People who like showing themselves naked, I do rather avoid, and nudity in arts I do tolerate to my own criteria without though liking it specially.I do understand that people may be larger than myself in their evaluation table, but can’t simply share it. On the other hand, I put rather sharp limits to the disgusting.Considered my almost ethereal understanding of love (either as sacrifice in case of utter need, either as almost conceptual complement of some kind of inner conversation) the disgusting starts for me when this main core of my concept is not respected, which is to say, almost always.I know that I detest people who jump into a hysterical falling in love mood in order to justify the constant exchange of partners, that I reject obligation of what ever kind in what sexual relationships are concerned, that I hardly justify marriage on other bases than love, etc. and this creates a moral environment that puts expectations very high. On the other hand, the fact of dealing with all sorts of psychic illness or structures in dealing with reality, allowed to insert all sorts of justifications for thousands of behaviors I wouldn’t though share. Further, I’m quite tolerant with other people’s ways of seeing and doing as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone, whereas I tend to regret that people don’t give the proper value and thus take the appropriate pleasure from things I may consider belonging to those who most enrich human life. It’s obvious that some one who has his mind stuck in porno films will certainly not know how to approach a woman properly and vice versa, as the material dimension will kill the erotic one and thus make of an exchange of love what I called an exercise.I hate those kind of exercises, on the other hand, as I think that a gym is more appropriate to that than my sleeping room.At the end of many contemplations on the subject I just had to conclude one thing: I considered vulgar and thus whorish some kind of general behavior that went out of itself, putting the core of identity in something that is determined from outside instead of resulting from an inner movement or cold decision. Luckily my idols escaped that label, were it Diana of Wales, Betty Catroux, Inés de la Fressange or even, yes even, Stéphanie de Monaco, what women are concerned, or Schwarzenegger, Banderas or even Stallone, what men are concerned. Although they did sometimes step out of themselves, they seemed to submit to some kind of inner to themselves returning logic that allowed even the justification of several side steps. My tolerance in cases of people exposed to high outer pressure (Diana or Stéphanie) was consequently much higher, although I appreciated the certain distance of other people to excessive exposure, to which category belonged Inés de la Fressange until, yes, until the Russian Prince revealed (encore!) some disturbing facts making dark clouds arise in my ideal configurations. Luckily he staid without the evidence, so that I could pretend he had made up everything.I don’t know whether today’s psychologist may consider my position childish, but I really don’t care. In my world there are people who are no sexual at all (Madame Lasségue, Anne Hélène Nicolas, my mother, and some other) to the point that I got very angry when some one dared saying what he had fallen in love with one of my ideal creatures or confessed some side step intention. It’s not that I really mind about what they do (although) it’s that I think it morally necessary to have a certain number of people in the spheres of consciousness who are not attached to the thought of sexuality in the way what so ever, so that they form some kind of realm of relief when erotic stress is coming up … for god’s sake … again!It’s true, on the other hand, that I’m not that sharp on men and that the pretension of a man to stay outside of this very hilarious conversation does make of him a ghost or an idiot. As there are little who know to conveniently treat these subjects, among which though Xristos Kakarantzas, whose way of transmitting deepest knowledges in the most vulgar language did always fascinate me deeply, I tend to take distances while they’re cooking their particular soups.All in all, I may put my limits the following way: even if I may understand even the need of prostitution I do get angry when my ethereal sphere is put in danger, this sphere having the value of sacred. You may do what you like, I think, but it does not mean at all that I do the same nor that you have the right of poisoning my angels with the slightest insinuations. People who do deliberately put poison in order to push others against evidences that are none of their regard or do attack links, boundaries, friendships, marriages, etc through the constant wanting to assimilate all to all, do not merit more than the name of whores in its vilest interpretation, were it men or women.If this has any relationship with the reason to be of professional prostitutes, I don’t know, but it is possible. It’s true that there are things beyond my understanding and the fact of thinking the ability of making love for money, is one of them. In my understanding it looks like putting a hand on fire. You don’t need doing it in order to know you’ll get burned, it’s just enough to approach fire enough. More or less the same happens while thinking the possibility of paying for sexual pleasure (although there I must say, that another thought invades my mind: what, you take the pleasure and I have to pay on top of that, and if you don’t, where my pleasure I pay for?)Considered thus, I’ve never taken the time to make even a momentary pleasure out of it, although I would justify that kind of expansion. As if pleasure could only be the result of a deep confidence, and a deep confidence only possible in a reliable boundary through time.

Mind? A psychologist said I must have some sexual problem!

Tony Blair, Inès de la Fressange and literary fiction 

The interesting thing about being a writer is that you’re allowed to jump to the fields of fantasy without being specially obliged to take into consideration logics and facts that bother the construction of a plot.Thus, for example, the following scheme for a novel, partly based on facts, condensing facts from a subjective point of view and gathering them around a logic that assures tension, emotion and obvious exaggeration, may be figured out.As said before, first mention of Inès de la Fressange appears November 2006. Two things happen at that moment: a ‘Inès’ appears November 8th, writing a comment under (my origins), who will be at the origin of a long conversation taking 4 months. This ‘Inès’ speaks French, Spanish and English and is a somewhat critical admirer of all my inspirations. She lives in Paris and is somehow linked to a literary salon in an expensive quarter near to the Champs Elysées, if I remember well. It is impossible to get more specific information about her, even if KGB methods are used in order to do so (false information to get true as feedback). Her e-mail address appearing on the dashboard ( is obviously a fake one and makes reference to more random customs transforming the Spanish q into k.A little after (December 2006) my several e-mail addresses start to be invaded by all sorts of spam, mainly linked to pretended inheritances, lotto winning and the kind, somehow pretending to get addresses, phone numbers and bank accounts if not considered with greatest care. Interested by the affaire, I start bombing back the spam. I thus discover that most of them are linked to prostitution mafia (England, Holland, Australia) and seem to have the cover of a certain number of banks (Regio, Hassell, etc.). The Bank ‘Imperial Trust’ seems to be nothing but the social emergence of a luxury prostitution mafia called ‘Imperial’ in Australia.Poisoned e-mails are sent to England and Holland without getting any feedback whatsoever. I thus decide to launch an attack through, where all sorts of details and results of investigation are published, by pretending to a fake address … in Israel. The feedback of this page involve people who have been the object of the same fraud (or intentionality of fraud), coming from Palestina or US.This (for a writer) does create some kind of ‘cloud’ or psychic impression, some general logic resulting from it. Who are the social ‘cover’ of these oblique mafias? For a writer, it is easy to establish an immediate link between the Inés de la Fressange affaire and these by the way and accidental happenings. In this case, Inés de la Fressange becomes a character who very innocently believes in what she’s doing, in different frames, and is under constant attack of those who are using legal activity in order to hide away all sorts of illegal doings. That fashion has become some kind of exposition excuse for highly expensive nuts, becomes more or less obvious after 1980. Without that involving anyone it is visible that models are pushed into the arms of the one or the other, probably in exchange of thousands for the one … who makes the transaction.Thus, the spam attacks can be easily linked to surrounding prostitution mafias, and if they are not: a.) attack on spam attackers will certainly affect those directly or indirectly b.) attack on fashion gurus will certainly move fingers and links related to the most obscure parts of society.My path, taking sure distances from Inès de la Fressange after November 11th does thus take the direction of moving and shadowy realms. After the spam attackers, it’s porno and drug mafia that is put under attack through ironical observations under cultural cover in this same blog. Strangely, it isn’t but after having solved all sorts of questions of the kind that I get back to Inès de la Fressange.6 months of evaluation of the situation allows (for someone having a little fantasy) the association of some ways of acting, proceeding, moving to characters taking high social positions. Thus, Lagerfeld and Fürstenberg are shot down by vile insinuations which are nothing but the response (true or false) to obvious aggressions taking place in the nearest environment.A little after, Blair, who is always promising to leave but never does, declares he’s leaving soon. Probably expecting a popular claiming for his to stay, which though does never come. If you see things from the perspective of the facts you’re in knowledge of, what you see is that several mafias have been hardly put under attack for 6 months, with help from Palestina, US and other countries, thus moving authorities in general. When mafias are pushed to edges, they start usually talking too much and this may involve people who think they can solve a certain number of affairs by just using some bizarre red code phone number. In these cases, those latter people do cut all bridges to the dark side of the moon and will make prevail that there are no proofs. Yes, but they stay without defense in case of attack and the loss of power, as not in knowledge of other more convincing strategies, pushes them to a silent, absent position, that does nothing but reveal some kind of guilt.People who have obtained power through the direct link to the first, through the promise they wouldn’t be bothered or simply through their doing as if they were not concerned, are consequently left without main support that is neither support nor anything else but direct or indirect complicity with organized crime. If you’re building up a plot, Blair’s fall is nothing but the evidence of that. He’s progressively left without what he thought being popular support and is actually nothing but tolerance to crime.If you drive things further, you may build up your plot such as to involve historical evidence. Thus, after second world war hurt by defeat German, make alliance with Italy in order to destroy national identities world wide, provoke nazisms all over in order not to be the only one’s and prevail through the last truth of their first thought. Of course, in that plot, even Ratzinger has infiltered the Vatican and is a German agent using black magic in order to submit the people to interests of the German State, and an effective destruction of the plan only possible thanks to a 22 years old Palestinian who still believes in justice and undermines all politics through his pretension to get his money back.Once the ‘under the table’ situation has been cleared up, it becomes possible to see the Inés de la Fressange affaire with other eyes. And the funny thing is, that presented that way, and even pushing things as far as to claim victory before there is one, or against negative results in a possible revision, it is obvious that the story will necessarily prevail on reality as most of the people will finish by saying, that the one who said the contrary on television, was nothing but … a paid German agent, which may have horrible consequences for his career.

To say that sometimes literature helps in order to restore justice there where there is obviously none anymore. And this is unluckily no literary fact but an evidence. To say: may you claim I lie when you take lies as proofs for justice in order to defend those who are destroying your own state? You’re not worth yourselves or just good to become literary characters of a new trend novel.

