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Chapters 2 & 3

Chapter 2: Gold mines and zircon

I’ve found it. In order not to leave traces in the hard disk, I will use my Corsair flash, whose use was allowed to me, without thinking probably, I put it under my pillow when sleeping and attach it to my trousers through some little rope in order not to loose it – or, for it not to be taken away. Thus, my texts are not going to leave any kind of trace on the hard disk and hardly any on the active memory.

Well, the list before was not exhaustive, I omitted the second page, in order not to get too depressed at once. The second one included “murder and/or attempt of murder, rape (!), suicide tending sect forming, potential terrorist activity” and some others, I will try to forget the quickest possible.

I won’t be able to deal with everything at once. Now, the second point was the illegal gold traffic. Ah, and the one I could not read, I asked a guard, meant, in badly written English, ‘that I had appropriated myself of pictures and logo of value 600.000 USD’ without anyone’s permission.

Gold traffic. Well, that was another accident – I mean I was really making a webpage for a jewelry factory, and prices seemed quite convenient. I even started some investigations on the subject in order to evaluate possible benefit. Of course, I just discovered there was quite a lot of shit all over, and wrote thousands and thousands of comments on it – with subjective appreciations of course. Perhaps that’s forbidden, too – kind some accusation of influencing market trends through deliberate distortion of financial data. That’s not true, data are freshly taken from internet and – if you take all data together and you conclude that there is an aggression against the diamond market, well, that’s proved by data itself.

It’s true that I made some propositions to some people, whether they were interested in cheap gold rings, but that was not forbidden there. And in other countries it may not be forbidden to sell in shops what you acquire abroad through a private. In Pakistan, for example. Although I’m not sure, but it is highly possible. As a private, I’m not in need of an export license – I’m just a commissioner, buying something for someone else. At the end, I didn’t sell anything, but that was because the general legal situation was not very clear, and I preferred not to get involved.

It’s a strategy. The best way of fishing information is to do as if already you were doing something. And you discover that perhaps it is very possible that very hypocritically and without saying anything, the US government is studying some crime consisting in the illegal import of gold by some people of the whereabouts. Who may be mine. Thus, better take distances. You know too much on jewelry, Mr director of the American Institute, that’s suspicious.

I wouldn’t say you can involve someone in illegal activity just because he’s written some e-mails that are parts of a strategy.

Ah. And Sask said by passing by, that a sexual obsession did not only imply porno films, but also erotic fantasies. I didn’t say anything, just wondered where this peculiar comment came from. Erotic fantasies … what an idea.

For the time being, I’ll leave my deep investigations on gold and zircon prices all around here – such a thing, erotic fantasies … It’s colder, isn’t it, zircon and diamonds. Refreshing, almost.

Texts left in the computer

Chapter 3: It was just a plot


That was very, very wicked. Figure out, after a horrible lunch with undescirnable contents I think it’s better to go to work a little bit, when I find these two references on the desk besides, which, probably, in not very subliminal ways, are supposed to confront me with the most obscure aspects of my being. I’ve always said – don’t loose your temper, Sask.

“Things were getting worse and worse, and the dark monsters of irrationality were invading the people’s mind. It was thus not surprising that the following became possible, though it probably never happened. A lieutenant-general, quite strict with law and regulations, looked up one day from the boring paper work and said: “If it is damned forbidden that homosexuals become soldiers, how the devil do I know whether someone is homosexual?” She spent a few days trying to solve the problem and finally made up the following test: while the soldiers were to get into the army, he took them one by one, and told them to undress, and further to take a shower. Making use then, who knows, of a cucumber or other decisive object, (perhaps also of recipes taken from the memory of ‘The last tango in Paris’), she decided to make them all pass through a certain sexual experience. A psychologist asked: ”How do you know at the end whether they are homosexuals or not?” “I just ask whether they liked it.” She answered, “it is as simple as quanta.” “



How do you know I’ve written that? The use of some name on a paper, does not necessarily imply authorship. First. It may have been Hannah, who wrote it. Perhaps. And what. These are two paragraphes or three at most inside of an encyclopedic amount of other possible writings, whose necessary authorship you may have some problems to establish. If it were myself, though, let us say, it is a 0,0000001 percent inside of the rest. If you leave to some sexual imagination such a percentage in common human life, it’s for sure, the human would be much happier all in all, but certainly a little bit bored. I wouldn’t think it’s referential.

Takes it personally on top of that. Why? Is there only one woman lieutenant general in the whole israeli army? If it were so, put a claim for sexism or keep the star for being the only one. But what, would you take ‘the general’s daughter’ (it’s a movie), personally? Or accuse the one who has made up the plot of sexual obsession. Don’t say, it is even worse than mine. In any case, it would really not be my fault if you were the only one.

This needs of an immediate response.

Now, that one.

I’m not going to give any explanation to her. It’s an evidence. Such misbehaviour after such a bad meal.

Well, I’m going to make a test. Let us see if some glimpses of intelligence are still to be found in the whereabouts. It’s not easy to get out of here, that’s for sure. Don’t loose your nerves, it’ll make things worse. What’s the problem. I thought that this was supposed to be a prison. And see, they’re dealing with things by putting tortured psychological traps all over. I’ve always said so, these jews confuse genders. Must be some other side effect of quanta: if you finish by thinking light may be as well a wave and an atome, are you not going to make of a prison a psychiatric hospital, finally? It’s nothing but a collateral effect of human progress … And here we are: what may appear as compelling evidence for people moving in such incoherent concept of reality? Even, if you mask some personal, let us say, animosity, behind an objective accusation, there must be something that looks at least convincing enough so as not to make a scandal. What, though?

We won’t get out of here claiming innocence. I’ll have to develop some more intelligent strategy.

First. I’ll have to put some kind of order inside of the whole, were it my own perspective. So. It’s no justification, but, that above, was a ‘language’. Certainly quite chaotic, but, a language. That’s a long story.

Let us put the pieces of the puzzle in such way, so as to make them look like the little bread pieces in ‘Rotkäppchen’s’ story. I understand one way. This strange amphibious body of people above my head certainly in some other way. The difference in reading should reflect itself in some reactions. And this should build up a criteria allowing to determine how they may judge.

I was writing a novel. The plot is here.


Texts left in the computer


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