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Chapters 6 & 7

Chapter 6: From high

I’m not going to get obsessed with this Sask – it may give again place to some further accusations. It’s just a random game in order to distract my mind from horribly serious subjects. What was it, again. I was somewhere, I mean, from the point of view of perception of reality (that was chapter 4). Inside of these patterns, I think that I’m building up a novel (that was chapter 3). When I go to Jerusalem in order to get the general ambiance of my novel, I’m confronted to a certain number of facts, quite disturbing, I must say, if not shocking, that may make you think there is some kind of link between the novel and reality. But, which.

Much later I will discover that the relationship between the capital escape and reality is to be found in the zircon and diamond market situation. Symbolic re transcription: China is the realm of the interaction with the underworld (memory in past, let us say, scientifically). It’s the only culture that has developed rational mean to establish contacts to these realms. We, in the occidental world though, haven’t. This memory is for us a fake realm, an imagination, even perhaps, a link to madness. The money ends up in China: for us, in a fake, in madness, in fantasy. Three women are involved: it is a spirit, a disposition that is causing a universal ruin in some interaction (actually, the three were: Elma, whose picture I may show as I have one from the character, Stephanie de Monaco and someone called Steimatzki, who is friends with Elma = it’s complicated, but it has some meaning. It does not mean poor Stephanie de Monaco has something to do with the whole. She stands for something which in interaction with others, standing for something else, does create a disposition which may be at the origin of some financial disturbance.) This enters in contact with the world and creates a logic, which I used to call, a logic in interaction, the way the money is sent to China. Double account, fake identity, etc. It’s not indifferent that it all happens in Spain and more precisely in the Basque region. Without getting too much into detail, which I may do later, it’s obvious that some spirit in my story is at the origin of some logic which may have heavy consequences.

Problem. My stories are heavily inspired from Hollywood, movies I watch with greatest care in Aleko’s cafeteria in order to obtain the mechanisms allowing to put tension into situation by exaggerating a certain number of aspects. “No, Hannah,” I say, “if you really want to teach humankind not to give so much importance to material goods, you’ll have to deal with it carefully. The most probable thing is that you cause an incredible amount of suicides if you confront them to the fact of a universal financial breakdown without any other warning.” At those moments, the story looks somewhat like “The day after”, from one day to the other, after some spare warning signals, money can’t be obtained in banks anymore. In fact, the ‘invention’ of my three friends, has caused that China is always asking for cash, while European banks, in such an ethereal mood, assured of electronic transactions, do omit to verify whether the cash has actually arrived to the banks in question. When the attempts to reassure people by saying it is some punctual dysfunction that will soon be arranged, don’t reassure anyone anymore, some silly journalists start publishing in catastrophic tones that there is a world’s financial breakdown. Luckily, in the meantime, Shanee has been sent for a most delicate transaction to China and has managed to bring the money back to Israel. There it is put under the name of Xristos Kakarantzas in the Leumi Bank and he has already but in secrecy started some new distribution system. When the journalists start shouting around, they’re put a claim for ‘false information and attempt of panicking the public opinion, and are confronted to the fact that everything is for the best in the best of worlds. Xristo’s system consists in a through central pole circular generating logic, integrating valuable elements of society which are classified as valuable just because they don’t spend their money in drugs, alcohol or prostitutes and do pay reasonably and sometimes intelligently cheating until they’re caught, their corresponding taxes. (Theory of ‘Ideabstracta’ Angers 2003/4). This new system does create a tension in opposition to more traditional ways of doing, which have to maintain (American idea of the destruction of monopolizing tendencies) – the tension creates the possibility of a proper distribution of wealth and a balanced economical interaction. Germany is excluded because the financial system is included in Constitution and does not allow changes, which would be of need if integrating a new financial system.

It’s obvious that this is a construction, what I call the study of logics in interaction. The very fact that ‘Shanee’ finishes by meaning ’something red’, does though confront me to the need of establishing the links to reality, without having the slightest idea of what they may be. From one thing to the other, I discover there is a fake evaluation of zircon. China. If national treasures have put value on zircon, Hannah should be happy. What would you do, if you had the responsibility of reestablishing a financial situation without panicking the world? It’s impossible to change a system from one minute to the other. It’s impossible to make things understood in depth quickly enough. So? ‘Shanee means something red’. Something that has happened which confronts the mind to the fact of a coincidence: two pieces that are put together in reality following most ancient Chinese teaching. Someone who has still some intelligence left, would say ‘what? Were there no times when you didn’t play with food?’. Some kind of other disposition, preserving oneself, the ours, a context, a social environment. It’s enough to forget chemistry and fakes, illusions and false pretensions, fake proofs and obscure intentionality. The story, which is true, has marks of truth that are shifting consciousness towards this common sense. Those affected by it, become motors, while putting this kind of common sense inside of a new environment in different contexts.