Fressange’s appearance in the fields of fantasy and link to reality

1. Inés de la Fressange appears for the first time in my firy considerations on reality November 7th 2006. As a concrete reality linked to the Hikmet Karabulut hypothesis and put into relationship with also real characters as Betty and Maxime Catroux.The problem treated at that moment is the use or misuse of confidential information and the construction of image linked to national parameters. At the same time, there is already attempt of inserting the so called ‘ecole-normale-sorbonne-paris-4′ trend, I had made up all alone by myself, into a public context. Among other.The ‘ecole-normale …’ is in fact a solution I had made up that allowed the integration of ancient customs into a contemporary communication system. Built up on a hilarious conversation with Anne Hélène Nicolas in 1999, which can be resumed the following way: I ask: “How do you mean I can get back my University titles after so many years and taking into consideration the circumstances?” (In fact, that were the implications, I actually said: I’ve to go to University to get my titles.) She answered, slightly out of context, that: “She adored people who could drive seduction so far as to make the other pretend to all and without giving anything.” I laughed and said, not bad, ‘is this a new trend in France?’. The fact is that I got my titles at that moment after having adapted the new technology to my own system in 24 hours.Seeing the extreme success of the technique I furthered the application on many other fields. Independently of deeper questions that may affect whole national organization systems, I built up on this event the trend ‘ecole-normale-bla bla.’ In fact it consisted in giving a ‘hooligan allure’ to very serious contexts due to the following: a serious person (as defined usually) does not boast, gossip, pretend, and many etc. The evaluation parameters of importance through new technology do though imply necessarily something like that, as you can’t be often somewhere if not somehow boasting, gossiping, etc. If the valuable had to obtain back predominant places in the given context, it was necessary to insert all those bad features into their ‘metaphysical cloud’, for which I use two strategies: humor and fantasy.This real memory (as described before in this same blog) is here put into a situation where she’s said to choose between two people, because one of them ‘talks too much’. (insertion of elementary gossip in order to further information.) Strangely though she jumps immediately into the realms of fantasy and is supposed to want to pick my Guerlain idea (which is of course not true), and this linked to the fact that I’ve discovered in internet that there is a new perfume of hers in the market.(Thus considered, it seems as if the very serious contemplation of reality and gossip and confidential information, had landed accidentally on the memory of Fressange, and the very appearance of her name does inspire immediately a new character. These characters, were it Mrs. Wingsurf, Mr Dashtag, Mrs. Skeery, Sask, Natasha, etc. appear as the consequence of deepest observations on whatever and have an evolutive character: Mrs. Wingsurf obtains her name after whole lots of struggle as WP general manager.)Fressange appears thus in a context that takes roots in reality but jumps almost automatically into fantasy. And specifically, into a context linked to stealing, copying, imitating. She’s also immediately linked to the ‘chataigne’ history and the translations of concepts and has almost immediately an allure of a somewhat out of the world someone deeply determined by national ways of acting and contemplating reality.The ‘chataigne’ problem is in fact my own. Working on several questions related to the insertion of different elements of language into publicity (mainly)  I make up a publicity for the ‘marrons’ (  and don’t know myself how to translate it into English. I charge thus Fressange of all my lack of knowledge and hope Google will finish by giving an answer.My characters are erratic natures that make me laugh even while walking down the street. Figure out you’re thinking of the problem of difference between sarl and sa in its social implications and one of your defined characters takes a position to that: they usually say such an enormous amount of none sense that you can’t but making jokes with them.I do though adore my Fressange character that starts gaining points on Wingsurf and even Sask or Natasha.2. The second appearance is November 8th. She appears here linked to a t-shirt collection which is again linked to a bad translation and which should resume the radical difference in concepts between the American and the French. The French game with the erotic is either not understood at all in an American context, either badly misunderstood. Consequently her ideas are constantly censored. She’s (I’m) still trying to find the translation for ‘marron’.But what is the link between my British Airways joke and the French t-shirt? It’s what I call a reversion (Natasha to Sask in logic). The French joke is on fact based on double meaning, where the words do refer to two different realities at the same time. The shores are thus to be understood, too, as sexual symbols and this makes the ambiguity of her translation proposal. The British joke is a transfer of meaning which is not due to double meaning but to the possibility of cutting words differently in pronunciation and thus to understand two different things: Buy it! By what means (I’ve no money), or a Korean asking, Buy, what means?That day, Google says that a chataigne is a walnut mushroom, which is again given a double meaning.3. Fressange third appearance will be now 11th November. This time she finds the translation, and it is obvious that such an effort is worth a new t-shirt, playing with the words ‘conker’ and ‘conquer’ and very happy transforms the ‘America don’t worry, Israel is behind you’, into ‘Conquer America’. Which is censored again. Explanation of the why it is censored is given through a Spanish joke that says that anything may be translated into a sexual context.Fressange as character has already an affective, emotive touch that is always attacked by obscure powers whose logic she doesn’t understand. She looks like someone who is full of ideas and illusions that are brutally rejected by the environment precisely because she doesn’t take the time to understand what the surrounding logic is.In fact, in spite of everything, I know that her t-shirt, precisely because it has been censored (presumably), may sell millions in the US (but this is a by the way thought, I don’t give much importance to).Fressange disappears from my deep contemplations from November 11th until April 2007.The following though may be observed: the judgement ‘de cassation’ is of December 2006. And is considered as positive by the opposite party. Why? Probably because rumours have been spread saying marvels of new Fressange collections. If there is a judgement saying that you can be punished by the misuse of image and name, the opposite party will counter attack saying that she has made use of a forbidden name and logo and has to give all the benefits to the company (or the kind). They don’t have to pay compensation for their misuse, but will certainly claim after for themselves. As said in this same blog, Fressange reappears again as character April this year. This time she’s developed her presence so far so as to be surrounded by Russian spies and models, hooligans and sultans and takes a predominant place in the ‘lost around the world logo’ affaire. Which is to say that the ’spirit’ resumed in principle in November, has found inside of the ‘ecole-normale-sorbonne-paris4′ philosophy, greatest contact points all around the world, that allow the development of the story through attachment to former characters (Natasha, Yurevna, Sask). (She hasn’t still managed to conquer America but that seems to be part of the strategy.)It is at that moment that her popularity increases (March, April 2006). None in France November 2005, with by the way allusions in Spain or English speaking countries, she has whole pages in Spain in March 2006, strong presence in US, recurrent appearance in France and quite powerful environment in Russia and China. This allows to obtain more precise information about her real life and this provokes one shock after the other.Unconsciously I seem to attach the increasing popularity to my fantastic character and consequently the fault of a possible attack (as I learn after) coming from company Inés de la Fressange to my own imagination. The problem is that ‘my’ Inés de la Fressange, wrapped in silks and castles, with Jeanne D’Arc’s armor and Chinese Dragons in her gardens is nothing but the insertion of the November logic into the ‘new-French’ trend (it’s shorter), which has absolutely nothing to do with actual French reality. If ‘my’ Inés de la Fressange has the means of defense, the real one may certainly not. She looks very tired, on top of that.I’ve no choice but to take into consideration reality as such, and that means many monsters, egotisms, traps, and international imbroglio.After having thus put under my hooligan’s attack whole Maison de Couture, having launched a campaign of support involving Spain, Russia, Spain and Us, massacred Lagerfelds, Fürstenbergs, etc. and be more or less indirectly such involved into Blair’s disappearing, I’m surprised by one fact: the strange and almost mysterious similarity between my ‘Fressange spirit’ of November and a real person that starts being defined by the vision and opinions of others (being of greatest help the American interview, which gives me the American perspective on the character, putting her into a more common house wife context keeping the allure of ‘egotism’ and ‘distraction’).In Spain she seems to be some soft feminist with psychologist’s insight, in China she seems to be a cold, almost frozen revolutionary gathering around her marginal troops, in Russia she seems to be a fine lady belonging to aristocracy and attached to the most exquisite surroundings of taste and savoir faire, in America she’s a liberal house wife in the exercise of her tasks as manager and designer. (For picture references: picture 1.) south american 2.) ‘herself’ 3.) russian 4.) greek 5.) french 7.8.9.) american)Who is she really? My imaginary character built on someone I don’t know (to say that Maxime, even if quite prolific about others, did never say anything about Fressange, except that she was a Chanel model and had a shop in Paris, she gave me the address of), at that point I don’t even know that she was married, nor if she has children, but there are two motifs that are of extreme interest: the one is the t-shirt and the other is the conquer. Conquer leaves look very much like her logo, although broader, and she has (or someone taking for himself Fressange’s defense) a t-shirt appeared in a 2005 collection. The funny thing is that I discover that much later and finish by being fascinated by the coincidences.At the same time, hints seem to indicate that my somewhat walking around moons attention is already dealing with a logic which will have as final consequence a disaster. If you consider Fressange from a factual point of view, taking into consideration the different views as constructed by different people, you may state very quickly one thing: it seems to be someone who doesn’t see the surrounding danger in its general implications. She runs into the most unbelievable stories in absolute innocence and without seeming to want to rest on anyone else: she seems to be absolutely alone, keeping something like the notion of her own identity as pole of resource for acting, and just waiting for weaknesses to appear in what seems to be the surrounding walls in order to express herself.In November already I’m dealing with the Natasha to Sask logic, (which have been main objects of study in and ) as being the key of her character. And this in a combined French to English context with views to America. If it corresponds to her identity, why may a Natasha to Sask logic have as consequence that you loose your name?If it is a Natasha to Sask logic it means: A (here Fressange) has an inner world where reality is transformed into a symbolic world (basis of fashion, as such: Natasha). The structures of understanding do though not think this inner logic, but are using a transfer system, where the symbolic world appears as a double meaning obtained aleatorily by the coincidence of meaning in different words or structures with same pronunciation (Sask). The inner world is thus absolutely cut from the outer world without any bridge of communication. As the intuition resulting from inner perception does not find a correspondent in outer structures, she just runs innocently anywhere without seeing the consequences. This somewhat artificial to superficial appearance with insertion of common wisdoms, a somewhat fake indifference or easiness and emotive break outs, does aleatorily take roots in deepest currents (see interview appeared in a French magazine, where these features appeared linked to … Stefan Zweig as favorite author). Zweig has written the ‘Schachnovelle’, the story of a man who is put under observation and isolated by the Nazi in Austria, and who manages to pick a ‘chess manual’ and spends his time playing against himself until he runs mad. This man is seen at the end playing against a master in a boat, revealing his illness as thinking he is playing six or seven games at the same time and not being able to consider reality anymore.Stranger though is the fact that I’m already dealing with a possible solution at that moment. I appear as pushing Fressange ironically towards sexual evidence. I do even give deep lessons of transfer of symbols into a sexual language. Why? She’s censoring herself, I conclude. Belonging to some kind of distinguished environment she seems to keep a certain number of characteristics in use in middle and upper classes in the XIX th century that do repress thought concerning sexual impulses. Consequently the sexual is transformed into symbols (to say fish, and trees and clouds). But this translation is not inserted into structures of understanding, where all these things do simply not exist (I guess).What is the consequence? She’s unable to understand a mostly in sexual environment translated male language that does transmit that way signs of hierarchy, power, etc but also ciphers intentionality in strange sexual gymnastics. Seen from that point of view, the whole Fressange affaire looks the following way: the outer world plays the role of her understanding that blocks emergence of the inner world, that is, expression of her identity and usurpates it all finally, as she orders her behavior submitting to understanding and not to her feeling. Once been taken everything, Fressange has no other solution but to disappear into herself. She thus translates her inner realms into deep revolutions hidden away in silent gestures aiming only at something: to get back her name.The arising question is though the following: if she gets back her name, will she maintain the same structures of understanding than before? Or will she search for an appropriate structure more corresponding to her inner world? In the first case, it is better she stays without. In the second, there may be some kind of hope for humanity whole.The lost character through her own disastrous strategy is the ‘Chinese warrior’.( the second, that may be resulting from some ‘mise en demeure’ I will try to figure out this afternoon.from bonheur parfait, selon vous? (The perfect happiness, in your understanding?)Savoir le réaliser lorsqu’il est là. (To know to put it into realization when it is there.)

Où et à quel moment de votre vie avez-vous été le plus heureuse?

(Where and at which moment have you been the happiest in your life?)Au moment de la naissance de mes deux filles. Nine a aujourd’hui 8 ans et Violette en a 3.(At the moment of birth of my two daughters. Nine is today 8 years old and Violette 3.)

Votre dernier fou rire?

(When was you last bursting out in laughter?)Hier. J’avais fait une gaffe, comme souvent.(Yesterday. I made some none sense, as I often do.)

Et la dernière fois que vous avez pleuré?

(And the last time you cried?)

Quand, il y a quelque temps, j’ai appris la mort d’une mère de famille dans un accident de voiture.

(When I learned some time ago, about the death of a mother in a car accident.)

La qualité que vous préférez chez une femme?

(Which quality do you prefer in a woman?)L’humour.(Humor.)

Et chez un homme?

(And in a man?)La qualité humaine. Au pluriel.

(The human quality. In plural.)

La figure historique que vous admirez?

(The historical character you admire?)

Lucie Aubrac.

Votre héros ou votre héroïne dans la vie d’aujourd’hui?

(You hero man or woman in today’s life?)Francine Leca, qui dirige le département de chirurgie cardiaque pour enfants à l’hôpital Necker, à Paris. (Francine Leca, who directs the department of heart disease chirurgy for children at the Necker Hospital in Paris.)

Votre musicien préféré?

(Your favorite musicien?)Elton John.

L’air que vous sifflez sous votre douche?

(The song you whistle in the shower?)Un refrain de Mistinguett: «On dit que j’ai de belles gambettes, c’est vrai…»(A ‘bis’ of a song of Mistinguett: “It is said I’ve beautiful legs, it’s true …”)

Votre film culte?

(Your favorite film?)

Duellistes, de Ridley Scott.

La couleur que vous préférez?

(the color you prefer?)La couleur du temps.(The color of time or weather.)

L’oiseau que vous préférez?

(the bird you prefer?)Celui de l’appareil photo.(The one of the photo camera.)

La fleur que vous aimez le plus?

(The flower you prefer?)La pivoine.(the peony)

Votre auteur favori?

(Your favorite author?)Stefan Zweig.

Votre livre de chevet?

(Your night book?)

L’Art du bonheur, par le dalaï-lama. C’est top. Mieux que de la vitamine C.

(The art of happiness, of Dalai Lama. It’s gorgeous. Better than C vitamine.)

Votre boisson préférée?

(The drink you prefer?)Le milk-shake vanille.(The vanilla milk shake.)

Votre occupation favorite?

(Your favorite occupation?)Acheter des boîtes de rangement…(To buy boxes to range things…)

Quel serait votre plus grand malheur?

(Which would be the cause of your unhappiness?)

Je ne peux même pas le formuler.

(I can’t even express it.)

Et quelle est votre plus grande peur?

(What are you the most afraid of?)Que le plus grand malheur arrive.(That this unhappiness comes.)

Que possédez-vous de plus cher?

(What is your most valuable possession?)La liberté.(Freedom.)

Votre plus grand regret?

(What do you most regret?)J’aurais aimé faire de meilleures études, notamment suivre les cours d’une école d’arts plastiques.(I would have liked to make better studies, specifically those of arts.)

Comment aimeriez-vous mourir?

(How would you like to die?)Avant les autres.(Before the others.)

Votre devise?

(Your ’slogan’?)Celle des cavaliers du Cadre noir de Saumur: «En avant, calme et droit!»The one of the knights of the Cadre noir of Saumur (Black Notable): “Forward, with calm and without loosing the goal.”

Si vous deviez changer une chose dans votre apparence physique?

(If you could change anything of your physical appearance?)Ce serait mes mains.(It would be my hands.)

Etat présent de votre esprit?

(Your actual mood?)L’impression, justement, de ne pas avoir assez d’esprit!(The feeling, precisely, of lacking of spirit. — word game)


(Seen my continuous coming back to the same subject, I’m obliged to open the category Inés de la Fressange, although thousands and thousands of other articles on the same subject may be found under other categories)As I don’t want to give further information to my hooligan of, who may badly misuse them again (although he’ll certainly manage to pick them all again), and developing further a subject treated already in mainly under treating the problem of the distortion caused by image (there it was Betty Catroux), in the attempt to establish a link between reality and a vehicled image through media or even through what one may believe about oneself, at least one thing seems to be sure:the actual title of Inés de la Fressange in Roger Vivier is the one of ‘director of communication and style’ as can be read in an article (interview) by Delphine Rateau in (impossible to copy, unluckily, which means apparently that marrocain take more care about security in internet than others). Which didn’t avoid us picking a picture where apparently Inés de la Fressange is surrounded by … shoes.  Along with another that fell in our hands with the same romantic environment. In Morocco Inés de la Fressange as ‘Maison de Haute Couture’ as visible from article appeared in 2000

La France défile au Caire

as well as in some english speaking surroundings: 

First Name:


Latest news maintain that the hooligan is distributing with greatest enthousiasm visit cards with the picture of the model, that is already becoming very popular in Cuenca, Ecuador.

