Right, I am sitting in a High Security Prison in Israel after having been taken there by the police force. Accused of 10,000 things, in my relative peace I am trying to collect my thoughts. I am beginning by the attempt to destroy the accusations by a certain justification, but I notice after some while that it does not make any sense because I have no clue what proof or justification these people have or not. While more or less concentrating on ordering my texts that I have taken with me to prison in order to obtain clear thoughts, I am developing a strategy so as to get out and not to be only free, but also innocent. In the meantime, I have to have it out with different situations and people which also help to clarify my thoughts / ideas.

Indeed, and that’s what most of the texts are about, a novel which I had wanted to write in Greece had then coincided somehow with reality. So that I did not know any longer what was fantasy and what was reality. In the attempt to establish a connection between one and the other, I always stumble into the most incredible stories,  which to a certain point even justify the accusations .There is a wild mixture of stories about diamonds, drugs, antiques, viewpoints of law, religious observations, electronic bombs, all of which somewhere have something in common, and where or cross-references continuously refer to other stories. Nothing is true. And real even less so. It is my task to establish, up to a certain point, the connection of these stories with reality and perhaps to obtain the relative social proof of my innocence if I manage to get an insight into other people’s understanding through the determination of mine.

Whether I manage that or not, that is the crux of the matter.



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