Posted by: Sk | February 22, 2009

Chapters 4 & 5

Chapter 4: The Miraculix pot

That was a peaceful day, today. General retrieval of forces. I didn’t meet one any where, and food wasn’t that bad, either. I’m not going to start suspecting Sask has gone as far as to create some invisible network that allows her having a look at my writings the same time I’m writing them. I’ll have a look around. If yes, it must have been some devilish work to hide it away- it’s an evidence, internet is easier. If you steal the IP number you can spy around without anyone’s permission. Well, I’m not going to be so suspicious. But, the improvement in food is in itself suspicious. Perhaps it is telepathy, or she started getting afraid of the fact I may know the whole Geneva agreements for prisoners of war by heart. It’s not that I’m officially a prisoner of war, but seen the general confusion, she would certainly react to some mentioning of those agreements. Which wouldn’t be that bad, finally.

Well. Let us be confident, today. If I start fumbling around the computer, it will certainly provoke some angry reaction which may have worse consequences. But I’ll have to be less honest now, just in case.

Today. The attempt of giving back the structures of understanding I was bathing in for a few years explaining, first: that what is under control can certainly not be considered as madness, even if the resulting evidence is shocking for some, second: that the difference in the way of appreciating reality may be at the origin of gravest frictions with the environments, which though does not imply there is criminal intentionality. On the contrary: it may almost be said the fact I do so shyly do as if I didn’t understand what was going on, was a motif for others for trying exploiting what they hold for some weakness. Either by accusing of things without proofs, either by pretending to innocence as claiming I had made up everything. Which should be studied further.

Texts left in the computer

Chapter 5: Counter attack


Such a nice day, today. The sun is shining bright inside of a deep blue sky and although I can see it must be horribly cold through the window, I really don’t feel it from here where I’m. I miss a sparrow or two, but perhaps they will be coming, too, if I just wait a little bit.It’s now one week that I’m here. I have been told I’d stay in what they call ‘isolation’ for three weeks, and after, I may – they said, I may, but I don’t know whether they know well to use the subjunctive and the conditional in the whereabouts – get some phone call. Must be skype, it’s cheaper.I have improved my security system, just in case. I have discovered that Sask leaves at 5 – it was enough to innocently ask some question and whether it was possible to make some request at any time, in order to get her time tables and schedules. I’m allowed to stay at the computer until 7. Thus, I’ve two hours where I’m sure Sask is not going to be spying around – I say, just in case. And although it is true that I really don’t know what to do with the afternoons, it is an evidence that it is more intelligent to make use of some pinball game inside of the computer until it is 5. She’s going to get so bored, that she’s going to stop her spy work very quickly, I’m sure. And this until I may ask some patience card game from my father, well, it’s only two weeks to wait, for them not to say I’m ruining the institution with excessive expenses in electric currents …

I’ve my trap in the depth of my unconscious, but I can’t even display all my cards at the same time to myself in order to keep this somewhat perverted pleasure in the progressive discovery of high point cards in my hands. I haven’t anything else to do, anyhow – must get some pleasure out of something.

Point one is the surreptitious introduction of the character ‘Sask’. She must be asking herself already who that one is, and is perhaps going to start some investigation in order to establish some definite link to a terrorist group. Must be so. She’ll have some surprise when she discovers who the leader of the organization is. But that’s for later.

I have another wicked one, a very wicked one – but this one, I have left for a little after, too.

Well. It’s two weeks. If I manage then to get some translation to do from my father, I’ll certainly make her very jealous. Time for a deal. But that’s later, too.

For the time being, I launch some vilest counter attack. And it’s not the worse. It’s double scaled. See, erotic fantasies. Now, that. A general abstract and theoretical response to such an under the belt stroke.

Here it is. It’s 6. I will have to ask what exactly I’m allowed to do, but I hope it’s not forbidden to get some extra penny in order to buy cigarettes or have an extra coffee – they’re horrible, really. I should have thought about Natasha’s proposition deeper, were it just for that.

texts left in the computer


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