FIREWORK IN AMARETTO – under accusation

“Y si me abrieras el costado con una lanza,
sacaré con mis dedos de mis entrañas,
una diadema de rubíes
por gotas de sangre entrelazadas,
pues soy yo la frontera de Oriente,
mi cuerpo un molino de viento,
mi alma, una iglesia bizantina,
porque me había hartado de ver belleza
al oriente –
y la hice con mis manos, viva,
en frente de tu ausencia transparente.”
De : Un molino de viento, al oriente
Angel Gabriel




  1. I hope you get sued for putting that smut link up there without a over 21 years old warning, you have an obligation to those children and underage persons who read your blog
    You have a responsibility to protect children who wander onto your blog …..
    You have no warning of persons being under 21 years of age on that smut link on you page here ………..

  2. Could you be a little bit more precise? I don’t see anything excessively suable around here. For what is of the image above, the angel is still … dressed.

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