Facts that oblige to further considerations, were it today or tomorrow.

Investigations and symbolism* Seems to be attached to traditions decorating  streets with this flower during the burial of lost or dead sea people. Rimbaud uses the flower in the description of a dead soldier sleeping ‘with his feet in gladiola’. Others do associate the flower to the expression of the feeling ‘you break my heart’. In Paris it seems to be kitsch.Rimbaud: le dormeur du val Les pieds dans les glaïeuls, il dort. Souriant comme
Sourirait un enfant malade, il fait un somme :
Nature, berce-le chaudement : il a froid.Les parfums ne font pas frissonner sa narine ;
Il dort dans le soleil, la main sur sa poitrine,
Tranquille. Il a deux trous rouges au côté droit.

André Ferron, pilier de la communauté religieuse du secteur rappelait le sens véritable de cette fête, qui est avant tout une fête religieuse rendant hommage aux marins disparus.

Dans le quartier, les façades des maisons étaient décorées de filets de pêche piqués de glaïeuls offerts par la fleuriste du quartier et de fleurs de champs où de lilas de mer spécialement cueillis la veille et le matin même par Patrick Vue. Ce petit-fils de marin a toujours vécu dans ce quartier et met un point d’honneur avec le soutien de la municipalité et une poignée de bénévoles, à perpétrer les traditions. Les familles d’anciens marins sont encore en majorité à vivre dans ce quartier et bien installés devant leurs maisons, plusieurs générations se retrouvent chaque année, pour voir passer la procession qui se rend au calvaire.. 

Gardénia : Aimer en secret.
Genêt : Les pensées de l’un pour l’autre sont des papillons d’or.

Géranium blanc : Etre candide.
Géranium rose : Etre naïf.
Géranium rouge : Etre bête, stupide.
Gerbe d’or : Avarice.
Giroflée : Amour, famille.
Glaïeul : Vous me déchirez le coeur.
Glycine : Amitié réciproque.
Groseillier : J’adore les baisers.
Gui : Je suis un(e) battant(e).
Guimauve : Etre bienveillant(e).
Hélénie : Avoir du chagrin.
Hélianthe : Se méfier des apparences.
Héliotrope : Ravissement.
Hémérocalle bleue : Persévérance.
Hortensia : Belle mais froide.
Houx : Défiez-vous.
Hyacinthe : Voulez-vous jouer à l’amour If : Tristesse, affliction
Immortelle : Toujours à vous.

Iris flammé :
Je brûle d’amour pour vous
Jacinthe : Soupçonneux.
Jasmin : L’amour sera passion.
Jonc : Etre soumis.
Jonquille : Ardente sympathie.
Julienne : Vous avez fait une erreur.
Jusquiame : Douter de l’autre.Laurier-rose : C’est un simple flirt.
Lavande : Amour fervent.
Lierre : Eternelles amitiés.
Lilas : Premier rêve d’amour.

Liseron : Humble persévérance.
Lobélie :
Bonnes pensées.
Lupin :
Besoin de calme.
Lychnis : Irrésistible sympathie.
Lys blanc : Pureté.
Lys jaune : Orgueil et richesse.

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“The best make up is an honest touch around the eyes”

If a psychopath can be very briefly defined as the person who not having a logic allowing to express his feelings in a proper way through the insertion of the feeling inside of a frame of thought, it is easy to see that great parts of human social organization deals with how to deal with these strange entities who have a tendency to show impulsive and compulsive violent reactions whose origin is hardly detectable. The less the social organization deals with them, the more there are possibilities these particular characters to become mass murders or serial killers or rapers, or whatever.One of the main strategies while trying to counter the arbitrary reactions of those has always been esthetics, and esthetics adapted to ‘national’ parameters of madness as one ‘object’ not fitting everywhere. Some do seem to have universal value, such as Chinese pottery and silk broidery, others extend themselves far beyond the country of origin: Byzance’s combination of purple, black and gold, etc. OT reports that that kind of illness was effectively countered by music (harp in the story of David and Saul), and it seems an evidence that a certain number of paintings, dress designs, songs, etc. were produced only with the purpose to calm down some Barbarossa’s fury.As far as I could determine myself, there is something in the combination of colors, matters and lines, of sounds and instruments, that hits almost immediately very low parts of the unconscious, so that the effect on the nervous system is much quicker and effective than the one of whatever obsolete becoming chemistry, which on top, may have horrible side effects.As much objects as combination of colors and lines do though only fit some determined illness, and the ‘wrong’ combination of colors and lines may have as side effect that a person may jump into the airs just because it seems to him irritating. For hundreds of years these wisdoms are diligently kept and transmitted as universal truths, and going as far as to guess where it all came from, I would situate it in China, seen the extremely developed techniques concerning esthetics observable over there (not the last being the pagodas) and brought probably to the Mediterranean areas by some adventurous Jews (I tend to think that they actually arrived to China at Moses’ times, interpretation which is allowed not only by the incredible number of years of absence, the dangerous proximity to Egypt if having staid only at two weeks distance Mount Sinai, and the similarity of the name Sinai, or desert of Sin, with voices referring to the Chinese: sinaic, but also the similarity of Sinai itself with China in pronunciation) and more or less intelligently introduced into and adapted to other cultures. Currents maintain also the extreme influence of Indian and thus of larger Asiatic, probably Chinese wisdoms on early Greek philosophy, as it is said that Siddharta was known at Plato’s time by some privileged polyglot’s. Although it is of evidence that mostly Byzance and then Russia do develop their own strategies of integration, I would situate the core of these observations in Chinese Asiatic environments.For hundreds of years, mostly quite barbarian tribes as German do keep through censorship the extreme subtle variations allowing to change, as otherwise senses not reacting anymore to outer impression, while keeping the general structure warranting the peacefulness of psychopaths. Thus, master pieces of those kind of work, may be considered Bach’s works (for a German environment), while attempts to break censorship as supposed to limit subjective creativity (Schubert, Mozart) do obviously fall back in the tension of creation as incapable by themselves alone to give further the whole amount of transferred knowledge as expressed in ‘German’ tones. (To my understanding, progressive adaptations of Byzantine Sacred Music, which had the same purpose but can’t really fit the German environment.)Spain does mainly vehicle psychopath’s bumpers through popular songs and poems: the Spanish rhythm does naturally order psychopathetic currents and is thus transmitted with greatest enthusiasm by all sorts of troubadours, who’s main task is to further innovations inside of the given tones. Russia specializes in icons and transmits a certain number of quite peculiar wisdoms through popular dance and music (regulators of psychopathetic currents). Thus for each people, who does counter the social disorder deriving from these presences by his own means.Intellectually, it is possible to discern two main currents: Byzance keeps a ’spirit’, a tone conveyed even by movements and appearance. If this is lacking, the object thus appearing is considered as ‘dangerous’, rejected or ‘punished’, corrected or banned. Spaniards to keep reason in definition, in word, which does also have as consequence a ‘tone’, but which is more restricted to the areas of spoken work without clearly establishing relationships between those and movements.Both cultures though have a logic in identity, which is not the case for France. Although the Greek is obviously more ‘psychic’ than the Spaniard it is still determining in identity (it is) and not in interrelationship (it belongs to). Whatever solution derives from Byzance or Spain, is none in France. This very peculiar structure, probably an accident, seems to be related to the fact mentioned yesterday that France integrates Celtic stories into its popular traditions. Celts are living still in matriarchal structures: mythologies vehicle wisdom concerning dragons and witches attacking soul and wounding the mind and the outer reality is an undetermined whole that is good just to transmit signs that have to be understood inside of these myths. When time comes to change to the first spheres of patriarchal societies (determination of reality in defined formal patterns), France seems to integrate Celtic wisdom in empty formal structures that were ready for definition and are though now filled with all sorts of fairy tales.What results of that is, if considered in the kindest way, an interrelative structure as formal pattern of the organization of reality, and the only fundamental interrelative structure of the human is love. Thus, the French will organize their reality for hundreds and hundreds of years around love, to the extent that, the Spaniard will say: ”Children come from Paris”.It’s obvious that the Spaniard does not understand this strange configuration which seems extremely dangerous to him, as you may say almost intuitively, it has inherent the ‘Morgane virus’. On top of that, it has situated the lower realms (sexual impulses) as forms of understanding, which is to say, they have conquered the upper realms, which seems quite bizarre to a determining Spaniard still keeping strictly Plato’s organization of different realms.What is the Morgane virus? It seems to be something like the possibility of imitating the character (psychic lines) of someone fitting to a third, so that there is a substitution of someone who may be the real object of love of x, as fitting in interrelationship, by a fake. This phenomenon, seen as disastrous by Celts, seems to be at the origin of national catastrophes as very well described in ‘Excalibur’, where the son born of such a substitution in a ‘Morgane logic’ will be the cause of Arthur’s death and the same considered as the structure that does freeze Merlin for decennia until he gets rid of such a seduction.It seems quite obvious that Celts had developed some kind of defense against those witches, which is inherent, too, to all these stories but that accidentally the solution is eaten up by the way it introduces itself in French territories: as the Celtic is ‘translated’ into French by Chrétien de Troyes without the structures being adapted to a more ‘correct’ French, the stories thus related substitute already, as if imitating, pretending to, doing as if they were French. Which is to say that the essence of the Morgane virus is inherent to the very transmission of the stories, without solution.The French seem to clearly see the disastrous consequences of such a misbehavior: “La Chanson de Roland” describes well a psychopathetic character with the following coordinates. The French are the best of the troops of Charlemagne. Heroically they go to encounter the twisted and betraying Arabs (who are actually Spaniards) and have no choice but to … betray Charlemagne. Roland, cut off from the main troops while crossing Roncesvalles, fights against the enemy until he dies, whereas two interesting things seem to determine the logic of the battle: First, he confuses his best friend with the enemy and almost kills him, and second, he dies protecting his sword, as if concentrating in a material object his name, his strength and his value.It seems as if main features of what will be the French as resulting from the strange structuring they have embedded into a national character is already defined by themselves along with the somewhat disastrous end: their logic does lead to death and this awareness may perhaps explain some somewhat desperate attempts of escaping to their fate. Strangely these features appear more clearly when put into combination with the actual German: French look less psychopathetic when Charlemagne is not their King anymore.It’s obvious though that French structure their reality up side down. What is an economical solution in Spain, is none in France, what hunts psychopaths in Byzance, does hunt none in France, what is a battle strategy in Germany, is none in France, what structures society in England, structures nothing in France. On top of that, their own logic does tend to continuously take from others while translating it into French, reproducing eternally the same original behavior, while, precisely, the patterns allowing adaptation to their peculiar organization do simply not exist. Logically they are overcharged with elements that do not fit into their own structure which has as a result that they finish by loosing main poles of identity.As having put an interrelative structure as forms of understanding, they act intuitively, affectively, spontaneously, erratically, moved by impulses that make Spaniards very very nervous and do not allow the structuring of national economy. But they are very seducing, as they have studied very well the effects of psychic interactions: they do always manage to get a lend from Spain until … even Spanish treasures are lost (Borbonian wars). On top of that they don’t always channel the expression of the most positive features of soul: jealousy, egotism, pretension, all sorts of wicked ideas are born from the fake desire of maintaining an identity in soul. Though soul, the Spaniard’d say, you may perhaps still make the difference between low passions and the others …Inside of this quite complicated natural environment, solutions seem to be more the question of angel’s inspirations than of structured thought. It is perhaps possible to detect the glimpses of some older solution concerning the Morgane virus, affecting not only affective life but also economical, legal, administrative structures, through a logic inherent to the Fressange family (probably another accident born from the Jewish French combination) and perhaps other but not to my knowledge.Strangely, my own lucubration on Fressange already in November do hit exactly that point of the problem: “In French you don’t say to copy, but inspired of.” The problem of the copying appears constantly linked to Fressange: usurpation of name, first, and substitution of identity, second. That her ‘inspirations’ are constantly taken by others as being theirs is an evidence (Lagerfeld sells Fressange’s ideas as being originally his). More than saying anything about Fressange’s attitudes, which I would on the contrary, and precisely, say as extremely respectful of other’s were it intellectual property, it seems that a logic allowing hunting counterfeits, copies, substitutions, etc. runs into void by the revelation of the mechanisms of copy it was originally supposed to fight against. Thus at the end, she stays even without name, surname or image as if confronted to the obvious incapability of fulfilling effectively her main task.

Personally I would situate the annihilation of French system’s of preserving identity through the fight against ’substitution’ in a strange Italian/German combination, which having already marked history during Second World War, is the logic Fressange seems to reconstruct while building up a life. The German (Lagerfeld in professional activity) is ‘followed’ by the Italian (D’Urso in private life), probably inside of the same logic at the origin of the destruction of those very sophisticated mechanisms of defense. If it were possible to determine exactly the nature of this logic, it would certainly be possible to get back the fundamental working of French identity in defense, which on the other hand, may be the basis for a bridging to other logics. As the virus having attacked French identity (probably starting around 1750-90) has evoluted in time, it would be of need to have a look at the evolution of the same in order to further determine its nature, it being obvious that the last expression of the same (case Fressange) is already almost a giving up of proper identity as such.