This kind of relationship between one of the stories of my plot and reality must be affecting the rest of the plot. My symbolic language has typified problems as they may have arrived to my consciousness. With inherent solutions, whenever I could find it.

In 2006, I’ve forgotten my psychopath, who had troubled me so much in 2002/3. And probable cause of what I called the fusion of membranes. The fusion of membranes was the fact that it became impossible to discern whether the images I had were as said, logics in interaction or reality. This psychopath called ‘Golden Virginia’, living in Jerusalem is, in my plot, attempting against Sask’s life. In my plot he commits suicide, but he has already put some bombs somewhere. When I arrive, it is already too late. He won’t kill Sask, but the bombs, of unknown nature, are free. In 2006, I think it is impossible to get the logical coordinates of the guy and my knowledge on surrounding subjects being too little, impossible to stop possible disastrous side effects. I start though to study the internet communication system and electronic world. In my language. I’m not interested in building up a scientific theory, what I want to know is how some logic, human logic, may interact with some other logic, electronics, in order to establish whether it is possible to build up a device that could be dangerous enough.

Whole sorts of random notes are taken in order to get a clue. (Subject of another chaotic work, which has to be put into some kind of order, too.) In 2006 I meet a character, NA, who has very similar coordinates to the psychopath in Jerusalem. It wakes up some hopes in me. Direct lines. The codes. (I think). I thus write very happily Manual of a soldier. Intention: to distribute logical coordinates of a type in order to see whether in some realms of the underworld, – it were of advantage if not in China – are known similar types that may allow the determination of a general pattern of behavior, which would help to localize the possible damage.

Manual of a soldier is built up like the nervous system of the dorsal spine. Units that are attached to other units in vertical succession with questions in the middle and conclusions that function as bridges to horizontal transmission lines (the first) and as bridging entities between the different units (the second). ‘Manual of a soldier’  has the logical coordinates of what I called ‘sipsi’ inherent. This seems to prove that my ‘intuitions’ referred to some kind of illness affecting the dorsal spine are no inventions, either. What is what, though?

I will have to deal with one question after the other. I have little help. Desperate attempts to know in what kind of reality others were living from 2003/2007, fail. I have some help, though. But the nature of this, I’ll have to clarify, too.

In any case, it’s none of Sask’s concern. Although it starts giving a clear picture of the logic of my psychopath, which may allow determining to which extent the danger. But let us leave that for later. For the time being I’m going to harass Sask with high concepts concerning law and religion, for herself to establish whether it can really be possibly said that I could be a guru who is leading a sect to suicide. Don’t you get nervous if you hear this kind of things.

Texts left in the computer

Chapter 7 Classified

Victory. My strategy shows some kind of success, whose exact signification I’ll have to evaluate, yet. In any case, I had a visit today when I was going to spend my last few coins in some of those horrible machines where you can get something they call coffee (in English). It’s always empty there. In fact, there is no one around, just some chairs and tables in different vivid colors and a cat beyond the window, in some strange courtyard where there are some cars, too. Such a surprise. This time, she was very formal. She even introduced herself with a strange name whose pronunciation would take at least 7 days of exercise to learn it. And said, that, coincidentally and accidentally (???) her computer had had some problem the day before and she had thus been obliged to use the other one, which is to say, the one I use, and she had discovered a lot of texts there, where I had taken these texts from. She asked after, the liar. ‘From my cd,’ I answered.

It’s not enough with subliminal insinuations on top of all she’s not even able to understand that undoubtedly I’m the author of all those marvelous texts. I’ll have to put an end to my former counter attack the quickest possible, in order to start a new one. Now figure out. If I ask her, where she has her uniform from. Did you found it somewhere in the street? Was it given to you by a friend? And the brightly shining stars and medals? Did you pick them somewhere? Perhaps a lend? A collection? That’s insulting. Again. One affront after the other.

She left after. Must have felt my deepest rejection of such misbehavior.

Ah. She said she would have to ask some formal questions tomorrow – was about time. I will profit of the occasion in order to make some questions myself on my rights and obligations. I hope it’s not too early in the morning.

