Posted by: Sk | February 22, 2009

Chapter 25

Chapter 25: Pulver rain

Officially this page has been given over to me. This site, opened 31.12.2007 with an e-mail saying ‘’ contained information that belonged to personal thoughts and had escaped. Accompanied of comments of all sorts wanting and tending to undermine a certain number of Authorities, whose blame was to be put on me. The author of such was finally found, although his name appears changed on the page.

In fact, I was finally found happily making webpages in Ecuador, thing which was known by the criminal. I was asked to erase the contents after request to read it and make the differentiation of what was mine and what wasn’t. After a while, I suggested it would make a nice novel, even if the contents, distorted, did not correspond to reality anymore and the elements that were supposed to possibly have political implications, changed for a literary plot.

It is true that a cd, containing most of my texts, which were supposed to form some basis for a future work, had been sent to my father in Madrid. Accidentally, some of them, given to David Butler for correction, arrived in the hands of Scotland Yard, which, not in knwoledge of the finality of those, strated an investigation on some drug deal mafia in the north of Greece, with greatest success. In fact, on the other hand, the criminal who was using my name in order to divulgate all sorts of defamations thus making appear some texts in such away that they seemed to be the work of a madman (or woman), was actually covering the financial support of palestinian terroristic organizations through different means, by ways that led finally to a scam and internet fraud organizing mafia in Holland. Confidential information which I was allowed to publish, without further comments.

I was hired a little after by some people in order to work for ‘the arrangement in image of facts tending to distort reality’ or something of the kind, in some strange language. Which for I’m paid 237 USD a month, and not much more. I’ve though exchanged this for the freedom to publish and sell the contents thereof, after these having gone through the corresponding censorship.

Annexes may follow.


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