Inés de la Fressange: evading towards symbolic logic 

That you happen to determine someone’s logic without knowing a person even in appearance may seem strange to some and though be for others (in this case, for myself) some kind of justification of a life path as the fact comprehending the possibility of understanding many other phenomena that may have been understood as irrational if this very fact didn’t appear.As said in one of the many posted posts that do deal in quite enchanted way with this happening, the appearance of Inés de la Fressange in my inner conversations (November 2006) does make jump the character immediately (first appearance) from reality to the field of imagination, symbolism or fantasy. That after I state that this ‘twist’ of mind is one of her more essential characteristics does say nothing but one simple fact: I’ve pierced the logic long before I had any evidence of the same. Does this mean the name as pronounced by someone in 1990, more or less, had inherent already sufficient elements so as to allow 17 years later the figuring out a character taken out of the principle of a series of sounds?This is what I understand by meaning: whole tons of information that are vehicled by tones of voice and even gestures that do not say themselves explicitly but are transmitted through a notion cloud.This is what I further used as basis to prove the importance of tradition as means of transmitting knowledge and wisdom without there being explicit ways to make these understood, although at that moment I didn’t have any shining evidence for the same, which as such does not appear clearly even now except for myself: it is an evidence that there is no obligation in believing that I hadn’t even seen a picture of Inés de la Fressange before 2007 as really but really not interested in fashion at all for thousands of years.If someone does though want to believe for a while I were honest (which I’m not always, so that I would understand reticence in doing so), he may see quickly the relationship between my ‘evasion’ to a character and Fressange’s strange custom of answering to questions by changing the field of reality.

La couleur que vous préférez? (Favorite colour?)

La couleur du temps. (The weather’s)

L’oiseau que vous préférez? (Favourite bird?)

Celui de l’appareil photo. (The one of the photographic camera)

Etat présent de votre esprit? (Your state of mind -spirit?)

L’impression, justement, de ne pas avoir assez d’esprit! (The impression of lacking, precisely, of spirit.) bleiben Sie in Form? (how do you stay fit – French or German: in form?)de la Fressange: Welche Form? (Which form?) other interviews she appears often as ‘escaping’ to questions by jumping from the actual determination to some other field. You expect a favorite color green or yellow or red, and certainly not the weather’s, and the name of some bird and not some word game with photographic cameras. To avoid the question of how she stays fit, she simply makes an allusion to the fact that a form has different meanings.This is the feature that does seem to attract my attention in November 2006 as some spontaneous generation coming out of forlorn memories, and which as feature is unluckily sufficiently near to reality so as to provoke constant frictions with the empirical character.Which is to say that in Nov 2006 I can simply not pretend that this logic, which seems to present some attraction as fitting as solution somewhere, has anything to do with a person, as I can’t rationally pretend that three or four syllabi put together will result in such sophisticated metaphysics. I simply call it Inés de la Fressange because I like the name but without further implications.Why does, what we may call the Fressange logic, interest me from an intellectual point of view? While you’re working at a problem you’re something like bathing in mists. Intuitively you grasp one thing here and one thing there, waiting after to see if the combination of elements gives some positive results.If I was working at the determination of ill logics linked to criminality (as side effect of works on the logics of mental ill), I have to insert my explanation into a certain frame. I construct thus an ‘American frame’, which is quite suspended of nothingness as I do not really know that culture at all, but I guess that thousands and thousands of Hollywood films I share with millions of viewers may determine some kind of common field of understanding. While I’m thus integrating my abstractions into a more common surrounding, I go on working on what is my deepest subject of worry, the OTM. In this somewhat imprecise field arrive to my consciousness a whole number of subjects that vary from history to fashion and food or politics and economy, without there being a strict line wanting to situate one in relationship to the other.Inés de la Fressange seems somehow to join my imaginary characters, integrating into the American with American conversation, where only Russia (Natasha) and Israel (Sask) have a saying while Mr Dashtag is flirting with Ms Wingsurf or Mrs. Skeery gives her deep psychological comments on relevant happenings, a French touch. Those characters appear while dealing with deeper logics concerning nations and have nothing to do with more scientific contemplations on historical characters or social reality.Strangely Inés de la Fressange breaks this rule. Considering a social problem she makes the story shift to the realms of mythology without bridging. And this very fact seems to shock me sufficiently so as to suspend the character for many months of my contemplations.When I bring her back to my fields of action she has developed all alone by herself a new literary style: the first event mixing both fields of reality seems attractive enough to my curious mind so as to develop a style where both are fused, without it being possible to evaluate what kind of impact it may have on a reader. Thus, verifying and searching information I just integrate the whole into a spy novel where gravest attacks are launched against potential enemies, Russian Princes identify themselves with tax evading Khornikovskij and hooligans write e-mails to material angels dressed in business silks. The novel does logically swap over to reality and reality finds a warm place surrounded by fantastic almost mythological creatures.If I’m not wrong, this is exactly the kind of world the OTM member is living in. The impossibility of limiting legally my obvious excessive expansion that appropriates itself everything, justifying it in the most incongruous way, is exactly the logic that makes it impossible to attack the OTM. It evades itself into an unreal realm that seems to be a legal justification.The thing is that Inés de la Fressange does not only seem to be at the origin of the possibility of building up the image of this very dangerous logic, she seems to construct even the possibility of an effective solution in order to fight against the phenomenon, as coincidentally and quite luckily, the principle of identity determining the logic of my ‘imaginary character’ shows obvious similarity with features in the logical behavior of the very real and factual and empirical Inés de la Fressange.To understand what I mean it is necessary to imagine that people moving inside of a certain logic do interact one with the other in much deeper ways even than national or social or other belongings. This explains easily why progress in evolution is made in a somewhat coordinated way even if people have thousands of kilometers of distances among them (see the striking example of scripture, appearing almost simultaneously in China, first, and then in the regions of Sumeria, without it being clear that there could have been a physical approach between both and if there was, it is obvious that both had structures of mind that had evoluted sufficiently so as to allow the transmission of knowledge: thus for the wheel or even for bread and agriculture, and many etc.)People belonging to some sphere (?) do interact with others of the same sphere in different ways, this explaining singular coincidences in the evolution of thought all over the centuries.It is thus not that necessary to be physically somewhere in order to interact with people moving in different logics, and if you manage to jump from one logic to another one (tao) you may be main actor in many interior movies, although I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone.The fact that my character touches thus some aspects of some logic of a real person does move things that could have been unthinkable a little before. Strangely though it is a ‘character’, which is to say, someone belonging to the spheres of representation that starts a somewhat chaotic relationship with a real person in its links to reality. Even stranger is that the ‘fake’, an ideal concept, digs out a … real fake. And all these bizarre coincidences build up the logical solution to counter the OTM logic.But why exactly? How does a logic as described above loose power in darkness through the appearance of a real Inés de la Fressange moving in an evading logic?It seems an evidence that the OTM logic has nothing to do with Fressange’s evading logic. Hers is not irrational, as it can hardly be considered irrational that someone has the presence of spirit of associating a word to different meanings, even more so if the question is wanting itself determining concerning the field of answer. On the contrary, it seems to point at very healthy psychic reactions that alternate the fixing structure of understanding with a more moving psychic reality when the first wants to become too fixing.As far as I know, these are reminders of logics trapping psychopaths. It’s not easy to describe the actual functioning of these, as they are sometimes horribly sophisticated, but one of them (a very simple one) consists for example in enhancing particular values of a psychopath, who thus is ‘fed’ with ‘glory’ and stopped in the realization of further crimes. Reminders of that can be found in the German interview as quoted, whether actually fitting or not to the character in question, the way of describing the ‘qualities’ of Lagerfeld does heavily remind these mechanisms. Another simple strategy consists in committing apparent horrible crimes, exaggerated in their presentation or in the horrible feeling of guilt they are supposed to provoke at the end, which puts a real criminal at easy concerning his own crimes, thus revealing facts or even proofs for justice. Usually, in that cases, the ‘psychopath hunter’ does find oblique means to further information so that he can’t be put in relationship to it and thus avoiding actual confrontation with the criminal. And many other horribly sophisticated strategies and logics that are usually the determining poles of power of nations although these people do rarely appear in places of representative power.The difficult thing while hunting psychopaths is that as well the logic they’re moving in and the logic fighting against them is determined by national parameters whose coordinates are almost impossible to detect from outside. As said before, I have horrible problems to determine a French in French logic, as I can already slightly manage to determine a Spanish to French or English to French logic, so that the Inés de la Fressange logic appears as a possible solution, as path towards a more concrete logic, which does actually happen (post ‘What is France?’). This way an interrelating logic as principle for a more nationally identifying logic, introduces itself surreptitiously into the governing psychopath hunters logic, which seems in France be detectable precisely by the evading Fressange logic (bet Loulou de la Falaise has the same, and Betty Catroux shows similar characteristics though in a different contextual environment).Logically Inés de la Fressange should have reacted in very aggressive way to such an invasion of territory as traditionally the keys of national identity are kept by those strange hunters who may esteem national security under attack if their unconscious territory is invaded. Usually national psychopaths hunters do respect other’s territory. Another one, Madame Monique Lasségue, keeps always distant cold and polite relationships to myself although very interested in an exchange of methodologies that she knows to translate into her own language without though revealing the keys of national logics. The same for myself. The integration of foreign methodologies passes by a ‘translation’ process without there being a revealing of the fundamental national functioning.The story and fall of Byzance can also be read from this perspective. There, the keys are lost because of a quite perverted twist of mind (I called the Catalan virus) which introduces itself in main poles of power, finishing by revealing weaknesses in system. Once this happens, it is only a question of time until Constantinople falls (30 years).In this case though, although the same may happen, the possibility exists that an outer intervention restores lost identity poles destroyed by German intervention. Can ever a very sophisticated virus be of help, Madame de la Fressange?What is the Catalan virus? In example: x is patented (or copyrighted). Law says that the copyrighted can only be used for personal purposes. I make a site where I graciously offer, let us say, moving icons, although I have an agreement to get benefit of the use in currents. As I’m not selling, I can’t be said to use the icons for commercial purposes. As I put them into disposition of the others only, let us say, as telephone screen savers, I limit the use for a personal purpose, too. It seems as if I were respecting law and copyright although I’m actually profiting of my gracious and large distribution of other people’s goods.These viruses appear as seductions, as they seem to offer a solution for people who are horribly angry because they can’t have a certain number of things. At the same time it destroys national financial organizations. The sympathy (through seduction) thus obtained is at the origin of alliances with people who are in knowledge of national codes or keys and thus, sell these in exchange of the ruin of the whole.My virus, attacking actually Inés de la Fressange, is even more sophisticated. It is doubled by the Vat virus. The vat virus is the pretension to an absolute truth when truth is none, by simple underlining the said by a tone conveying rationality and thus, truth. It is not necessary to know French very well in order to know that whatever is said or written in English is much more true even than …  French. (This has probably its origins in the transcription into French of Celtic popular stories – Arthur, Merlin, etc., which convey for hundreds of years popular wisdom in a foreign logic. Determining for a French is naturally much more the English as conserving inside of the language the same Celtic logical roots than German.)My peculiar virus should thus have one horrible effect on Inés de la Fressange: by getting horribly angry, she shouldn’t be able of doing absolutely anything. That’s good. If she gets angry at least she gets out from the indifferent walking along with another psychopath waiting with non chalance for the end of the nation. As she can’t do anything, she may have the time of thinking how to channel this fury towards those sympathetic creatures that were eating her up until now. If she doesn’t, it may hurt to see the fall of the own, in any case.

It’s an evidence that if she hadn’t had at least a feature of my imaginary character, I may have not introduced my wicked virus into her field of consciousness. Consequently there would have been solution none. The question is how much she’d like to live by maintaining her own right to live, whether the whole falls or not. Bet she knows the story of the golden calf even if yes, she’s never but really never read the OT? Bad hunter, Frau Fressange, very bad hunter you make …

The Russian Prince haunted by IP


Accused of speculation, the Russian Prince, though absolutely innocent of all charges, had temporarily to leave Cuenca and hid away in the wild forest next to the ‘Oriente’ where you’re still supposed to find gold grains in some rivers for just a little bit of work. Thus, I found some papers among his belongings that may be use in order to clear up the situation to his advantage. Before leaving he argued that the fall in Arbel’s shares of 0.48% was certainly due to a comment written 2006 (august) by someone saying nothing was working anymore in Arbel, so that he very happily sold shares at 2euro26 at that moment. And maintained his own studies on the different ways of organizing finances and his deep lucubrations on the subject, partly and wrongly given further by myself, he maintained, could certainly not be at the origin of such happening. Insisting by the way on the fact that it wasn’t him who had published Arbel had closed the year with 16ME losses.  Capital 8.000.000 1 euro chaque actionTurnover: 200.000 euro benefice net200.000 divisé par pourcentage en action = bénéfice des actionnairesOu — réinvestissement en capital et nouvelle division des actions sur prix 1.12Augmentation soit du nombre des actions (à vente, SA) ou du prix de l’action (SL)Co 1    co 2    co 3    co 4

+ 4       +1      +7      – 16

Una suma de compañìas cuya cotización en bolsa se hace con un solo nombre, el de la holding – ‘rumasa’

Brokerage sobre especulación (¿?)Pertes de 16 sur 113 – budget annuel

  • budget est sur commandes
  • budget est sur bénéfice
  • pertes sur budget prévisionnel
  • déficit en paiment (dette)

vente sous le cours des actions

Turnover: masa de dinero movida en gastos y beneficios

Bénéfice brutte: suma de todas las entradas sin considerar gastos

Bénéfice nette: resto de beneficio una vez descontados los gastos (incluso la división de dividendos)

Perte: suma de gastos superior a la suma de entradas


Año 1: beneficio 3 , del que reinversión en capital 0, inversión en fijos (propiedad)

Año 2: beneficio 7, inversión en fijos (inmobiliaria)

Año 24: pérdidas de 14: venta de fijos!