But that’s not all. Yesterday there was a movie in another room, quite comfortable I must say. It was all in Hebrew of course, but I had seen it before. I remembered. The title was something like ‘Crime in first degree’, but that must be a bad translation from Spanish. To say, a death penalty meriting crime. It’s about a marine in the USA who is accused of the murder of 9 people in some secret action in central America. He escapes, changes identity, gets married and it is about Christmas when he’s caught after 12 years. He convinces his wife of his innocence and she and another start his defense, as she is a lawyer. He looks innocent, he even passes some lying test, a polygraph, I think. Witnesses are dead accidentally and as they had been somewhat obliged to corroborate the official version, it’s easy to think they may have been killed by those who may be accusing him falsely. Finally, they discover he has not only killed the 9 people but also the witnesses.

And there we were again. My psychopath 4 years ago. I had the feeling at those times the guy had gone through some training in the army. Exactly that kind of thing. To create a double identity in order to be able to lie convincingly enough if caught by the enemy. You see, I thought, this man there in the movie is a benjaminite. The kind of individual who can’t synthesize soul. It’s not a psychopath because he has a notion of identity, but what is usually given by soul is for this man what is transmitted by outer reality, a nation is no notion, but the flag is a nation. And order is no concept, but a uniform is. You can’t make these people go through that kind of training. Without soul backing he’s going to loose his outer referent and submit to a derivate spirit, probably the psychopathetic tendencies of the trainer. “I can make a God out of you – if you want, you can do whatever you want and nobody will ever know.” That’s why he submits to the test voluntarily – he’s proud he can. But the pride is other’s pride, as this is not what is real nature would ever be proud of. Psychopath, that one. can you sell such theory without making a distinction of psychic types? Such an idiot. Drives a guy mad and stays … without punishment. That were the kind of things that made me furious. Exactly that kind of things.

At night I spent a lot of thought in ways of teaching, and remembered good old times with Tchin Li. But that was not the thing. This marine shows a horizontal reversion due to undue training. The psychic type I was studying at those time was showing a horizontal reversion, in time, in psychic disposition. A movements towards, not a submission to something. Probably there was something else mixed to the whole. At those times I thought of a drug, but wasn’t sure. And that one wasn’t a benjaminite, it was a homosexual repressed in lines female.

Hiding behind the type of a benjaminite (the soldier in the story) hiding behind the lieutenant general. I went farer, but it wasn’t very clear yet. At least it starts giving hints on what kind of device the guy may have been wanting to build up.

But that’s not the point, now. I have to care about myself. After so much theology and deepest contemplations I’ll have to situate myself in things of law. Not that I’d make up a body of law, it is that you understand what human justice should be good for in some way, which makes you remember regulations when others tend to forget them.

Ah. There was something else, too. Precisely. The classified. I remember there were many things Sask was shouting around at those times. There were many ‘classified’ escaping doors. What is classified, Sask? Now, don’t look at me as I were living behind the moon (which was perhaps true), I don’t know what it is. Really not. What can be classified for you? What can possibly be classified for you? Such a horrible problem. She said, I had in my possession whole lots of classified information, and I could be accused of spy work. Spy work? Without spy program? I haven’t broken any kind of security.

In my mind, classified were Tchin Li’s puzzles. Signs written almost on sand hiding away some wisdom of difficult approach. But you couldn’t get them. You could see them, if you wanted, but you couldn’t get into their meaning. They were coded in refracted lines and you could only approach them if your mental dispositions did allow you doing so. How is it ever possible that classified leave doors? I can’t understand you, honestly, Sask and frankly.

Of course yesterday I understood it, finally. Classified is what is not fitting into one’s image, here, the one of the army. An image is not only an idol, it is a referent for behavior and some ethics. To say, I thought, that I wouldn’t like selling an image of someone naked, for example. I do undress sometimes, although rarely, but that’s mine. It’s for sure that’d get angry if someone even said I’ve been running around naked. Naked is classified. The image you keep is the one that does not only assure a social environment but also a body of order. Strangely the movie shows it very well. The very fact of making the careful distinction between what there is and the classified does allow the catching of the psychopath, before the liberal social tendencies do almost make everything jump into the airs.

That is what I’m trying to clear up now. Some concepts have shifted in their meaning as far as the Chinese classified from then to the army classified from yesterday’s movie. Referential are concepts of justice and law inside of some environment. And this one, I think is also light kilometers away from a common one. So. Let us put some texts together, like beautiful dead butterflies of some collection that may point at the depth of some apprehension.

texts left in the computer


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