Inversión en capital / fijo productivo (fábricas etc) / fijo inmobilario

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General concepts and roles in characters

It’s really complicated to define a concept in all its extension, some kind of human ability whose deeper meaning is perhaps difficult to gather, as you may ask yourself why you should spend your nights in thoughts of what a woman is, if the woman is just a physical appearance in front of you.

Were it not that it is precisely possible to build up ‘groups’ of belonging, were it families, political parties or intellectual currents around the agreement on some or the other definition, it’d seem to have little meaning. Which is to say that the human belongs to others not that much because they all stay among the same walls or visit the same places, but because he shares with some others a construction of reality. Of course, this seems to oppose itself to thoughts maintaining you can categorize people through social, professional or other criteria, and thus impose a ‘belonging’ through the sharing of similar characteristics. If you have though spent long sleepless night defining concepts, you soon realize though that a ‘belonging’ can only be something that attaches from inside, and can never be an artificial boundary obtained through the assimilation of outer characteristics. This inner attachment can only exist if we conceive common notions or concepts inside of some kind of logic of interrelationship, were it from up to do down or vice versa, or through attracting poles.If we think, then, that people have different levels of intellectual or spiritual apprehension (thought which wouldn’t be difficult to think in China, India or even Russia and Muslim countries but causing still frictions in occidental countries ), so that some are still struggling to know what the difference between the particular tree and the general concept is and others do move in spheres where finest general logics are considered in general interactions, it is easy to consider that some people may ‘represent’ a concept, an idea or a logic through an appearance or through a general behavior determined by experience. To represent does though not mean to build up a ‘fake’ self, nor to pretend to something we are not, it means that the person has inherent a faculty he doesn’t share with many, which allows him to consider himself as detached from his particular identity and thus assuming some kind of ‘role’ which may be of interest in order to transmit wisdoms and knowledge whose intrinsic difficulty would make verbal transmission impossible.This main vehicle of transmission of knowledge is attacked by arising empirical currents (17th) that want to determine objects only and only through their outer appearance and will be pushed to the limits of exhaustion through ideologies comprehending fields such as psychology (Freud), politics (Marx) and philosophy (Kant). People become incapable of discerning the difference between the meaning of an image (were it a role) and real life, to the point of being confronted to the possibility Bandera’s wife going on to forbid ‘La ley del deseo’ as, she maintaining, it may cause damage to his image. There is obvious confusion between the role and real identity so that the ‘universal’ as being vehicled by a particular entity at a specific moment, is not apprehended anymore.This problem, treated mainly in around the characters of Harry of England and his mother, but also Athina Onassis, Lou Andreas Salomé and Semmelweiss in the attempt of detaching a character from an empirical presence and attaching it to more general logics (based on fundamental currents laying mainly on Herodotus), takes a particular turn while considering the ‘why’ of the disappearing of the possibility of seeing people from that angle, and reappears thus in Inés de la Fressange as symbolizing the crash between one current and the one tending to destroy it.I see myself in the somewhat absurd representation of a life role where the maintenance of law as foundation of human dignity is combined erratically with the explanation of exceptions, which is to say, inside of the principle that the moral takes its roots in an inner disposition where law regulates without determining. I have to state that the outer world does fuse both aspects of my nature into one, as being incapable of making the difference between the subtle understanding of law as such and the wise integration of exception through the consideration of inner disposition. The result is a complete distortion of my reality as such, giving place to the most absurd interpretations thinkable.Something similar is observable in the character of Inés de la Fressange. One of the features of her character seems to imply the possible integration of specific populations, such as marginal groups and also homosexual into a more general social context. Seen from her perspective, (I guess) there is a main common and normal ‘group’ and some inside it who establish some kind of bridge to people who don’t fit very well inside of that group. This ‘logic’, apparently another family inheritance, crashes with a world that imposes lines of thought such as ‘all are the same’, and gives situations as funny as to make her appear as almost lover of people who are obviously … homosexual. Which is to say, that an indifferent sympathy towards what is intuitively perceived as belonging to a group ‘a’ is understood by a to this logic hostile environment as ‘love affaire’.This is resulting of the incapability of the surroundings to perceive a human inside of a logic and the almost perverted desire to attach an appearance to a coldly determined meaning: you are talking to ‘x’, thus he’s your lover, is more or less the consequence of such a cruel confrontation of realities.My ‘airy’ princess, is thus ‘airy’ apparently just because she seems not to take into consideration such deviations in interpretation, but continues to maintain a personal logic that escapes though progressively the common understanding. Were it to understand under ‘princess’, not that much a blood inheritance but the capability of representing a logic or principle in life, thus becoming a reference for all those mortals who are still struggling to understand the difference between the meaning of the general and the particular.It’s obvious that it is not easy to be thus principally and essentially representing roles in life or as professional activity, and even less in an environment where we are scotched to what we represent as if it were part of ourselves. If you take a film actor, for example, he may represent a logic without him having anything to do with his characterization. His logic though fits better some stories than others, so that he/she appears in a determined number of contexts that may fit his logic, though not himself. See, for example, the extremely funny ‘mise en scène’ of the French through Jeanne Moreau and Brigitte Bardot (I think) in ‘Viva Zapata’: the confrontation of a general logic with a historical environment gives light on deeper functioning of the ways of representing reality, where it as a self or as a nation. As little have the ability of representing complex general logics, there are only a few who may assume such a role, without that implying though that Jeanne Moreau can possibly be associated to a revolutionary movement in … Mexico, as a person.Lucky are those who may still make the difference through the presence of cameras and film directors between a role and their personal life, although things tend to go as far, as said, as to provoke an artificial fusion of both as wanting to push the actor to ‘be’ the role he’s playing. There are others though who make of their life the stubborn representation of a way of thinking or general logic without there being anything to mark clear differences between the ‘role’ and the real person as singular entity. And this may provoke situations that remind more of a legend or a fairy tale than of what common reality actually produces by itself, even more so in a context where some maintain the impossibility of this, so that consequences are pushed to the extravagancy of realization without little space for intellectual confrontation.To my understanding that is exactly the quid of Fressange’s life, which can’t really be understood if not considered as a ‘role’, a logic that confronts itself to an extremely hostile environment. Personally I see in this life path the clear image of the consequence of Kantian thought: the progressive annihilation of the realms of soul by the wish of imposing formal patterns and structures on the living while robbing out soul of its productions as latter not existing as such.The disappearing of the understanding of the universal in the particular may have been at the origin of the disappearing of Chinese emperors, Byzance, or ottoman emperors and leads progressively to such horrid realities as the one consisting in murdering others in order to make some live who seem to be lacking of hearts, livers or kidneys (OTM or organ traffic mafia), and this because this reality repressed, some not having the intellectual ability of detaching the particular from the universal do appropriate themselves the ‘universal’, attaching it to a megalomaniac becoming ‘I’ who wants thus to justify the death of others to survive himself.Were it only because of that, Fressange symbolizes the strict believe in realities that do fight through their very presence against tendencies that do reveal the most ill and perverted aspects of a human being and which had started to become excessively common. Whether it will though be possible to draw a clear line between this some what quichotesque life path and a quieter private life, is yet not very clear, as both seem to be fused through the extreme outer pressure on such idealistic representations of reality.Of course she will ask, what the difference actually is, and the very question is relevant precisely because it reveals the lack of differentiation. But see, it’s very simple. The submission to a thought or structure does condition a certain number of behaviors: the work I choose, the people I’m surrounded of, the things I say and even those I pretend to prefer. These do have strictly nothing to do with things we’d chose if we didn’t have to maintain an ideological position, where the choice would be determined by a liking. The liking in question would finish by showing a principle in its relationship to other likings and this, define a space of thought that would be some kind of home (the structure of understanding where the self finds itself with itself.) This space would of course stay at home and be doubled by a representing ‘I’ whose structure would have as goal to protect the former from horrible invasions.And the difficult thing about Inés de la Fressange is that inside of her role, she seems to want to reveal exactly this evidence: that there is a private ‘I’, a self saying itself in its identity that has nothing to do with the representing ‘I’. She thus transforms the private ‘I’ into a social spontaneous natural entity which is though … artificial and appears as superficial as being completely out of context, while the real private ‘I’ stays hidden to herself or conquers the world in form of fuchsia t-shirts and falling leaves on perfume bottles. How much of what she says spontaneously has thus more to do with the repressed nature of the one she’s talking to than with herself? How much of herself is not actually revealed in fine gestures that have nothing to do with what she’s actually saying?What seems to be Fressange’s essential message, to say, the value of the universal in the particular, and the existence of a private entity that is covered by a social image, seems to factually get lost in her effort of demonstrating the evidence. She pushes the inner spheres outside of herself and makes of it … an image. Were her ‘ideology’ to be taken seriously it would imply for her to regather the private inside of her four walls while showing a more indifferent image to the outer world. That would imply for her to get back her property, as logical consequence. In the meantime she stays as the symbol of the possibility of the sacrifice of oneself as person in order to show the absurdity of existing ways of thinking.

Isn’t that beautiful, Madame de la Fressange? And it doesn’t need silk to dress ya …

Who we are

Coming back to one of those subjects I was thinking about perhaps from the very beginning, when I was escaping as my non chalance linked to deep contemplations on any subject whatsoever was cut off by the so called Microsoft incident and further by the invasion by mafia of my field of thought and I was searching for a calmer place to go on always  turning around  the same question, it is perhaps of need to further define the questioning on identity (much older, actually, but looking so horribly intellectual in

It’s always better to have examples in order to show what you want to say, and that is exactly what was lacking in my former contemplations on the matter.It’s not only that there is a difference between the image or concept of ourselves we move in and the whole unbearable mass of unconscious structures we slightly deal with, but which obviously condition our behavior, there is also a difference between who we think to be and the image other people have of ourselves, which finishes by conditioning our behavior, too.On top of that, our shy ‘I’ is a somewhat shivering leave trying to say and maintain itself inside of whole blocks of structures and thoughts as transmitted by the surrounding, when it does not simply disappear in the flow of currents that channel the self without it being possible to determine a defined identity.Most of the time our self shifts from a self determination to a disappearing in general patterns, when the pressure from outside seems to become high enough so as to put in danger the very configuration of ourselves.Sometimes it is more the impression, which, on the other hand, is conditioned, too, by the perspective it is embedded into, left on others, that gives the most accurate view on who we are, as if the slight aura bathing in mythological waters left by other people’s imagination did grasp the principle of our general behavior much better than clearly specified affirmations.This becomes quite obvious through the analysis of the views on Fressange which have all something horribly in common (as far as they’re in our knowledge): some kind of humorous detachment tainted in incongruence, even there where people want to look horribly serious in their contemplations.Thus, independently of how ’serious’ or next to truth different interviews and affirmations may be, it’s an evidence that you can’t but laugh imagining someone who was ‘driven in golden Rolls Royce to school’, modeling for a ‘carte orange’ (Tchakaloff for Nouvel Observateur), and not because it can’t be true, but because the reading of one statement beside the other gives more the feeling of someone jumping from a helicopter in a James Bond movie than of a tangible reality. The same feeling arises when imagining a Chanel model getting money from Assedic, which isn’t impossible either, but leaves some kind of feeling of unreality as one thing is difficult to imagine along with the other.To say, that people build up concepts that are surrounded by a semantic cloud (semantic in the strict meaning of ‘meaning’), that makes that a medieval prince has a horse and a lance and a shield, independently of what the prince in question actually had. Thus, a Chanel model does not take money from Assedic, however true, and if it is true, nobody will ever believe it, just because it does not fit into usual patterns of understanding.This strange contrast, that appears almost everywhere when linked to Fressange, makes her appear as well in aristocratic environments, bourgeois surroundings, or embedded in bohemian, artistic and even, yes, even gipsy frames, as if inside though definitely outside. What seems always obvious is that she may appear everywhere without hurting the environment without though seeming to belong anywhere.The other thing that seems definitely linked to her is the horrible desire to take away everything from her and to make oneself shine through her very presence. She wakes up passions in defense or in aggression and even deepest wisdoms arise from conversations and investigations: “But spent like that, money disappears quickly” (Tchakaloff) “Mistrusted because belonging to aristocratic circles, she cuts off relationships with Lagerfeld because latter doesn’t want to dress a vulgar Marianne.” (Interview in Us)In Spanish homosexual gossiping environment, she appears linked to an almost Almodovar reminding story with shouting passions and knifes, where she takes though the role of ‘balancer’.All seems exaggerated around Fressange. Were it the fantasy around her character, her passing from one social sphere to another, the incongruence in answers. Honestly, I’d expect someone who was driven school in Rolls Royce and models for a Carte Orange to drink vodka/orange. It’s true that I don’t know why, and that perhaps someone else would expect something else, but will be as surprised as myself discovering she prefers … vanilla milk shakes (interview Mihail/Silber for l’Express).The obvious changes in image, going from Fressange boy to a Simone de Beauvoir pearl wearing intellectual look, do really not help to define a character much better. Which means, that there is something not defined, fuzzy, undetermined around the character arising from what you see, that puts many question marks concerning a real identity.Of course you may ask yourself whether it is possible to determine a real identity. Whether our own perspective, wishes and desire, do not condition the other so much as to veil a real identity even for him or herself. But. Working on this same problem I realized after having watched hundreds and hundreds of mainly American films that actors (main) did have a common line of appearance in movies, with little side steps, as if there were movies that allowed them to express some determined feature of their identity the best way and consequently warrant success. Except of some (personally I think that Antonio Banderas has not a fitting character line) it’s obvious that Schwarzenegger will be and stay a science fi actor with heroic allure and affective touches, Stallone a boxer and Humphrey Bogart a tough man with polite manners, and it is even clearer that actors who arrive to clearly define themselves through the movies they’re acting in, do assure themselves upper places in the scale of success.It’s not the case for Fressange, who seems more to inspire popular imagination than to maintain an identity for herself. Seen from that point of view, it seems obvious that it is impossible to consider Fressange as ‘feature’, were it as aristocrat, a model working for a carte orange, designer or whatever. Roles like wife, mother, or other, do not fit her either as she tends to jump out of her role at the best occasion as if hurt by the wanting of others of conditioning her inside of a fixed role.Clearly, she seems to be more someone who is lead by inspiration than someone who structures her inspirations in contexts that allow taking profit of them (Case Yves Saint Laurent). Thus, she seems to be feeding with her talent hundreds of people, without anyone considering who is possibly going to feed her.This feature is outside of any concept (social, familiar, professional). Even her tasks as manager, designer, etc are constantly reported wrongly as if no one could give the proper name to what she’s actually doing, and that obliges to consider her from a more essential point of view, where she seems to represent more a logic, a way of being as individual that crashes with the environment in an almost constant way.If you consider her general behavior, were it an almost absolute submission to environing patterns of behavior or an enigmatic refusal of actually giving herself away, you can’t but being struck by one common thing: she doesn’t hide away feelings, as if she put her self inside of the logical possibility of being by expressing her psychic movements. It’s obvious when she’s sad on pictures (picture in Luxembourg park), or angry (picture on Chinese site), or thinks having committed a horrible crime (probably to have taken some picture in public after 1999, picture on a terrace), it’s obvious also when she’s trying to hide away something (official picture 2007), or when she’s sure to have definitely taken the devil’s path (picture with Frisoni).Her image is not an image that fits into a concept, of man, of woman, of designer, of creator, or other, it’s either the almost frozen representation of a role in a concept submitting to general patterns (’Lady Chatterley and her lover’, ‘the intellectual’, etc) or the spontaneous expression of the immediate apprehension of her feelings (not sure whether she gives always the right interpretation to them, but that’s of secondary importance) inside of a natural context.Seen like that, and probably the warrant of success for whatever she does, she underlines the human from his subjective point of view, in his consideration of himself in the largest spectrum of emotions conceivable: were it humor, anger, pride, indifference, and all with a somewhat detached air that seems to consider even feelings with a slight irony.The centering of identity on the richness of inner life and the concentration in the desire of wanting to maintain this, seems to build up the weakness constantly exploited by the environment in order to launch aggressions mainly on her property. As if aware of the value and incapable of producing by themselves what can only be the result of intuition and maintenance of the self, they’d make use of her general unawareness as incapable to defend all fields at the same time in order to take everything away from her.And it is if seen from this angle, that the Fressange identity enters inside of its very logic the historical battle field: loosing her temporary and casual appearance on the social scene, she starts representing a general logic as being under attack for at least 200 years and having deepest roots in human’s construction, where events get their explanation not anymore from accidental happenings but from heavy battles on the ideological ground.

In this case, her somewhat bizarre appearances and contradictions don’t say much about herself: they just point at the fact that the identity she’s representing can’t simply be associated to an image with a clear concept, but only to an underlying principle whose presence is detectable through the very logic of contradiction as shown in social and professional life.

Leo Mallet conquers Paris

The Russian Prince sighed of happiness. After all, it seemed he had managed even to get the address of Inès de la Fressange and although he had not the slightest intention of writing a letter to her, he had seriously to consider the fact that there were reasons for him to be extraordinarily proud of himself, as his new exploit did at least mean that he had pierced her surrounding well enough as to get the proper information.Luckily, he remembered, I’ve read the whole Leo Mallet series along with the one of Arsène Lupin, because, yes, he thought, it is true that each country has a specific way of hiding information and shows even proper paths in order to get it. Ah, Russia! Where the guilty does go back to the place of crime and it’s enough to leave heavy silences on the shoulder of the one suspected in order to obtain results that come … all alone by themselves. In France, you have to make use of specific skills in order to find a path among the labyrinthic streets, because you get an answer, wherever the crime happens, whatever information you’re searching for, only … in Paris.It’s not that he was specifically searching for her address. But that’s exactly that. In France you can never be searching for something because you will be suspected of putting a weight and value on things that can further be sold or aggressed, so that the very fact of looking as if you were searching for something gives horribly little results.What was he actually searching for? He was as usual controlling the appearance in internet in different languages, passing from China to Russia and over to Israel, Spain or Greece. Of course he remarked with a stinch of jealousy that she was really but really much more famous than himself, because it was enough to launch a smallest campaign of support in order to get results all over the world, while he was still trying to impress far cousin Natasha with his knowledge on aleatory logic after 9 months heavy work and tons and tons of ink, strategies and references that had of course given some kind of result, but could certainly not fight against 100 visits one day or 89 yesterday on Fressange’s site.Perhaps it was some kind of awareness of the indefinite superiority of the other that obliged him to prove to himself further skills and abilities that may, were it to a certain extent, balance the frustrating feeling of inferiority arisen from the stats analysis.Thus, while simply looking on the different pages, he remarked what seemed to him a new appearance on Greek Google, which may though have escaped his attention before. On this page, where whole lots of companies were listed giving deepest insight on European business, there was also a … Inès de la Fressange. That’s new, he thought. The fake one, the real one, an accident or … some reminder of a company having existed many years ago? Interesting.He thus opened the page and discovered an address and a phone number and a reference to another name just put beside Paris and started wondering what the whole was about. He remembered he had seen some pictures of the church where d’Urso had been buried on a Spanish site and guessed that it should not be too far away from a home, although you never know. A detailed examination of the façade shows that the Church Sainte Clotilde (quite impressive on the other hand) in the seventh arrondissement (quarter) is the one where the liturgy took place, and that that church does not seem to be too far away from the Seine, just in front of the quarters where you can find the Champs Elysées and surroundings.Google maps are always very helpful, and although the map was obviously cheating (got apparently some Greek inspiration, as those did change names of streets and towns during second world war in order to confuse the enemy) because introducing a street’s name to start and a street’s name to arrive, it made the most unbelievable tours around Paris that had hardly anything to do with reality: were it a common taxi driver, you may say. Thus, rue du Bac, actual siège of the convent of the Filles de la Charité, also in the seventh, just 100 m away from the Lutetia hotel, appeared … the other side of the river far beyond the Marais and near to the Bastille.As the Russian Prince knew Paris very, very well, it was though not possible to cheat him that easily. Thus, walking up from Île Saint Louis and Île de la Cité to Odéon, he passed to the Church of Saint Sulpice and landed little after in rue du Bac, from where it was easy to find the way to Sainte Clotilde.Now, the thing was, that the address mentioned on the Greek site was just in front of Sainte Clotilde, crossing the river, somehow surrounded by millions and millions of Embassies and boring buildings, and the Russian Prince laughed and said: buuf, luckily I didn’t spend much time over there while still in Paris. But what, did a Inès de la Fressange have a siège social in the extremely expensive 7th quarter, whose rent could possibly be covered by sales of perfumes in Russia and China? Or was the fake conquering territory and profiting of mafia benefits in order to invade the most bourgeois quarter in Paris, not caring much about rents and the rest?As he started to get fascinated with those little electronic inventions that allow zooming in and out satellite maps, he started to make a walk around Paris, realizing by the way, that the quarters he had been strolling around were just in front, beside and against what seemed Inès de la Fressange’s quarters. He remembered the Berthillon ice creams in Île Saint Louis and Camille Claudel’s house just along the quais, facing the medieval house of Eloïse, the unlucky lover of Abelard, behind Notre Dame. After he went to the Marais, to the place the Vosges, the rectangle square, made by Henry IV along with the triangle square (Île de la Cité) and the round square, that has disappeared. Henry IV was murdered by crossing on horse Les Halles, one day, as if the mess said to get the throne had not awoken angel’s pity in order to save his life. The Jewish quarter, limiting the Marais, still said the scents of the battles of Guis and the rest somewhere during the middle ages, and while walking up Gare de l’Est and Gare du Nord, he just took the way to Montmartre, and the many steps up to have a reminder of Picasso still struggling for survival in the Bateau Lavoir.It’s true that the rue Fleurus, where Gertrude Stein had her apartment in Paris, is somewhere in the seventh, too. It’s a fact though, that the Prince never went that much down the town, and that the rue Fleurus staid mainly a name in his memory. Actually he had very little passed the borders of the sixth (Latin quarter) to get to the seventh, and the farest he used to reach was Saint Sulpice, perhaps even up to the Guerlain shop facing hotel Lutetia. Only twice he entered the seventh, going on visit of Maxime Catroux, but luckily her mother decided little after to send her to her father who was living rue M le Prince in the 5th, and quite next to University, so that he didn’t have to enter those quarters any longer.Of course, he visited Anne Hélène Nicolas on his virtual trip through Paris and Madame Lassègue and remembered even that Madame Moeglin had lived sometime in Buttes Chaumont, although she after moved outside Paris. After more than an hour plunging in memories, a virtual light crossed his mind and he said: but, that’s her address, in evidence!How such an evidence may get out of Henry IV’s souvenir is perhaps a little difficult to explain, but the fact that the church was so near to the other address and no other, let us say, heavily bourgeois church in the surroundings (there are very little in the 8th actually, as if banned of architectural organization), seemed to be a decisive fact.Now, that’s great, he thought, and even the telephone number. Ha! Mind a phone call now, the type, see, wanted to buy 10.000 pink t-shirts and couldn’t get the way through, speaking English with heavy Russian accent, but who’d mind, after all, it could be charming. In any case, considering how horribly expensive that could become, he just staid with the satisfaction of his newly regained self confidence and said: “See, Madame de la Fressange, won’t mind my own investigations having actually more to do with my wounded pride, but you really have a somehow dangerous tendency to expose yourself too much. With so many psychopaths and sosias around the world, and you dare putting your personal telephone number on an international site!”Very happy with what seemed to definitely prove the need of his existence as being constantly obliged to protect Fressange’s quarters, he though got very curious with the appearance of a name next to the address in question. Arbel. Now, what’s that again? Why does the address say … and then Paris, and then ‘chez Arbel’. Dont’ mind, but Paris chez Arbel does not exist on maps, and I really don’t believe whole Paris is living in Arbel’s house. A mistake?Arbel, Google says, very happy, too, to prove those frenchies how much worth he can be while furthering investigations through proper information all around the world, is a train company, founded at the beginning of the century, producing trains, wagons and detached parts. Nothing to do with shoes, the Russian Prince thinks, nor with prêt à porter, although some gossiping voices of Mans (Town of car race ‘Le Mans’) do associate some Arbel, or ‘chez Arbel’, to a shoe seller, specifically kickers.Now, now, now. See, perhaps an inheritance of grandma, let’s just verify the location of the headquarters. Brilliant. Same address. Siège social of Arbel has exactly the same address than our Greek Inès de la Fressange company. Of course the company may be lodged among detached train pieces, who knows, or Inès de la Fressange living surrounded by gipsy wagons and high tech trains, but the most probable thing is that the building where the Fressange company is, be some kind of inheritance that comprehended another inheritance in parts of share of the train producer along with the headquarters.As things are, nothing says that Fressange has actually something to do with Arbel. The company Arbel (Google says) seems to have changed constitution around 1957, which means that it may have changed hands, and been attached to other people, and simply paying a rent to the Fressange or Lezard inheritors (which may be several). A rent in the 7th is already not bad, he thinks, and may pay easily an ice cream in Saint Louis without too much of a harm.Of course the Russian Prince prefers this hypothesis, or even another one saying that Fressange is just paying a horribly expensive rent in the 7th and struggling for survival through t-shirts and perfumes, than to the horrible possibility Fressange may have shares in a company whose capital gets up to 8 million euro. The fact though that ‘Arbel’ appears mentioned next to her company’s name obliges to the consideration of such a desperating possibility and thus he goes on the research of news about this, for him, completely unknown financial organization.Very satisfied he discovers soon that Arbel has closed the year with 16 million losses, which means, he wickedly thinks, that it should declare bankruptcy (French law does not allow losses be one cent higher than the capital, and here, well, looks like 20 years prison, well considered). He laughs with his latest inspiration but is actually obliged to reconsider things.Arbel had a turnover of 111 million last year on a budget of around 117 million. 16 million losses are thus payments on top of budget, apparently (or they just forgot to include heavy taxes on property inside of the budget, as things are). On top of that, Frenchies are really weird. How can you conceive a turnover of 111 million on a capital of 8 million?Now, the Russian Prince, already confusing Russian, Greek and other financial structures, has problems to really understand what a French company is supposed to be based on. What is a capital? He says. A warrant. If a company has a capital (fix) of so much, it may have as many debts as the amount of the capital because if it can’t pay the debt, it will pay them through the capital (bankruptcy). If debts become higher than the capital, there is no warrant for payment and consequently the managers are all put into prison for thousands and thousands of years.Now, there is a difference between a capital in money and a belonging in property, to say buildings and trains and wagons and detached pieces. Usually, in cases of bankruptcy, after having dissolved the capital, you go on selling the properties until you have no debts anymore (property is thus the warrant for the share holder that he’s not going to loose his investment). The properties can’t be a warrant for a debt because the fact of selling them implies the impossibility of continuing producing, which leads to the same: factual bankruptcy. But they’re good in order to pay debts once bankruptcy declared in order not to land in prison. Once all debts have been paid, the resting sum is shared among the share holders who thus don’t have to show their nose again around Franklin Roosevelt and depending on whether the company had the small apartment in property or was renting from inheritors, it stays free in order to be rented to the Sultan of Bahrain, at least, seen the prizes.Of course the Russian Prince got quite angry in the depth of himself considering French financial behavior, as it seemed to him, independently of whether the whole belonged to Fressange or not, or parts of it, that most people around were just kidding. Those saying that there were very positive perspectives resulting from the development of a new generation wagon diminishing cost of I don’t know what, without further proofs. Thus, he thought, they’re certainly going to sell ‘baroufa’ (bull shit) to the share holders in order for them to take a new lend (actually forbidden by law), so that they may continue living at the expenses of others without considering a blunt evidence: technological progress in trains is no warrant for benefit anymore. Too expensive, it has become a bad investment. But a lend will assure the income for two or three idiots sitting around in banks who will eat up the rest of benefit resulting of sales or other (in this case, 2 million benefit of a subsidiary construction company they say should cover the debts of Arbel, which as such can’t actually be used to pay the debts of Arbel as a completely independent entity), while exactly those workers who were claiming for a 35 hours week go on spending on pastis and porno films, having augmented so much the costs of production that it becomes impossible to sell. While managers go on living on thousands salaries (varying between 3000 and 8000 euro if not more), investors don’t see a blank penny and have to manage the arising disaster.If I were Fressange, and even if not, I’d simply declare bankruptcy. Voila, mes chers, c’est la loi (it’s law), you can go home now after having proved how intelligently you know to manage business, I pay my debts, sell for the rest, and am sure that I will live for the rest of my life with the resulting benefit. Did you care about me yesterday? I don’t care about you today. Now see how easily the all for the workers politics does quickly lead to a ‘manage yourself the business’ politics, if you can and if you can’t, sorry for you.But that he was grumbling into his beard while going to sleep, actually quite satisfied of the fact that finally he didn’t have a 14 million debt, and swearing he’d never give his considerations any further as that may put her again in positive figures to his greatest despair. Luckily he whispered some words while sleeping at night and I could gather these last pieces of information. Well seen, I don’t care very much about how rich Fressange may actually be, although I share the Russian Prince’s opinion of the extreme boredom of the quarters referred to.On top of that, it may be of help in order to finally solve several questions that are still roaming in the back of my unconscious. No, no, no, I’m not at all interested in buying ruining train companies, you’ll have to find another buyer. See, the German’d pay. They’re silly enough not to believe into my deepest analysis of economy.The facts:[PDF]


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Sherlock Holmes at the research for eternal truths 

It’s while you are dealing with tons and tons of information, you’re unconscious is working at, something like by the way, that a certain number of ‘bizarreries’ finish by hitting your mind. I suppose that it is like that novels are built up. Perhaps. As you’re no police man, you can’t maintain truths, because proofs are relative to your own appreciation.Consequently you order facts also in a somewhat arbitrary way, as you can never get confirmation for your observations. This ‘research’ started with a very bad feeling. Perhaps, while trying to scotch my ideal configurations to some kind of reality, which is to say, to dress a concept with experience, likings and tastes, were it at the end to take determined distances from the same, you try to ‘read’ through pictures what the general impact of the surrounding on you ‘concept’ can be, in order to determine it in coordinates of reality.I had just arrived to Roger Vivier. To say the truth, I do never believe anything, except of what I really know. This article has appeared here or there and says the following …, is far the deepest truth I do believe into. Whether the contents of the articles refer to any reality whatsoever or not, is further not of my concern, except if I may get a confirmation. Whether Fressange was thus working for Vivier or not, as not appearing on the official site, was a … possibility. Because, who knows: Dela Valle talks with Fressange in November 2006, news appear in newspapers or internet February 2007, and … they quarrel definitively in March, as things are, it’s not impossible to think. People read news from February, it’s given further without anyone saying anything and thus, Fressange is presumably working for Vivier while she’s at this very moment still desperately searching for a baby sitter … To say.Facts are relative to many things and imagination does frequently distort evidence. Thus, for example, contrary to what a reporter tells in a French article, I’d not see Fressange modeling in order to get her ‘carte orange’ (monthly subway pass) nor getting money from the Assedic (Social Security) after the quarrel with company Inès de la Fressange. I’d though carefully keep the information that the first group, which sold Inès de la Fressange to LVMH was called Orfico.In a certain way, I suppose that reality is built up on a cloud of perspectives, points of views, distortions as effect of different metaphysical backgrounds, from which some aspects do seem to the one or the other more correspondent to a factual relevant reality. (To say that I don’t care if x has taken cocaine once in his life, which may be given further as a scandal through some channels, although I may start getting worried if someone appears as depending on cocaine, which is factual relevant.)Consequently I choose, too, among the many facts those that seem to be more correspondent to a principle of behavior as such. Strangely, the two Fressange’s appearing, one, the one described above in her relationship with the outer world, going from artificial to superficial among other compliments, and another, more reflected, deeper and somehow absent to herself, has simply nothing to do with two pictures appearing with her name of one internet fishing trip, of which one is associated to an interview in Morocco, that seems to have slightly anything to do with her. Specially the second picture has something in the way to stand that seems not having anything in common with the whole rest of pictures. Fressange is known for her ‘natural’ movements, and here, there is something tense and extremely artificial about the way of looking into the camera. Hmm. People change. You may say.Models do never look exactly the same way from one picture to the other, due to make up and many other factors. A more careful examination of the pictures yesterday does though seem to further proofs: although as tall and thin as Fressange herself, I would say, that the eyes are nearer one to the other than in all the other pictures. Although trying to imitate a hair style, the very nature of the hair seems different. And Fressange does never wear scotched to the body shirts, even while wearing t-shirts. Now see … how strange.Of course this obliges to further observations and comparisons. The belt appears on another very strange picture which I can hardly associate to Fressange either. Perhaps it is her, though, and though … I can’t really believe it. Reference pictures for Fressange ‘au naturel’ are the following for myself:   Being more or less recent, they have still something in common with Fressange model and other pictures appearing more or less erratically around the world. And these have something that doesn’t fit the others.Of course, you have to reconsider things. Is the one who gives the interview in Morocco, Inès de la Fressange herself, or a fake? I’d say it is a fake. A comparison between a Fressange interview in France and that one shows one marked different: in her effort to appear natural, Inès de la Fressange does never overcharge the presentation of herself. A somewhat playing with easiness association to relevant characters without though heavy insistence on particular features. The one who gives the interview in Morocco seems to want to show deepest knowledge of Morocco’s history, culture and literature by the sum of names that … do say hardly anything to anyone, and which I would hardly say of the knowledge of a very towards the French turned Fressange. The interviewer does though refer two aspects that may have something to do with Fressange’s life: the Ecole du Louvre and a trip to Morocco when she was 13. The first is mentioned almost everywhere and seems to be a fact (although I don’t believe she finished school there, she probably took some kind of course), the second can be true or not, and if true, refers to very accurate information of her life, which is strange if the interviewed is a fake.Two things strike my mind: as mentioned before, some Inès had appeared in November 2006, who speaks many languages (although not as many as myself). This Inès appearing at the same time I start dealing with the Fressange character, is further associated to a strange Café, having been a ‘bordel’ before, and who wants to become a must of artists, photographers and around fashion working people. Saying it is located in Grands Boulevards it seems to be in the 10th arrondissement (either near to Gare de l’Est or up on the way to Pigalle). few days ago, someone saying herself French and claiming to be Inès de la Fressange’s friend, writes on a Spanish gossip site that she knows Ricky Martin is not gay. She speaks Spanish and obviously French. This time the signature is ‘Larafa’. Larafa is though an Arabic company in France, which may rapidly be located through a research in Google. Larafa speaks Spanish and French, says to know Inès de la Fressange, while at the same time, interviews and pictures of an ‘Arabic’ Inès de la Fressange appear in Morocco.

1.      Queridísimas amigas:Mi amiga Ines de
la Fressange ha venido esta tarde a la oficina, y mientras yo leía vuestros mensajes me ha dicho que Matt está encerrado en su piso y no quiere salir porque hay una mariquita loca vestida de Chanel que ha sobornado al portero para que la deje entrar al edificio con la excusa de pedirle a Matt un autógrafo, y por lo visto, se pasea con un cuchillo por todos los pasillos chillando a pleno pulmón que Ricky Martin es suyo y que nadie se lo va a quitar. Voy a tener que ir con Ines a calmar al pobre Matt que está de los nervios ya que nadie da con esa loca, y a colaborar un poco en la búsqueda, ya que no me interesa nada que mi Matt me caiga en una depresión. Así que enteraros muy bien y que sirva de aviso para psicópatas de todo género …

by LaRAFA 16-05-2006 at 17:29 it the same ? Somehow related? What is the relationship between the first Inès and the Larafa signing Fressange friend? Very strange, I think. Someone of Fressange’s surroundings who has just picked the way to schizophrenia? Things look even worse, after a while, although latter hypothesis a little bit fantastic. This is Inès de la Fressange with Luigi d’Urso short after her marriage. And this is Inès de la Fressange with Luigi d’Urso a few years ago? Strangely, the one on the second picture does resemble more my ’sosias’ or fake than Inès de la Fressange herself. A lover? A social cover if Fressange has taken far distances many years ago from d’Urso for personal reasons? If it is the case, this one may have more confidential information about Fressange while using some far similarity in order to open shops in Morocco or … sell Fressange’s counterfeits, which do obviously exist as one brand label not showing the accent on Inès, while the other does.

It’s true that it is weird enough to make you doubt on the very constitution of social organization. On the other hand, an impression is difficult to prove, as pictures show many different ’selfs’. Were it though thus, there is something wicked about the second Fressange I can hardly assimilate to the first Fressange. In any case, as usual, an interesting subject for a future novel …

Ines de la Fressange ? 

News arriving to our headquarters state the following: it could be possible the ‘picture’ made of the Russian Prince by the hooligan, wouldn’t correspond to any reality whatsoever and would just correspond to a ‘manipulation’ of a Harry of England picture through Adobe Photoshop. This one is reported to be a more accurate one, although … although … we tend personally to think that it is a ’soviet inspired’ renewed manipulation through Adobe Photoshop. (It’s not that we have studied soviet methods but it is known that the picture of the soldier at Brandenburger Tor in Berlin was originally wearing … three ! watches and was oficially presented finally as having just one!) (You may think it’s just a question of esthetics but it may give a hint on similar procedures that just made people disappear from pictures.) Of course here it could just be the bewitched magic making people appear who simply … don’t exist. On top of that, we’re not even sure it IS actually Ines de la Fressange, although the picture shows some similarity with another appearing on a very securized site in internet. We don’t pretend it could be the same. How were it possible to ‘de-securize’ such a picture? (We don’t work for the SVR, yet.) If anyone has further information on the subject, just let us know …

Info: President Inès de la Fressange co

called Eric LABAUME (MBA 80)

occupe depuis 2001 le poste de président de la société Inés de la Fressange. Auparavant, il était directeur de C. Mendes S.A. E-mail:

Information provided by certainly with greatest psychological support from Orfico.I told you Anne Hélène, you should avoid those kind of schools. What do you do surrounded by transexuals? She never answered. The top’d be if the guy had been studying at the Ecole Normale before. But we’ll try to get an answer.Categories:


It’s not the same for others

It seems he didn’t manage to keep Jean Paul Gaultier’s name, too. In which case his e-mail would have looked the following way:jeanpaul@delafressange… frinformation provided by: Paul Gaultier President Resigns
No replacement for Labaume named Monday, July 17, 2006





Eric Labaume




(PARIS) Jean Paul Gaultier today announced the resignation of company president Eric Labaume. “He is going to dedicate himself to new professional goals,” said Lionel Vermeil, the company’s director of worldwide communications. No successor has been named. Labaume, 54, was credited for putting into place a plan of restructure that helped balance the financial difficulties experience in 2003 and 2004, under then president Donald Potard. “We are expecting profits for 2006,” Vermeil noted in his statement. Labaume joined Gaultier in April 2005 from Balmain. He succeeded Potard, a childhood friend of Gaultier’s. Potard left the company in April 2005 after tensions grew between the two and Gaultier was said to have become unhappy with Potard’s executive decisions.



Serious defense

Lawyer defending case Inès de la Fressange, who became as fashion lawyer as famous as to appear in wikipedia, seems to owe his reputation to a subtle word game (which is to say: the fine ‘translation’ from one language level to another) whose translation I omit, but which is easily obtainable thanks to babylon (
The following statement I heard was perhaps falsely attributed to the same:
“Il semble être à la mode de se faire enculer, aussi.”Information provided by wikipedia: [modifier]
Proche de Pierre Mendès France et de François Mitterrand, Georges Kiejman est un homme de gauche mais il n’a jamais été député ou sénateur.

En 1991, suite à une interventions télévisées de l’humoriste Jean-Marie Bigard concernant les “enculés de gauche” et les “enculés de droite”, il interviendra à l’Assemblée Nationale comme ministre de la communication en édulcorant le propos et parlant des “sodomisés de gauche” et des “sodomisés de droite”

From ‘Ines de la Fressange and the Russian Prince” page 10

pictures not available

End of the Inés de la Fressange affair?

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It seems some people tend to forget that there are international courts, too. Whenever in such an obvious way ressources inside of the same country are exhausted without there being a restitution of right depending on constitution, the next step is obviously the international court. I hope the ‘flamante’ Inés de la Fressange co. that does even present low class pret a porter made by ‘flocks of designers’ and shown by the way in third class web pages along with quite dubious characters of different origins, may take this into consideration. To pretend to an end is nothing but the evidence of pressure made on courts and public opinion in order to obtain what is not ours. Personally I wouldn’t make of it an international scandal. Which may have terrible consequences on the already quite damaged international French image and hope Putin will not make of it all not only the proof of the systematic violation of human rights in Europe and start sending missiles along with his regards. Sometimes though, and perhaps just because precisely you don’t take measures on time, scandals become international even without … courts. Who pays for the damage?

Marque et patronyme : suite et fin de l’affaire Inès de La Fressange – 16/02/2006



♠ Cour de cassation, Chambre commerciale, 31 janvier 2006.La Cour de cassation dans un arrêt du 31 janvier 2006 met fin à la célèbre affaire Inès de La Fressange.La Cour vient casser la décision de la Cour d’appel de Paris en ce qu’elle avait admis l’action en déchéance pour déceptivité des marques du célèbre mannequin.Les juges du second degré estimaient en effet qu’en poursuivant l’exploitation des marques composées du patronyme d’ « Inès de La Fressange », la société éponyme, cessionnaire desdites marques, maintenait artificiellement dans l’esprit du consommateur un lien entre l’image du salarié licencié entre-temps et les produits ainsi distribués.La société Inès de La Fressange a formé pourvoi et a fait valoir que tant dans le contrat de cession de marques qu’en sa qualité de cédante, Inès de La Fressange était soumise à une obligation de garantie des droits cédés, de sorte qu’elle ne pouvait les contester par une demande en déchéance pour déceptivité, en application des articles 1134 et 1628 du Code civil.La Cour de cassation fait droit aux moyens du pourvoi en décidant, au visa de l’article 1628 du Code civil, que « Madame de La Fressange, cédante, n’était pas recevable en une action tendant à l’éviction de l’acquéreur ».La haute juridiction fait une nouvelle fois appel aux dispositions du Code civil pour régler les conflits entre marque et nom patronymique, en se fondant sur la garantie personnelle du vendeur.


Auteur : Amélie CAPON, Juriste en propriété industrielle – Cabinet BRM Avocats

Internet fishing and questions on puppets

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It is said that finally the Russian Prince managed to go through all national and international censorships and made tons and tons of information land on the carefully ranged desk of Inés de la Fressange, thanks to a blue button of unknown origin which seemed though to have the marks of high reliability and seriosity, thing though, the one who sent the documents, was not the slightest aware of.

Bad tongues whispered that it was a quite intelligent way of making Inés de la Fressange complice of thousands and thousands of horrible crimes as certainly nobody would ever dare accusing her of undermining German economy and French self assurance and thus the Russian Prince would definitely escape a terrible fine or 10 years prison.

The truth is though slightly different.

Irreversibly, double tongues say, other unfortunate misunderstandings arose from an almost 30 megas heavy courrier (thanks to walla, I must say, that allows 10 m per e-mail, and must be quite the only ones), which was somewhere wearing the unconscious watermark of a contemporary ‘morituri te salutant’, as unluckily (it is said) Roger Vivier was expecting for those days some information from very boring publicity or marketing companies and the secretary meant to recognize under ‘a long and seducing’ proposal the signature of the Russian Prince. (Mind if such a company has to send 30 mega in order to appear as ‘long’ to a sceretary, they’ll have quite a job.)

Thus, the secretary sent a post card which belonged actually to the latest inspirations of the Russian Prince as new publicity for Roger Vivier, causing greatest confusion among kings and queens and other selected customers of the ‘coffee and champagne’ shop. Nobody would have ever become aware of it and even less the Russian Prince if at least 5 very curious people wouldn’t have put into google the search ‘Ines de la Fressange + Russian Prince’ which seemed to send all of them to parts of a completely imaginary story to be found still in and which appeared on the dashboard of the same to the greatest surprise of the Russian Prince.

Of course, Ines de la Fressange was the latest to be informed about the secretary’s side step and was obliged to call even de la Valle to an urgent meeting to solve the question about one week later, even Saturday, and this that the poor man had to land in from Shanghai, where he was at the moment everything seemed to occur.

Of course, nobody knew what to do and the only question that actually arose was, where the pictures came from, question that had consequently to be solved as it seems to intelligently deviate attention of the rest.

Thus, for the pictures and information: most of the pictures are the result of a search ines de la fressange + pictures in msn, which shows a window to the upper right saying ‘imagenes’ (pictures) and where all pages having pictures mentioning a determined name or object are carefully collected on one sole page. While clicking on one of the images, it opens a second section where the pictures are listed to the left and the corresponding page to the picture is opened in the centre right.

It’s thus possible to be informed about the exact origin of the same although yesterday most had disappeared (how strange), remaining a whole amount of gray spaces which, if clicked on, show the link to the page where it was to be found. Some of the pages have disappeared, too. (How strange.)

Some other pictures come from specialized research in China, Russia and other countries, through Google search Ines de la Fressange in a determined language.

Information as given is largely available through simple Google searches in different languages (I have to admit that I was really impressed by Turkish articles almost sanctifying Ines de la Fressange in her role as Marianne and other most interesting observations and thoughts deriving of people’s generally quite prolific imagination.)

Now, the reason why the poor Russian Prince was obliged to take such definite measure concerning all sorts of carefully collected information (I was usually charged of, by the way) going far beyond his usually quite discreet and retired behaviour, were two.

1. The first concerned the sudden awareness of the fact that some horrible virus was eating up main functions of the WordPress program, so that categories and links were starting to disappear, making the Russian Prince think everything may suddenly disappear in nothingness, so that he made me save all the texts (he hadn’t copy of) of and and this due to the unlucky composition of an image of unknown origin linked to the page (first header) which seemed to be the cause of the disaster. Well, I knew where the image came from, it had been given to me by system engineer Giovanny, who had charged me of the page, but I was really not sure he had manufactured the same, although he should know where it comes from. And it is true that although I had taken extreme measures of security, such as opening two pages at the same time in order to back possible attacks through a  second page, some aspect of the configuration escaped my attention and probably had as side effect that the accidental combination of two incompatible elements produced a virus any contemporary army would have been envious of.

Having thus saved at least the Russian Prince’s property, a second point pushes me towards sending it somewhere where it could be secure for at least the next three generations.

2. I suspect deeply that the presumed father of Athina Onassis, Gene Carrier or Johnny Harden is pretending is his personal work as containing parts of information regarding himself. I may even go as far as to suspect that he’s using a social cover built up by this pretension in order to further a certain number of personal affairs (acknowledgement of fathership). On top of that he’s using a spam system on my page that makes appear a certain number of articles as ‘ads’ on others, going as far as making them appear in reuters and Sunday Mirror, for example, which may confuse people regarding the state of fact of the contents. On top of that he says his uncle is mafia and he hasn’t to be afraid of anything. On top of that he seems to be linked to drugs and pornography sales through internet.

Perhaps the violence of the attack on the pages (probably doubled by some ‘mitraillette’ spam attack at the origin of the whole disaster) made me think for once in my life that if not myself, great parts of the property under my responsibility were in highest danger. I decide thus to send the whole without second thought nor further correction to the one who appears the most often on the pages: Ines de la Fressange. Strangely I feel that as usual, I would loose a claim against Carrier, awareness which starts making me slightly furious: not only you’re a bastard, you pick everything from someone and … it’s more than just for justice. As I suppose that a possible claim would repose on the fact that there is personal contents of himself on the page (do never get mixed with bastards, is the lesson), I guess that in that case the actual owner of the whole would be Ines de la Fressange as hers the largest amount of information inside.

Thus, the cause and origins of such trouble.

In order to make myself excuse for such a misbehaviour I had consequently to prepare a quizz of intelligence which should allow restoring things and even compensate the possible damage produced by the secretary: if Russian Prince none, a compensation of 200.000 USD may allow buying one …

Don’t think, Madame de la Fressange, in fact my main query is horribly complicated and you’re a good way through, as I’m trying to get information of a whole number of things and creations of Hannah more or less related to the field and which went lost 20 years ago taking different names, countries of origin and apparent brand belongings so that the fact of grouping object under one sole principle appearing in different contexts, with the same name being of others, with different names being of the same, is an excellent exercise.

Here thus, exercise 276. I would say these puppets are original designs of Ines de la Fressange (the person) probably made around 1999, the same year she quits Ines de la Fressange co. (Personally I think she’s pregnant at that moment. Thus, she makes different puppets with different possible names one of which will be the name of her second daughter, Violette.) They appear on a page called ‘twenga’ and refer to sales through e-bay, among other, appearing through search ‘Ines de Fressange’ ( If ‘twenga’ sells the puppets, e-bay sells all sorts of object which are and not some of Ines de la Fressange person, some of Ines de la Fressange company and some just fakes.

Strange about the puppets is that they don’t seem to be second hand objects but actually commercially distributed by a company called Nocibé through e-bay. Nocibé is though (search below) a perfume reseller of first quality companies among which Balmain, Dior, Lempicka, etc. and does not seem to have anything to do with puppets.

How does it come then that puppets signed ‘design Ines de la Fressange’ are sold via ‘Nocibé’ in e-bay through twenga?

All seems to proof that the company Ines de la Fressange kept a certain number of designs belonging to the same after 1999 and has decided to sell them to a company which is distributing them (I’d say in Germany) under the name of Nocibé. To my understanding both Nocibé as Ines de la Fressange, person, have reasons enough to claim to … Inés de la Fressange company for the theft and the illegal distribution through fake companies leaning names on others in order to obtain some temporary prestige. That this is so becomes obvious through the fact that the puppet both shown in twenga and first in e-bay is obviously not her design (quite different from the others) as if wanting to hide away, precisely, all the others, which would be easily recognizable.

On top of that, the suspicion arises that whole sorts of images and pictures, information and other, have been ‘left free’ around internet in order to exploit her name and image for the benefit of those who stole everything away from her a few years ago with all the court’s permission. Proof for that is that most sites in Russia and China, among other, sell products Ines de la Fressange with pictures of the same refering explicitely to the same as far as her activity, social statuts, and many other are concerned.

If you get a due compensation for all those misbehaviours, which for I’d go further to an international court seen the obvious complicity of the French with the systematic robbing out of the work and creation of others, specially if they’re women, then … perhaps and only … the Russian Prince would bring over some Russian Caviar to accompany French Champagne in … Ecuador.

(He has just asked me to ad ‘if she pays, of course, after such an effort.’ And insists in me putting my name under all the other pictures and inspirations which are partly works on pictures (most photography of haute couture though not all) or creations on blank or through scan obtained Adobe Photoshop grounds, murmuring though it was quite tempting to give them out for his …)


The documents of searches in twenga and e-bay are available in doc format for whoever interested.

Nocibé > Président du directoire France

Monsieur Xavier Dura est promu président du directoire France de Nocibé, en remplacement de Monsieur Daniel Vercamer.
Xavier Dura, 39 ans, ESCP, a intégré le Groupe Camaïeu après une expérience dans l’audit et le conseil chez Arthur Andersen et PriceWaterhouse Coopers. Chez Camaïeu, il a occupé successivement les postes de directeur financier de la branche Enfants (aujourd’hui Okaidi) et de directeur marketing de Camaïeu Femme. Il a rejoint Nocibé en 1998 en tant que directeur général.

Infos société – Nocibé est une société française de distribution de parfums et cosmétiques qui a été créée en 1984. Elle exploite actuellement 316 magasins en propre et anime 60 magasins en franchise (au 2ème rang du marché français de la parfumerie en nombre de points de vente), et compte un effectif de plus de 2.000 personnes en France. Avec un chiffre d’affaires 2004 qui devrait se situer autour de 420 millions d’euros, Nocibé détient une part de marché de 18%.

To be found in e-bay without anyone’s permission, among other

Ines de la Fressange – ZITA Poupée FLEXO Neuve Design Ines de la Fressange
25,00 €
Ebay France

Ines de la Fressange – Ours doudou Collector Nocibe Ines de la Fressange 2006
14,99 €
Ebay France

Inés de la Fressange pour Ines de la Fressange

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Legal question: if you consider seriously the possibility of forbidding someone to make a company with his/her own name, can you forbid the one to register a creation under his/her name? No. The creator Ines de la Fressange sells a product with the artistical consition to wear her name and only on a visible place to a company called ‘Z’, which is her own. Ines de la Fressange signing Ines de la Fressange sells under the name of the company ‘Z’. Above a clear example.



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